How To Clear Instagram Cache?

by Khadija Anwar
3 minutes
Clear Instagram Cache

Does your Instagram hang up often? Maybe it’s time to clear the Instagram cache. 

Instagram is a famous media uploading app among influencers and social media marketers. Sometimes, Instagram couldn’t load the feed properly or slowed down processing, which could be really annoying.

You can clear your Instagram cache to make your Instagram experience smooth. 

How to clear cache from Android & iOS?

From Android

Here’s a preview.


Step 1:

Go to the home page, tap the Instagram icon until a menu appears.

Then tap the power icon.

tap power icon


Step 2:

Go to storage

Go to storage

Step 3:

Tap “Clear Cache”

tap clear cache

From iPhone

Here’s a short preview.


Step 1:

Find the Instagram app from the home screen.

Then tap on the Instagram app until the menu appears.

menu appears

Step 2:

Tap “Remove the app”

tap remove the app

Step 4:

Tap “delete the app”

confirm delete

You can reinstall it from the Playstore.

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How to clear Instagram cache from the Instagram app?

Step 1:

Tap on profile at the bottom right hand

tap profile icon

Step 2:

Tap 3 lines hamburger menu

tap hambuger menu

Step 3:

Go to “Your Activity”


tap your activity

Step 4:

Go to “Recent Searches”


Step 5:

Tap “clear all” 

tap clear all

Step 6:

Tap “clear all“ again to confirm the action

confirm clear all

Check out the video below to recap the process.



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What is a cache on Instagram?

Every device has storage space for every app you install and pages you load; that is called a cache. The storage space for Instagram is called Instagram cache. The main goal of data storage is to increase the device’s speed when loading websites or opening apps. Sometimes the cache of the particular app can slow it down. 

What happens if I clear the cache of Instagram?

When you clear cache on Instagram, your Instagram content (pictures, videos, reels) remains intact. In contrast, only stored files from your phone get deleted. 

Will clearing the cache delete photos?

No, clearing the cache won’t delete any pictures. They will delete the files stored on the phone.

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