How to be invisible on WhatsApp?

by Khadija Anwar
4 minutes
be invisible on whtsapp

Are you tired of constantly being seen on WhatsApp? Do you want to maintain your privacy while using the app and wondering how to be invisible on WhatsApp?

In this blog, we will explore six ways to be less visible on WhatsApp, so you can use the app without constantly being in the spotlight. We will be discussing each of them in detail.

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  1. Hide Last Seen
  2. Hide Status and Profile picture
  3. Turn off Blue Ticks
  4. Turn on Airplane Mode
  5. Turn off Force Stop
  6. Block Contacts

hide last seen

Hide Last Seen

To hide your “last seen” status on WhatsApp:

Step 1:

Open your WhatsApp and tap on the “Three-dotted” icons in the top right corner of your mobile screen.

tap on three dotted icon


Step 2:

Tap on “Settings” in the drop-down menu.

tap on settings


Step 3:

Tap on “Privacy.”

tap on privacy

Step 4:

Tap on “last seen & online” in the first menu option.

tap on last seen

Step 5:

Change privacy to “Nobody.”

tap on nobody

No one can see when you were last online. Remember that if you hide your “last seen” status, you won’t be able to see others’ “last seen” status either.

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Hide Status and Profile Picture

Step 1:

Go back to WhatsApp “Settings” by tapping the three-dotted icon in the top right corner of your WhatsApp. In Settings, Tap on “Privacy.”

tap on privacy


Step 2:

Tap on “Profile Picture” (who can see my profile photo).

tap on profile picture

Step 3:

Select “Nobody.”

select nobody

Step 4

Then go back to the privacy menu again. Tap on “Status”.

tap on status

Step 5:

Choose your status setting according to your preference.

Your WhatsApp status visibility for:

  • My contacts…
  • My contacts except…
  • Only Share with…

status privacy

Turn Off Blue Tick

Step 1:

Go back to WhatsApp Settings > Privacy.

tap on privacy


Step 2:

Switch the “Toggle” icon to turn off the read recipient.

toggle icon

Now the sender and recipient won’t see the blue tick on each other’s message even if they have already read it.

Turn on Airplane Mode

Swipe down from the top of your mobile screen. Access to the Quick Settings panel. Tap the “Airplane” icon to turn on airplane mode.

tap on airplane icon

If you turn on airplane mode while using WhatsApp, you can read all your messages on your mobile device without others seeing you as “online” or updating your “last seen” status.

This also prevents the blue tick marks from appearing. However, it’s important to note that once you turn off airplane mode and connect to the internet, your visibility status will be updated again.

Turn off Force Stop

Force Stop is a feature on mobile phones that allows you to forcefully stop an app from running in the background.

You can turn off force stop on WhatsApp as well.

Step 1:

Tap the “WhatsApp” icon on your mobile home screen for 2 seconds.

tap on whtsapp

Step 2:

Once the menu appears, tap the “Settings” icon or “App Info.”

tap on settings

Step 3:

Tap on “Force stop.”

turn off forcestop

Block Contacts

To block someone on WhatsApp, follow these steps:

Step 1:

Go to the targeted chat with the person you want to block. Tap on the person’s name at the top of the chat.

tap on username


Step 2:

Scroll down and tap “Block Contact.”

tap on block

Step 3:

A notification will pop out; tap “Block” again to confirm.

tap on block again

The blocked person won’t be able to see your profile picture, status updates, and last-seen status, call or send a message on your WhatsApp. If you ever want to unblock someone, simply follow the same steps and tap “Unblock” instead of “Block Contact.”


Can I hide my visibility in WhatsApp?

You can’t completely hide your visibility, but you can minimize it by changing settings & privacy for your WhatsApp.

How can I see the status without knowing?

On WhatsApp, you can view someone’s status without them knowing by using the “Airplane Mode” trick.

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