How to Schedule TikTok Post?

by Khadija Anwar
3 minutes

Don’t you want to share your content when your audience is likely to be most active on TikTok? Well, good news, you can schedule TikTok posts ahead of time

You can avoid the fear of missing out on your content on TikTok and avoid a gap between content sharing. TikTok web app and social media management tool, ContentStudio help you to achieve this purpose.

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Schedule Post With TikTok Web App

Step 1:

Open the TikTok app on the web browser, and click “Upload.”

Tap upload

Step 2:

Once you reach the upload page, there is a schedule option at the bottom.

Switch the icon from left to right.

switch icon

Step 3:

Set your date and time to schedule content.

set date and time to schedule content

Note: Only business accounts have the feature of scheduling posts on the TikTok web app. 

Schedule TikTok Post With ContentStudio

Another way to schedule your TikTok post is to use a social media management tool such as ContentStudio

It is a user-friendly tool to schedule TikTok posts without dropping everything on a daily basis.

ContentStudio helps you to schedule your content and connect your brand with your audience even when you are on vacation. 

Step 1:

Sign in to ContentStudio and go to the dashboard.

Click “Composer.”

click composer

Step 2:

Once you click ‘Composer’, you will have multiple options in the column.

Click on “Social Post.”

click social post

Step 3:

Now tickmark and select your TikTok account.

tick mark tiktok account

Step 4:

You can set the preview on the right-hand top corner.

check preview

Step 5:

Upload your post, and add hashtags, text, & emoji.

You can also create content on the spot with the help of Canva integration.

add elements

Step 6:

Once uploading is complete, scroll down the page, and click “Schedule” on the menu and the button.

schedule post

Step 7:

Go back to your ContentStudio dashboard, and click “Planner.”

click planner

Step 8:

Click “Schedule” on the filter and tap “Apply.”

Now you can see all scheduled posts. 

apply filter


Can you schedule posts on TikTok?

Yes, you can schedule posts by using the TikTok web app. But the scheduling feature is only available on a business account.

Can you schedule TikTok videos in advance?

Yes, you can schedule posts with the help of the TikTok web app or a social media management tool. 

How do you schedule TikTok posts in 2022?

You can schedule posts using ContentStudio in 2022, a social media management tool.


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