How to Change Your Name on Facebook?

by Mustafa Niazi
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Setting up a name and password is mandatory while setting up a Facebook account. Ever wonder why and how to change your name on Facebook? There are many reasons to change or edit your name on Facebook. For example, you want a cool name, associate with a brand, or add your spouse’s name to your surname.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to change your name on Facebook.

Changing Facebook Name on Desktop

Step 1: Go to the down arrow icon, click “Settings & Privacy” and then click “Settings”


Change Your Facebook Name


Step 2: Click “Edit”


Note: You are changing the display name, not the username. A username is a unique id given to every Facebook user. You can change the username in the same section by clicking “edit” in the username row. Before making these changes, ensure to follow the Facebook username policies.

Step 3: Change your Facebook Profile Name and click on “Review Change”


Step 4: Lastly, add a password to confirm the changes

Add-Password-to-Save-ChangesHow to Change Your Name on Facebook in Mobile?

The steps of changing names on Facebook for both Android and iOS are similar. Below are the steps to change your Facebook name using Facebook smartphones.

Step 1: Tap the three bars on the extreme right side


Step 2: Scroll down, tap “Settings & Privacy,” then tap “Settings” and proceed


Step 3: Tap “Personal and account information”


Step 4: Tap the existing “Name” to change your name on Facebook


Step 5: Add name and tap “Review Change” to preview changes


Step 6: Lastly, select the name you want to use. Then add a password and “Save Changes”


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Why Can’t I Change My Name on Facebook?

Facebook allows you to change your name on Facebook once every 60 days to restrict users from constantly changing their names as it doesn’t want users to use fake names.

How to Add “Other Names” on Facebook?

You can also add other names on Facebook, such as a nickname, birth name, marital name Etc.

Adding other names to your Facebook profile on mobile and desktops is similar. Four steps below show how to add or change other Facebook names using a desktop browser.

Step1: First, navigate to “Settings”

Change Your Facebook Name


Step 2: Click “Edit”


Step 3: click on the “Add other names” section


Step 2: Go to the “Other names” section and click on plus sign

Note: In this section, you can also add the pronunciation of your name or even your favorite quotations that can appear on your profile.

Step 3: Now select the other name type

Step 4: In the next step, add your nickname and click “Save”



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How Do I Change My Facebook Page’s Name?

3 easy steps to change FB page name are given below.

Step 1: Go to your FB Page and scroll and navigate to the “edit page info” section on the left side of the page

Step 2: Make the required changes in the respective fields



Step 3: Then, click “Request Change”


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