How to Fix Facebook Link Preview?

by Mustafa Niazi
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Unable to load the Facebook link preview image? We all hate it when an image does not automatically uploads when creating a post.

Secondly, in the world where attention spans are getting lower and lower we need posts that are appealing and eye catching. Whereas, a post without an image looks boring and unappealing.



What is Facebook Link Preview?

An image and information that Facebook fetches from the website link that you share on a Facebook post.

Why Is There No Thumbnail on Facebook Link?

There are two major reasons for Facebook not showing a preview image.

  1. Your Facebook preview link is missing meta data/Open Graph tags details. When your websites have meta tags, Facebook automatically shares an image on Facebook from the website.
  2. Facebook has cached the preview link’s info as Facebook does this to improve performance.

Debugging Tools for Facebook Preview Link

You can fix this problem using different debugging tools

For example, follow the below steps to check open graph details using Chrome and Facebook developer tools.

Chrome Developer Tools

Step 1:

Go to your webpage

Step 2:

Right Click and select Inspect

Right-click-InspectStep 3:

Press CTRL +F

Step 4:

Type “OG:image”



Facebook Sharing Debugger

Go to Facebook sharing debugger tool and enter your URL. Inspect your meta data and open graph details or if there are any other errors. Social networks re-crawl these web pages and generate the most recent Facebook link preview. Below you can see a Gif of the sharing debugger

Facebook debugger


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How Do I Get The Preview Link on Facebook?

Follow the below steps to add OG tags and get a preview link image on Facebook.

Adding OG Tags Manually

You can add these tags in the header section of your HTML webpage. OG (Open Graph) tags inform social media pages what to focus on when posting on these platforms.

Some of the basic OG Tags are


  • og:title


<meta property="og:title" content="Open Graph Meta Tags: How To Edit Facebook Link Preview" />
  • og:type


<meta property="og:type" content="article" />
  • og:image


<meta property="og:image" content="" />
  • og:url


<meta property="og:url" content="" />
  • og:description


<meta property="og:description" content="Fix and edit your Facebook Link Preview Images by setting OG tags on your webpages" />


Adding OG tags Using SEO Yoast Plugin for WordPress

However, if you are using WordPress, follow these simple steps.


Install Yoast SEO plugin to set OG tags.


Then navigate to the “Social” tab in the Yoast SEO box


Enter title, description and upload an image


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Adding Meta Titles and Descriptions Using Content Studio

If you are a Content Studio user, then add meta tags using for blogging and articles.


Navigate to composer section


After finishing your blog, go to the “optimize” tab


Add or create a new image with the editor



Scroll down and click the settings tab. Add your SEO Title, URL and Description. Then click save to confirm.




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