How To Solve ‘Facebook Account Restricted’ Issue?

by Mustafa Niazi
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Facebook actively monitors users activity on the application. Violating Facebook community standards and its rules can result in a Facebook restricted account and you wonder why Facebook restricted my account.

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How to Fix a Restricted Account on Facebook?

You can solve a restricted account by reporting a complaint to Facebook. There are two types of restrictions.

  • Temporary Restriction
  • Permanent Restriction

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Temporary Restriction

Temporary-Restriction- Temporary restriction refers to a Facebook account that is being restricted from performing certain actions restriction to post comments or videos etc. If you are facing a temporary restriction then you have two options

  • Wait for the restriction time to expire
  • File an appeal to Facebook administrators.

Follow the below steps to file an appeal when there is a temporary restriction on your account.

For example Facebook community standards warning for posting abusive content or your Facebook account has been restricted from advertising for spamming etc.
Report-Facebook-Restricted-Issue Step 1: Go to the “Help and Report” section on your Facebook.

Step 2: Tap “Report a Problem”

Step 3: Tap “Something Went Wrong”

Step 4: Add details about the issue that you are facing along with the images and submit a report to Facebook.

Note: You can also report temporary action restriction issues to Facebook through their Messenger live support.

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Temporary Locked

It’s also a temporary restriction where users are banned to Log back in to their accounts.

Restricted-on-Facebook- Step 1: Go to Facebook Help Centre Link to submit a report to Facebook.

Step 2: Then navigate to “I can’t login to Facebook” and click “ confirm your identity by following the necessary steps and instructions as shown in the Gif below.   Fix-Facebook-Temporary-Locked-Account Secondly, you can resolve the issue by recovering your account through a friend or family’s Facebook account.

Step 1: Click on the three dots that appear below your cover photo.

Step 2: Navigate to “Find support or report profile” Then choose “Something Else”

Step 3: Next step is to click “recover this account” and complete the recommended actions as done above to confirm your Facebook identity. Recover-Temporary-Restricted- Facebook-Account

Permanent Restriction

Permanent restriction refers to your account being disabled. In case your account is disabled then you can resolve the Facebook Jail or Facebook account restriction issue through following steps.

Step 1: Go to the given link

Step 2: Add the required details Report- Facebook- Step 3: Write your complaint if your account was wrongly restricted or disabled. If the restriction was due to some violation then be regretful in your statement.

Note: When writing an appeal be concise, friendly and provide clear evidence. Note: If you are unable to get any response from Facebook for 30 or more days then your account will remain disabled forever.

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Why is My Facebook Account Restricted?

A Facebook account can be restricted for several reasons.

  • Sending too many spam friend requests to unknown people.
  • Sharing abusive and malicious content.
  • Abusing Facebook advertising and commerce policies.
  • Violating Facebook group and page policies.
  • Using fake names and impersonating to be someone else.

How Long Will My Facebook Account Be Restricted?

If users violate Facebook guidelines and standards then at first Facebook gives a warning as first strike. If you still keep violating these standards then it gives you a strike as well as restricts your account from certain activities.

Strike 1: Warning

Strike 2: One day restriction from creating content and posting content

Strike 3: 3 day restriction

Strike 4: 7 day restriction

Strike 5: 30 or more day restriction If you continue violating the Facebook policies then you might end up getting your Facebook account disabled.

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How Facebook Restricts Accounts of Public Figures?

If you are a public figure, then Facebook has set different parameters for public figures as they have a greater social following and influence.  When a public figure is subject to instigate or is involved in promoting or supporting a civil unrest and violence through posts and relationships with such individuals, it can result in restrictions from a Facebook account.
Depending upon the severity the restriction can be for one month to 2 years or even getting the Facebook account disabled.

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