How to Add Captions to Reels?

by Khadija Anwar
3 minutes
Insatgram captions

Who doesn’t love a funny & catchy short text in a reel description? Of course, everyone does. Lucky for you, adding captions to the reel is actually a pretty straightforward process.

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Let’s walk with us and learn how to add captions to Instagram reels and time-proven tips to write creative captions.

Instagram captions

Steps to Add Captions to Reels

Here are simple steps to add captions to your Instagram reels.

Step 1:

First, record your reel or upload it from your device’s gallery.  Record another sequel or tap “Next” in the right corner of your screen to access Reel’s editing options.

tap on next

Step 2:

Once you’re in the editing menu, tap “Edit Video” in the bottom left corner.

tap on edit

Step 3:

You can add stickers and text and add or remove parts. Once editing is complete, tap “>” to return to the main editing page.

tap on forwarding icon

Step 4:

Have a detailed look at reel editing. Once satisfied, tap “Next” in the bottom right.

tap on next

Step 5:

In the empty box, under your reels, write catchy captions relevant to your video and engage your audience.

write in empty box

Step 6:

Once you are done writing your caption. Upload your reel with trending hashtags or save it in a draft.

write captions

Hurrah, That’s it! You have successfully added your first caption on the Instagram reel.

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Tips to Write Catchy Captions on Instagram Reel

Here are 5 time-proven tips to help you write catchy captions for your Instagram Reels:

1. Keep Captions Short & Sweet

Instagram captions should be short and sweet. Try to keep your captions under 12 characters.

2. Add humor and Emojis

Write funny or lighthearted captions. A little humor can take you a long way on Instagram and grab your audience’s attention. Emojis can make captions visually appealing and convey emotions in a creative and fun way.

3. Add Hashtags

Instagram hashtags are a very understandable part of Instagram’s marketing strategy. Right, hashtags help you reach a wider audience. Relevant hashtags and captions help your reel be discovered by more people.

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4. Be Authentic & Creative

Your Instagram should reflect your style and personality. Stay true to yourself in visuals and words is another great tip for creative captions.

5. Add CTA

Call-to-action encourages people to leave comments or check out your account or brand’s website. Always add a catchy call-to-action in your Instagram reel captions.

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Why can’t I add captions to my reel?

The caption is available in all versions of Instagram. If you cannot add a caption, it might not be available in your country, or it is a bug in your device. Clear the cache or restart your device and try again to add the caption.

How do you add text to a specific clip on a reel?

You can add text to the box showing under your reel.

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