How To Fix Session Facebook Expired?

by Khadija Anwar
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Fix Facebook Session Expired

Ever happened that you are in the middle of scrolling through your Facebook feed and recently got a notification “session expired,” and you start wondering why? 

Well, Facebook uses sessions to authenticate users’ accounts. They are also used to prevent scammers from getting access to your sensitive data. 

If you are getting a lot of this trouble lately, here are seven solutions that will fix the Facebook session expired error. 

Seven ways to fix session Facebook expired

Check app status:

If Facebook sessions expire in a row, it might be the problem from Meta’s end. The server might cause a bug or create trouble. However, going down the app’s status isn’t a new thing. Facebook and Instagram slowed down in the past. Just check on the internet if the app status is fine. 

You can check on Google by writing, “is Facebook down today”?

Once you check the server isn’t a problem, you can move on to the next solution in order to recover the session error. 

Log in to your Facebook again
login app

It is understood once the session is expired, you are already logged out from Facebook. Keep your app for 5 min logged out, and then log in with your username and password. 

Logging in again might load your feed in a regular manner, and you start enjoying your scrolling as you were doing 5 min ago. 

Restart your device

Restart your device

Your phone/PC could be slowed down. Restarting and rebooting your device may fix the problem. 

Once you restart the app, log in to the app and check if the session gets expired or if Facebook is running smoothly. 

Battery drainage and heat can interfere with apps on your PC and mobile phone. Restart is a good option to boost your device’s performance. 

Update Facebook app

update Facebook

You might have an old Facebook app version and it needs to be updated. If you are using android, go to the play store, search for Facebook, and update it. In the case of the iPhone, you will go have to use an app store with a similar process.

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However, to update your Facebook version, you must first have an update otherwise, this solution will not work.

Once you tap on the update, the new version will be downloaded.

Log in to Facebook and start scrolling. The session expired error might resolve by downloading a recent version of Facebook. 

Clear cache

clear cache

When you use a website on any device, it stores information in cookies and caches. Clearing cache can fix certain problems such as the loading of a particular website, the smooth running of an app, or formatting issues on site.

However, if your Facebook sessions often get expire, you should clear the cache of your mobile phone in app setting> storage> clear cache. 

Disable suspicious browser extension

It could be a problem with the session expiration error. Your suspicious extension might threaten Facebook’s privacy and security. 

To resolve this issue, click the extension icon along with a profile

extension icon

Choose a suspicious extension, and remove it

Reinstall the app

Uninstall your app, restart your device and install Facebook again. It might be a kick to resolve the Facebook session error. 

However, to reinstall it, go to play store/app store> search for Facebook> click on the most relevant result> install it.


How do I fix the session that expired on Facebook?

You can try multiple methods to fix this issue. The following are generally applied techniques;

  • Reinstall app
  • Reboot device
  • Update app

How do you solve your session that has expired?

You can reinstall the app, update the app, or log in to your account after a few minutes. It could be the error from the Facebook end or your device performance causing this error. 

However, after applying the above mentioned techniques, the error will be gone. 

Why is my Facebook account showing session expired?

Facebook uses the session to authenticate the user’s account. The session depends on cached information on PC and mobile. If the cached information is cleared accidentally, the session will expire.
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