How to Calculate Social Media Engagement Rate in 2024?

by Khadija Anwar
2 minutes

Wondering about social media engagement in 2024? Let’s break it down: Social media engagement rate is where it’s at. Those likes, comments, and shares? They’re your key ingredients. Ready to make the most of those interactions? Let’s do some math to keep you on your toes!

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Social media engagement rate formulas

Here’s how you can break down the frequently used four formulas:

1. Engagement rate by reach (ERR):

Pros: More accurate than follower count; considers non-followers exposed through shares and hashtags.

Cons: Reach fluctuates, influencing the engagement rate; low reach can lead to a disproportionately high engagement rate.

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2. Engagement rate by posts (ER Post):

Pros: Stable metric using followers instead of reach; better for post-by-post engagement.

Cons: Doesn’t account for viral reach; engagement rate may drop as follower count increases.

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3. Engagement rate by impressions (ER Impressions):

Pros: Useful for paid content evaluation based on impressions.

Cons: Lower than ERR and ER Post; inconsistent impression figures; use in conjunction with reach.

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Engagement rate by views (ER Views):

Pros: Ideal for tracking engagement in videos.

Cons: Non-unique views can inflate engagement; repeat views may not result in multiple engagements.

Make sure to check with the specific social media platforms you’re using for any changes or additional metrics they may have introduced since my last update. 


What is a good engagement rate in 2023?

A good engagement rate in 2023 typically falls between 1% to 3% for most social media platforms.

How do you track social media engagement rates?

Monitor likes, comments, shares, and other interactions on your posts relative to your follower count or impressions.

Is a 3% engagement rate good?

Yes, a 3% engagement rate is generally considered good in social media.

Is a 30% engagement rate good?

A 30% engagement rate is exceptionally high and indicates strong audience interaction on social media.

What is a poor engagement rate?

A poor engagement rate is typically below 1% on social media.

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