How to Unfriend Someone on Facebook

by Khadija Anwar
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How to unfriend someone on Facebook

People unfriend someone on Facebook because they no longer want to be associated with that person for personal reasons.

In other cases, it may be because the person constantly posts offensive or inflammatory content that the user no longer wants to see. Additionally, some users may simply want to declutter their

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Facebook feed by unfriending people who they don’t interact with regularly. Whatever the reason, unfriending someone on Facebook is a relatively easy process.

Unfriend Someone Through Their Profile

Step 1:

Open the Facebook app and tap on the “Search” icon.

tap searchbar icon

Step 2:

Write username.

write username

Step 3:

Go to their profile and tap on the “3 Dotted” icon.

tap 3 dotted icon

Step 4:

Tap on the “Friends” icon.

tap friends icon

Step 5:

Tap on “Unfriend.”

tap unfriend

Step 6:

Tap on “Confirm” to unfriend.

tap confirm

Unfriend Someone Through Your Friend List

Step 1:

Open Facebook and tap on the “Friend” icon.

tap friend icon

Step 2:

Tap on “ Your Friends.”

tap your friend

Step 3:

Search the user name and tap on the “3 Dotted” icon.

tap 3 dotted icon on the right of user name

Step 4:

Tap on “Unfriend username.”

tap unfriend username

Step 5:

Tap on “Confirm” to unfriend.

tap confirm to unfriend



Is it better to block or unfriend someone on Facebook?

You can unfriend some users if you don’t want to engage. If they bother or threaten you, then blocking is an appropriate option.

How do you respectfully unfriend someone?

You can go to the user’s profile and unfriend them, or you can search your friend list, search for users and remove them.

Can someone block you on Facebook without unfriending you?

Yes, someone can block you without unfriending you.

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