How to Delete All Your Tweets?

by Khadija Anwar
2 minutes
How to Delete All Your Tweets

Twitter has become one of the most popular platforms for sharing thoughts and news and engaging with 450 million monthly active users. Over time, however, you may find your past tweets no longer aligns with your current interests, personal branding, or privacy preferences. Whether you want to start fresh, remove potentially controversial content, or simply declutter your digital footprint, deleting all your tweets can be a fine choice.

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Let’s walk with the method available to delete all your tweets and take control of your Twitter presence.

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Steps to Delete All Your Tweets

Here are the steps to delete all your tweets:

Step 1:

This app provides a simple and efficient way to delete all your tweets in bulk. Go to TweetDelete or TweetEraser website, and you will find a “Sign in with Twitter” button. Click on it and enter your Twitter account credentials to grant the app access to your Twitter data.

sign in with Twitter

Step 2:

After signing in, Click on “Start Deleting Tweets Now.”

start deleting tweets now

Step 3:

You can choose to delete tweets based on their age or even protect certain tweets from deletion. Adjust these settings according to your preferences, or you can skip this step if you want to delete all your tweets without any filters. Check mark privacy terms and conditions.

tweet delete

Step 4:

Once you have reviewed the customization options, click the “Delete my Tweets” button to initiate the deletion process. TweetEraser will begin scanning and deleting your tweets based on your criteria.

tap on delete my tweets

After the deletion process, you can verify that all your tweets have been deleted by visiting your Twitter profile. Refresh the page and ensure your tweet history is empty or significantly reduced.

That’s it! By following these steps and utilizing the TweetEraser app, you can efficiently delete all your tweets, giving you a fresh start on Twitter.


Can you delete all tweets at once?

Yes, you can delete all tweets by using third-party software.

How to delete every Tweet?

You can use Tweet delete to erase every tweet.

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