How to Log Out of Twitter Account?

by Khadija Anwar
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How to log out twitter account

Like any other social media app, logging out of Twitter doesn’t imply you are deleting your account. 

Moreover, some people are privacy conscious; they never leave their social apps open on any device. If you want a short break from Twitter or want to log out for privacy reasons, follow the steps below.

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Log Out of Twitter Account

Step 1:

Open your Twitter account and tap your “Profile icon.”

tap profile icon

Step 2:

Go to the “Settings & Privacy” option in the “Settings and support tab.”

tap setting and privacy

Step 3:

Once you reach the settings, tap on “Your Account.”

tap your account


Step 4:

Tap on “Account Information.”

Tap account information

Step 5:

Tap on “Log out.”

Tap logout

Note: If you try to log out on a PC, you will click the profile icon on the home and log out of your Twitter account.

Log out from PC


Is logging out of Twitter as same as deactivating a Twitter account?

No, logging out is different. When you log out, people can search for your profile. But if you have deactivated your account, your will be temporarily backed out from Twitter unless you sign in and activate it again. 

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When you change your password on Twitter, does it log out of all other devices?

Changing your password doesn’t log out Twitter account from android and iOS. To log out, you have to sign in online and visit apps in your settings.


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