30 Ideas To Create Evergreen Content

Evergreen content is a content that never dies. This concept is said to be the most hyped concept in the world of digital marketing these days.

So the real question is, how to not let your content die or get boring or old? If these three labels are attached to your content, you will lose your followers and clients in no time. Because who likes to be associated with obsolete technologies and outdated vendors.

Fear no more; we will answer these questions to you by defining what Evergreen content is.

What is Evergreen content

Whenever you’re writing something, the first thing that you should make sure of is that it speaks to the reader, whatever era they are in. The reader must relate to your words and get influenced by what you’re trying to tell them. That doesn’t mean that you write a blog and let it wander on the internet un-monitored; thinking that you aced in immortalizing your content. No, you have to regularly make amendments in it and keep watering it to make it fresh and give it life. It’s true, we have a lesson from nature in everything.

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So the next question is, why create evergreen content?

It is easier to compose something at once and then evolve it according to your need. Rather than create something from scratch every time you want to share an idea about it.

Many people complain that blogging or social media marketing has failed for them, that their content is unable to fetch the desired traffic. That must mean that they’re missing out on something. And that is evergreen content sharing.

Evergreen content sharing is of utmost importance for digital marketers who have to reach out to the public and engage with them. Many of the businesses get the hard part done by creating the content but they’re reluctant to share it multiple times. And they justify it by saying that they don’t want their audience to think that their content is monotonous. This misjudgment costs them much by not getting a worthwhile result from their campaign. To the utter shock of the marketer, it is to be revealed that the general audience only sees 10% of their posts. That means most of their valuable content goes in vain. Nobody wants to sow fruitless seeds, so in order to gain fruitful results, re-sharing must be your new mantra. 

If sharing is caring about others, then re-sharing is caring about yourself.

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We have a few tips for you to create evergreen content

Evergreen title for your Evergreen blog

The title must be the heart if your blog is the body. If the title is lifeless, how do you expect it to pump life into your blog?

With ContentStudio, you can easily re-share your evergreen content as you like. There is a whole automation recipe for you which lets you schedule your content. You can post your pre-scheduled content at any time of the day.

Create your evergreen campaigns effortlessly and boost your businesses.

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Need a few tips to make your content evergreen?

Scroll down!

We’ll share some with you.

Fortunately, with some research and a few tips, you can master the art of creating attention-grabbing titles. You have to keep things simple and remember; not to overcook your title. Keep your titles precise and optimized for SEO. Begin by asking a question in your title and answer that question in your blog.

If you’re still not able to create a title, start writing your blog and somewhere in the midway while jotting down your words, you will be able to think about one.

You can find some more creative ideas for crafting the titles of your blog by checking out these tips by Pauline Cabrera.

Instructional How-to Guides

The best way to attract new traffic is by explaining the tool step-by-step in an article. There will always be new users who will be needing a walkthrough of your tools. Add some short videos or screenshots in your tutorial for novice users. If you succeed at creating an elaborative guide, it may never become archaic.

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Meghan Marrs, in her blog, explains that you shouldn’t be writing for the experts. Because experts don’t need help. So, instead of boasting your expertise to them, write for beginners instead.

Product Reviews

Another great way to channelize beginner level users towards your blog is by reviewing different products. It gives you the opportunity to co-market while paving a way to get popular among the audience. Providing your audience with honest reviews will increase your credibility among them. People will rely on you to help them with their purchase. They will believe in your expertise and let you make decisions for them.

Your reviews should lay on a set of parameters which should define the key features of that product. Cover each aspect of that product and identify the pros and cons of that product. Explain the utility of that product based on best practices and user experiences. Remember not to miss out on anything important to avoid user churn.

Your review could be in the written format as well as in a video. Choose the medium depending upon the type of information you wish to convey. If you want to be more influential, videos are a great way to express yourself. And if you have used the product yourself, you could mention your own experience.

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You can find more tips for making product review videos in one article shared by Vlog Nation. 

Provide Alternatives

Comparing different products, tools and services narrow down things for users. It provides the users to handpick the product that harmonizes with their needs.

People check for product or service alternatives to see what is out there in the market. They may want to switch to a better alternative for any reason. So, it is required of you to create an in-depth comparison page of your product with your competitors’ products. That way you get the opportunity to highlight your strengths and let your audience decide.

By documenting your comparisons with your rival products, you’re answering to the most frequently asked question by new-comers ‘How is your product better than X product’?

Check out how Clickup has compared itself to its competitors.

Clickup vs Monday

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Feature Comparison

Clickup vs Basecamp

Clickup, Basecamp alternative - Contentstudio

Feature Comparison - Contentstudio

Share your success story

You must have heard this famous proverb; ‘Rome was not built in a day’. The same way success is not achieved in sixtieth of the hour. One has to pour some blood, sweat, and tears to accomplish success. When you share your struggles, your mistakes and your experiments with people; they tend to be more influenced by you. They learn lessons from your mistakes and try to avoid the same mistakes during their journey.

Your stories could aspire people to dream big and make their dreams come true.

Read this story of how Groove flourished from nothing to $30k in a month; shared by Alex Turnbull.  

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Failure stories

Failure is the first step towards success. It is hard to believe in this statement when you can’t see any doors of success opening up for you. But, failure is not defined by the times you attempted and didn’t get the positive results; it is actually when you give up.

Just as success stories are important to be shared, failure stories hold the same significance.

To build the trust with your audience, share your failures along with your success stories. Lessons learned through mistakes are valuable and help you make good decisions. Share the way you felt when you couldn’t succeed and how did you jump out of that puddle. You may help others by giving them a ray of hope when they are on the verge of giving up.

At the end of the day, we must all help each other, which is also the foundation of humanity. And also, the stories you share are going to stay evergreen because history is unchangeable.

TED shares the experiences of many entrepreneurs who faced failure and found it as an opportunity to learn.

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Design Changes

With emerging technologies, products evolve. Tell a story of the way you evolved and share your evolution timeline? It is fun for the audience to view your growth with time.

If you have an established product, people would be interested in knowing your backstory.

View the evolution of coca-cola bottle

Keep on revising your design and adding it to your timeline.

Productivity tips

Working productively is a skill that everyone wishes to acquire. By sharing a simple productive tip every now and then will help create a good image for you.

Finding productive tips on the internet is not difficult but finding a tip that speaks to you and actually works for you, is rare to find.

James Clear has the only Productivity Tip You’ll Ever Need

Share Factual Data and Statistics

If you want to divert the attention of the audience to yourself, share statistics. Numbers and figures strengthen your content and easily earn you more audience. You must mention the period for which the data is concerned to make your content relevant. Nevertheless, there is no pain in updating your data from time to time.

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Add a little humor to your content

Be unique, be funny. Share something useful in a humorous way. That is the best way to make your audience remember your brand. It is also observed that humorous content is more likely to get shared on social media.

Top Influencers

People often look for an advice from someone popular in their niche. Prepare an article for them and share what the professionals have to tell them. Exhibit the influencers’ expertise and share how the audience could reach them online. For a reference, check out the list of 10 Top Marketing Influencers to follow in 2018, prepared by Jamie Netzer

Frequently Asked Questions

Your existing clients must have had some questions asked from you. Some of these questions are universal. Everybody using your product or services must get answers to the basic questions immediately. That’s when you step right in and make an F.A.Q section for them which provides answers to all of their questions.

On-boarding questions

Take care of the new or potential customers as well. Create a generic platform for your audience and answer the onboarding questions. It is very necessary to create a question/answer catalog for new users along with the onboarding emails.

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Bust some myths

In every industry, big or small, some stereotypical talk confuses people. They start believing in it and it somehow disturbs them with their work. Study these myths and bust them.

Sue Silva, the owner of Superus Marketing, released a four-part myth-busting series. You have got to believe in the second myth she busted. 

Best Authors and books

We all know that we never stop learning. No matter how high you are on the knowledge staircase; you should never stop learning. The same way, make your audience learn too. Share some of the best authors and best publications in the market.

Recommend trustworthy Vendors

If you run a business, you must be aware of the misery of not finding the right vendors for you. Ease out the pain for your audience by recommending some of the trustworthy vendors who you have personally evaluated. If you have a credible reputation, people will love to venture your suggestion.

Your everyday processes

If you are a successful company, people will want to follow your lead. Create a documentary about your company. Give them insights on how your day at work looks like. Share the processes that you follow and how you follow them. Tell them how applying these processes to your company has helped you grow professionally.

Even if you are not a giant company yet, you can still enlist some useful processes followed by other companies.

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Share life hacks

Life hacks are the one thing that comes in handy for all type of users. Your goal is to facilitate the common man by providing them everyday hacks. The tips and tricks you share with your audience don’t necessarily have to be of your domain. It could be anything that benefits people.

Share your plans

As a company, you must have some milestones to achieve in the future. It is harmless to visualize your dreams in front of the public. It will throw a light on your vision and how you plan things. For your existing customers, it will make them look forward to their business with you. And the newcomers will be able to witness your successes over time.

What motivates you

Don’t hesitate to appreciate those who inspire you. Share why they influence you and give your audience a chance to choose their mentors.

Educational courses for your audience

There is always the first time for everything. When you were a beginner, you must have consulted some online educational courses to build your wisdom. There must be some beginners who want to become you one day. Suggest them the best online course networks and help them by taking the first step. Browse the best up-to-date courses for your admirers. Here is a list of 10(free) best digital marketing courses for beginners.

Expert interviews

Interviewing experts never goes out of fashion. This is one of the best techniques to divert traffic towards your content. Select the best person with the best experiences to enlighten your audience. No matter what year you are in, golden words shared by the field gurus never fade away.

We would like to share Neil Patel’s interview on strategies to help improve your SEO.

Share memes

The secret to becoming successful is to either become the trend-setter or follow the viral trends. Our social media nowadays is hyped with memes. That is true, you could actually use some fun ways to share information. There are many fun ways of utilizing these viral memes, one just has to be enough creative.


Web conferencing or webinars got popular over the past few years, yet this is the best way to log your content. Webinars help you engage with your audience in real time and let you share your thoughts and address their questions. Webinars give life to your customer engagement strategies and also keep it natural.


Visual information is easier to grasp and more likely to be shared among people. And there are very fewer chances of it to dry out. So, keep it classy, keep it graphical.


Undoubtedly, infographics or marketing videos are a great way of conveying your message to the user. But, sometimes you have to deliver your message to the audience rapidly. That’s when podcasting becomes convenient. Get your microphone ready and create a script, and you’re good to go. The fastest way of creating your content.

If you feel reluctant about trying out podcasting for your business, this is a must-read guide for you. 

We’d also like to share some statistics shared by J.W.Morton. 

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Share your favorite Mobile Apps

It does sound a little lazy, but all of us have become couch potatoes to some extent. We have an app for everything that increases our laziness. Accept the guilt and own your favorite applications. Share your favorite applications with your audience and let them know how to get things done efficiently.

Not all the applications make us weary, there are some amazing phone applications that help us stay fit and active too.

Here is the list of 18 best health and fitness apps of 2018.

Share your favorite movies

Who doesn’t love watching a good movie in the spare time?

You can connect with your audience by recommending your personal favorite movies to them. The aim is to engage your audience, It doesn’t always have to be about work.

Groups and forums

No matter how thorough your product is, or how vast your domain is; it can’t support every kind of person that encounters your content. Be generic, speak for everyone. Share the helpful groups where your audience can go with every kind of technical question and get a satisfactory result.

Create a tool list

Thanks to tech evolution, there are a number of tools present to get a job done. Create a list of best tools (both paid and unpaid) for your users and justify the pros and cons. Keep updating your list with evolving tools and you have created an evergreen content to help get maximum traffic.

Here is a list of 47 best Marketing tools to consider for 2018.

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Create a To-do list

We all must plan out some activities for the upcoming days. Create a list relevant to your industry and let your audience have state-of-the-art experiences. Give everyone a chance to grow with you. It could be work-related or it could just be a general adventure advice. You could enlist some places where your audience would love to go or a thing for them to try.

Stay green

Producing an evergreen content is not easy, it takes a lot of research and hard work. Keep your data fresh and your stats sharp. Keep your users engaged with your content. Make your content fun, educational and interactive. Build a special connection with your audience and get them hooked on your blogs. Give them a clue that you know how to deal with information. Create something genuine and original.

That is our ideas for creating evergreen content. Do you have something to add to our list? Comment in the comment section below to share your ideas.


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