How to Repost a Video on YouTube?

by Khadija Anwar
3 minutes
how to repost a video on youtube

Are you interested in learning how to repost a video on YouTube? It’s a pretty straightforward process. However, ensuring you do it respectfully to the original creator is important.

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In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to repost a video on YouTube and share essential notes to do it ethically.

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Repost video to Youtube

What Kind of Videos Can You Repost on YouTube?

The frequently asked question is, can I repost someone else’s videos on YouTube? The answer depends on the video’s license.

It is important to remember that not all types of videos can be reposted. You can reuse or download a video based on the license’s license.

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YouTube offers two types of licenses for content creators:

YouTube license


1. Standard YouTube License

YouTube assigns this default license to all videos uploaded to the platform. Under this license, the video is only viewable on YouTube and cannot be downloaded or reused without the creator’s permission.

2. Creative Commons License

This type of license allows creators to allow others to reuse their video content in different ways as long as the original creator is given credit.

To find out creative common videos and upload videos legally:

Step 1:

Open YouTube and enter your video keyword.  Once all the videos appear under the same keyword, click “Filter.”

tap on filter

Step 2:

Menu appears. Click on “Creative Commons” in the options box.

tap on creative common

Step 3:

Now choose any video in creative commons you want to reuse or download.

choose your video

Save the video on your device, change the title & description, meta tags, and thumbnails, and legally upload your modified video on your YouTube channel.

Tips to Repost Videos on YouTube

To ensure the ethical reposting of your YouTube video, follow the below tips:

quick tips on reposting youtube

  • Always reuse videos with a “Creative Common License.”
  • Change the title for the reposted video. Write attention-grabbing and genuine titles to ensure clicks.
  • Write clear, conscience, and relevant descriptions of the video.
  • Use relevant hashtags to help your video show up in search results.
  • Edit your video to make it creative and distinct from the original one.
  • Monitor the performance of your video and add a few changes if necessary.


Can I reuse my video on YouTube?

You can reuse a video if viewers can differentiate. There’s a meaningful distinction between the original video and reused video.

Can you reupload a video on YouTube with the same URL?

No, you can’t reupload a video on YouTube with the same URL. Every video is assigned a different URL

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