Top 15 AI Image Generators You Must Try in 2024

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Top 15 AI Image Generators

Artificial intelligence (AI) is taking on an increasingly significant role in creative work. Following it, wonderful participatory creativity is currently inspiring many Internet users interested in artificial intelligence and colorful worlds of images – the OG AI image generators!

Just as text-generating tools like “ChatGPT” make writing easier and programs like “DeepL” automatically translate texts. Similarly, AI image generators are often used in advertising, the development of video games, product design, or the media industry.

AI image generators have come a long way, and in 2024, they offer an impressive array of tools for creating stunning visual content. Stick with us till the end and we will learn more about the AI Image Generators.

What are AI image generators?

Can you guess that following image is created with AI? For starters … a pope, an astronaut, and a teddy bear meet on the moon… cool, no?

You must have seen a number of images going viral that at times might not have made sense. Yes, people have been using AI Image Generators just not for work purposes but fun too.

As the name tells itself, AI image generators are tools powered by AI that can create images, illustrations, and visual content automatically. They use algorithms and neural networks to produce images that can range from realistic to abstract, depending on the specific generator and parameters set.

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With AI image generators, you can type in a prompt as detailed as you want, and you will be able to have the image you were thinking of pop up on your screen instantly. Creative people who work digitally use AI programs to quickly and easily create or edit new images or to be inspired by new ideas.

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Significance of AI image generators

AI image generators offer diverse perks to anyone who needs creative assistance. With just a few clicks, you can get images created that look like an expert photographer has snapped them. You can even produce images of things that would never be found in reality.


AI image generators are versatile tools, perfect for designing marketing materials, social media posts, banners, and creating personalized projects like artwork or gifts, catering to a variety of creative needs.

Higher productivity:

Image generators enhance productivity by eliminating the need for complex image editing software or extensive stock photo searches. They enable effortless content creation, even for users with limited design experience, streamlining content creation and saving time.


Image generators stand out for their accessibility, democratizing graphic design for individuals without formal training. This inclusivity empowers a broader audience to create professional visuals, expanding participation in visual content creation.

Time efficiency:

AI image generators excel in time efficiency, producing visuals within seconds, making them a game-changer for projects with tight deadlines. Whether in the business world or personal endeavors, these tools offer a significant time-saving advantage.

Unique images:

AI-generated images are inherently unique, thanks to diverse algorithms. Each image stands out with distinctive color combinations and stylistic elements. This uniqueness is perfect for branding, marketing, and artistic expression, creating a memorable impact.


AI image generators are versatile and user-friendly, allowing customization of colors and styles. This ensures seamless integration of visuals into projects, maintaining a consistent and personalized aesthetic.

15 best AI image generators for ease of use

Now that you have an ample understanding of AI image generators, let’s get into the top 15 image generators you should explore in 2024.



DALL-E, developed by OpenAI, stands out as the sole text-to-image generator on this list that has a waiting list for access. However, it’s well worth the wait! DALL-E is an AI model by OpenAI, one of the companies co-founded by Elon Musk, is behind this wonderful tool.

2. WePik


WePik is a versatile platform for designing Instagram stories, flyers, and brochures. Their AI text-to-image editor is a user-friendly tool that swiftly transforms your ideas into stunning graphics. It’s accessible both through the WePik app and their website.

3. ContentStudio


ContentStudio is yet another powerful AI image generator. It enables you to create incredible images for your social post by simply giving textual descriptions to the AI bot – that makes it easy to use! It is accessible to mobile applications as well so you can create your images on the go.

Content Studio offers a wide variety of styles and personalization options. The results are amazing overall with a 14-day free trial, the best part? No credit card is required to enroll for a free trial! The pricing model is pretty affordable starting from $25.

4. Midjourney


MidJourney distinguishes itself from other text-to-image generators by not relying on Stable Diffusion technology. This unique approach results in distinctly different generated images. Currently, to use MidJourney, one must-be aspect is to be a part of their Discord community and employ Discord bots to create images.

5. DreamStudio


Dream Studio, while not a standalone tool, is an image generation model instead. It functions as an algorithm that translates text into images and is open-source and free. Developers can easily build web applications utilizing this technology.

6. NightCafe


NightCafe, a popular AI art generator, requires no artistic skills to use. It’s easy and hassle-free—input your prompt and the AI image generator will produce a visually appealing image in no time.

7. You Imagine


‘You’ is a provider of numerous AI helpers. The ‘Imagine’ tool by ‘You’ is so far only available via the website and not yet as an app. It creates images based on your text input. “You Imagine” uses the popular “Stable Diffusion” framework by default to create images.

8. Wombo Dream

Wombo Dream

Dream, available as both a web application and a mobile app, functions similarly to NightCafe. Users provide a prompt, select an image style (e.g., Cartoon, HDR, Realistic, or line art), and let Dream generate the image.

9. Adobe Firefly

Adobe Firefly

For Adobe users, there’s the option to create images directly in the web browser. By using the text-to-image tool, you can input a prompt and further specify aspect ratios, content types, themes, color schemes, lighting, and image angles. 

10. Jasper Art

Jasper Art

Jasper Art, another AI text-to-image generator, offers a convenient feature with built-in presets. Users don’t need to come up with prompts, styles, or artist names as the tool can randomly generate captivating images.

11. Photosonic


 Photosonic, by Writesonic, is an AI image generator similar to Jasper. One main advantage to Photosonic over Jasper is that it allows the generation of a few images for free.

12. StarryAI


StarryAI is a mobile app AI image generation tool for iOS and Android software. It’s free to use up to 5 credits, which is awesome. It offers the convenience of generating art and images on the go.

13. Bing Image Creator

Bing Image Creater

Bing Image Creator is Microsoft’s entry into the text-to-image domain This comprehensive AI image generator is freely available for content marketing. Users can access Bing Image Creator through the Bing app or website, where they can input prompts and generate images with ease.

14. DeepAI


DeepAI offers a free service that allows users to generate an unlimited number of unique images. Additionally, they provide a free text-to-image API that developers can utilize to integrate with other software projects. However, it’s important to note that the picture quality produced by DeepAI may not be as photorealistic as some other free AI image generators featured in this article.

15. Craiyon


Formerly known as DALL-E Mini, is a free online tool capable of generating art, images, and drawings based on text descriptions. Users can choose from six variations generated from their text prompts and even upscale and save their preferred options.

Tips for using AI image generators

When it comes to harnessing the creative potential of AI image generators, a few tips can make a huge difference. Here are a few tips that can empower you to navigate these tools effectively.

Use clear and specific prompts:

For optimal results with AI image generators using textual prompts, ensure your instructions are clear and detailed. The more precise your prompt, the better the AI comprehends your creative intent, producing visuals closely aligned with your ideas.

Experiment with styles:

Image generators provide diverse styles, ranging from realistic to abstract, retro to futuristic. Experimenting with different generators can help you find the perfect visual style that suits your project’s mood and message.

Combine AI with human creativity:

AI enhances human creativity, offering unique insights, suggesting design elements, and accelerating the creative process. Instead of a replacement, view AI as a collaborator bringing fresh perspectives to your work.

Fine-tune parameters:

Most image generators allow you to fine-tune various parameters. This includes adjusting color schemes, contrast, saturation, and composition. Experimenting with these parameters can help you achieve a customized look that perfectly matches your project’s requirements.

Ensure image copyright compliance:

Mind image copyright when using AI-generated visuals, especially for commercial purposes. Ensure created images are from copyright-free datasets or properly licensed. Compliance with copyright laws is crucial to avoid legal issues.

Stay updated:

Stay updated in AI image generation by exploring new techniques and features. Invest time in learning the latest advancements to fully harness the potential of AI image generators and unlock cutting-edge possibilities for your projects.

What’s next for AI image generators

AI image generators have come a long way, and they are here to stay and evolve in the future. Here are some exciting possibilities:

  • Improved realism: AI generators are expected to produce even more realistic images, blurring the line between AI and human-created content.
  • Customization and personalization: AI generators will become increasingly capable of tailoring visuals to individual user preferences.
  • Enhanced collaboration: Collaborative AI platforms will enable real-time teamwork on AI-generated projects.
  • Industry-specific solutions: AI image generators will be designed to cater to the unique needs of various industries, from healthcare to fashion.
  •  AI-generated augmented reality: AI image generators will play a crucial role in AR applications, creating immersive experiences.

Summing up, AI image generators are powerful tools that offer immense creative potential. They can save time, reduce costs, and open up new possibilities for artists, designers, and content creators. As technology advances, image generators will likely become even more integral to our creative processes.

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What are the best AI image generators?

Some of the best AI image generators include Content Studio, DALL·E, Dream, MindJourney, and more. The choice depends on your specific needs and preferences.

How ad agencies are using AI image generators

Ad agencies use artificially intelligent image generators to streamline the design process, create on-brand visuals, and generate customized content.

Which AI image generator is free?

Many AI image generators offer free basic plans or trials – like Jasper, Canva, and Content Studio.

What are AI image generators used for?

AI image generators are used for creating visuals for marketing materials, social media content, artwork, personal projects, and more.

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