ContentStudio 2.0 – Product Updates: July

by Wasiq Naeem
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ContentStudio Feature Releases

We continuously listen to your valuable feedback through various channels which helps us shape the product. This month, team ContentStudio successfully released three more features which will aid you in content management.

With these latest additions, you can find out who shared the article and view the Twitter shares of a particular content piece.

But that’s not all…

The amazing ContentStudio chrome extension got ever so handy. Manage your team and assign them tasks on the run.

Let’s dive into a detailed description of all these features.

Top shared influencer for the articles in Discovery

It is always good to know the statistics and meaning full data regarding the content you share. And, what better assurance you can have than knowing that your content is commonly shared by top influencers.

Now, with every searched content in the discovery module, you will see how many and specifically which influencers have already shared that particular article on their Twitter accounts.

This feature has something more to it.

If you click on the “+ Numeric” sign”, a panel will open up on the left-hand side. Which will include a complete list of exact tweets the influencers have made.

You can sort the tweets by the ‘Published Date’ filter as well. This is a great feature to help you verify the popularity of the content you are sharing. You can also refer to the influencer or connect with them to help increase the footprint of the content you are sharing.

Chrome Extension new options added – Labels, Team Members, and Campaigns

The idea of the Chrome extension is to plan or share engaging content right there and then. It gives you instant access to the basic functionalities of the composer module so you do not miss or forget any article you like.

The process is simple!

Open the Chrome Web Store and search ContentStudio. Add the extension to your browser. Now when you are browsing the internet and find any content worth sharing, simply click on the ContentStudio Chrome extension icon and plan or publish that article.


The latest addition to the chrome extension is the addition of Labels, Team Members and Campaigns.

Besides just planning content, you can assign tasks and activities to the relevant team members, put appropriate labels and add them to your predefined campaigns.

This addition improves teamwork and effective communication and enhances the organization of your content.

Twitter Shares option added in Discovery filters

Twitter is one of the most authentic and instant sources of viral news. Politicians, actors, news agencies use this medium to dispense news within minutes. We have combined the quick posting attribute of Twitter with the trending content of ContentStudio to provide you with the best articles in your industry.

The Discovery module has now been fitted with the option to allow you to segregate trending articles w.r.t Twitter shares. This gives you two-dimensional freedom to choose the content, its popularity on Twitter, and your industry-specific content.

Selecting this option will instantly rearrange the search results by Twitter engagement. Therefore, you can shortlist the best content and schedule it to post on social channels.

Wasiq Naeem

Wasiq Naeem is a content and digital marketing veteran who is passionate about his writing. Extensive research and producing high-quality content is just another day at the office for him.

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