AI-Powered Video Marketing: A Complete Guide

by Hassaan Khan
11 minutes
AI-powered video marketing

AI has already taken the world by storm. Not only is it revolutionizing technological advancement, but it is also getting rapidly adopted across all industries.

Video marketing is the new normal in the digital marketing world, especially after brands, entrepreneurs, and influencers started embracing video content.

When video marketing meets artificial intelligence, it creates a killer combo for marketers to take their social media marketing to the next level.

So let’s try to understand how brands, small businesses, and marketing agencies can brush up their social media content creation with AI-powered video marketing strategies.

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Before we dive deep, it’s best to understand what AI-powered video marketing really is.

What is AI-powered video marketing?

AI-powered video marketing refers to the digital marketing strategy that involves creating videos for content marketing through AI-based video softwares.

The best part about these AI video tools is that they are smart enough to quickly process and create videos based on the material provided to them.

These AI-powered content creation tools allow digital marketers to crank out video content on social media at a much faster pace. No wonder we see so many AI-generated videos on TikTok, Reels, and Shorts.

Video marketing with AI has never been this easy. Gone are the days when AI video tools could only convert blog posts into short videos. Now there are tools available on the market that could repurpose your podcasts into videos and even more.

In today’s competitive SEO environment, SEOs strive to make their website look better in the search engines’ eyes. Therefore, elements like visuals, videos, and pictures help SEO content stand out from the crowd.

Once you begin to comprehend what AI-powered video marketing is, you’re ready to explore a whole new chapter in your digital marketing journey.

What are the benefits of AI in video marketing?

Brands and influencers map out content plans for months so that they have a sense of direction. Video content plays a vital role in the wide spectrum of social media content creation without a doubt.

We’ll see the broader picture of AI in video marketing and shed some light on the diversified benefits of using the technology in video marketing.

Here are six benefits of AI in video marketing:

1. Content creation gets faster

The first and foremost benefit of AI in video marketing is that video content creation gets faster. Usually, it takes hours to shoot and edit a normal sit-down YouTube video.

On the other hand, AI has made content creation faster than ever. Given the right prompt, you could generate an AI-based video within a few minutes.

Sure, one can argue on the style, formatting, and aesthetic of the AI-generated video as compared to a real footage video. But it’s also true that the faster you put out content, the quicker you can adapt.

Example: Lumen5 automatically converts an article into a video.


2. Video publishing at scale

Social media success comes with consistent publishing and regularly showing up for engagement no matter what social media platform you’re on.

When it comes to video marketing, the same consistency applies here. You have to put out great videos consistently whether you’re on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube or other OTT platforms.

If you’re not ready to put in the work on a consistent basis, then it’ll be fairly hard to win. Remember that you’re fighting an uphill battle when you’re trying to dominate social media.

Example: Alfie Deyes

Alfie Deyes

Alfie Deyes is a YouTuber and vlogger from the UK. He has been making videos on YouTube for over ten years. No wonder he is one of the most popular YouTubers in the country.  

3. Low human effort required

One of the aspects of video marketing that marketers and influencers embrace is that video creation requires a lot of time and effort.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a YouTube vlogger, Twitch streamer, TikTok dancer, or Reels maker, every form of video content takes time, energy, and money.

Well, AI has changed the video marketing game altogether. Gone are the days when you need hours of video shoot and then days to edit the video. AI video marketing has come to the rescue.

All you need is to pick the right AI video marketing tool to create or edit the videos, and you’re all set to make an impact with video marketing with minimum to zero human effort.

Example: Synthesia


4. Enables content repurposing

Content repurposing is a content marketing strategy that allows content creators to convert one form of content into a different one without requiring any manual labor.

The common use case of content repurposing is to convert blog posts into videos and videos into podcasts.

So one of the perks of AI in video marketing is that there are a bunch of AI video tools that can convert blog posts into AI videos. Not only do these tools make video marketing easier, but they also speed up the content publishing process.


Veed is an AI tool for video editing, screen recording, subtitling, and preparing videos for uploading to YouTube, Instagram, and other social platforms.

5. Video scripting gets better

Video scripting is a part of YouTube content creation whether you make skits, reviews, docuseries, or any other type of content. Video script writing is an easy-to-understand AI use case in video marketing.

Sometimes, it becomes overwhelming and daunting to come up with a catchy, attractive, and relevant video script. Therefore, an AI writing tool could help video creators scale and improve their video scripting.

Example: ChatGPT

video scripting with chatGPT

ChatGPT is a free source for creating excellent video scripts if done right. The secret to creating the best video scripts is in prompt writing. The better the prompt, the more efficient the outcome.

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6. Countless video content ideas generation

Video ideas are imperative to making engaging, useful, and high-converting videos regardless of the social media platform.

However, coming up with video content ideas is no easy task. This is where AI comes in and helps marketers, bloggers, and influencers.

One of the benefits of AI in video marketing is that users can create dozens of video content ideas using the appropriate AI content creation tool.

Almost every paid AI writing tool has a module or template for generating video content ideas. It’s a true testament to the idea of how effective AI technology could be in video marketing.

Example: Jasper


Jasper is a popular AI content creation tool that lets you create social media content, blog posts, post descriptions, subtitles, video scripts, and much more. It’s a complete suite for generating AI-powered content for marketing.

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How to Create a Video Script with AI

New AI tools are popping up every day, and it’s hard to keep track of the best ones. More importantly, AI technology is rapidly replacing the human workforce as brands and organizations are embracing artificial intelligence at a quick pace.

One of the areas that are being revolutionized by AI is video scripting for social media. Let’s discuss how AI can help you write video scripts and make video creation way easier.

Here’s the four-step process of creating video scripts with AI:

Step #1: Choose a tempting topic to make a video

Before you start wondering about the best AI tool to create a video script, pay close attention to the video topic selection. Sure, most of you would have ideas in mind before opting for a video script writing using AI. However, it’s not the case for everyone.

So start with finding a trendy and popular topic to make a video so that you don’t have to worry about getting attention on the video.

Here are different ways to find a useful yet tempting video topic:

  • Check with the latest trends in the industry
  • Analyze the SERP for the relevant keywords
  • Look through the comments on the blog and social media
  • Dig into the emails and DMs from subscribers, customers, and prospects
  • Keep an eye on Google trends when doing your topic research

The point is that choosing the right topic to make an AI video is far more important than opting for a suitable AI video script-writing tool.

Pat Flynn is a social media influencer, entrepreneur, and blogger. He is an influential and successful blogger turned entrepreneur.

Pat Flynn

He also thinks choosing the right topic matters. You’ll hear this advice over and over again opt for the best yet relevant topic to create content no matter what the platform is.

Step #2: Generate a video script using ChatGPT

ChatGPT is a writing machine when it comes to generating plain text, ideas, tips, and codes. However, the only catch is writing a perfect prompt. Most people fail to come up with the right words or phrases to get the most out of it.

No wonder most entrepreneurs, bloggers, and marketers use ChatGPT for ideation and brainstorming rather than writing articles.

AI-powered video creation won’t be possible without leveraging the power of ChatGPT. To generate a video script, all you need is to input the prompt and let ChatGPT take care of the rest.

Here’s an example of a video script:

Generate a video script using ChatGPT

The prompt was about writing a video script explaining the steps involved in the barbecue process. The ChatGPT was instructed to keep the instructions simple, precise, and to the point. The outcome was quite decent.

Step #3: Fine-tune the video script with Chat AI

Once you’ve generated a video script with ChatGPT, you can always make alteration to add a human touch to it.

Moreover, you can use ContentStudio‘s in-app AI assistant called Chat AI to fix or improve the video script generated with ChatGPT.

Fine-tune the video script with Chat AI

Chat AI is a state-of-the-art chatbot developed by ContentStudio that interacts with users and provides comprehensive answers to their queries. You can learn how to use ContentStudio’s Chat AI if you want to dig deeper into it.

Use ContentStudio ChatAI

Furthermore, ContentStudio has integrated an AI-writing technology that lets users write AI-generated captions and hashtags within a fraction of a second.

Step #4: Use a video generator to make a video

Once the video script is done, you can put it into any AI-powered video generator tool to create a video.

There are plenty of AI-assisted video-making tools on the market that help users generate AI videos within minutes. You’ll find a handful of AI video generators in the next section of this article.

Use a video generator to make a video

Moreover, a lot of people are creating AI-based videos using ChatGPT and Canva. You can quickly take a peek at some of the related videos on YouTube to figure out how it’s done.

So that’s how you can create video scripts with the help of AI.

Top AI Video Creation Tools

Let’s take a look at some of the best AI video creation tools for small businesses, marketers, bloggers, influencers, and social media experts:

1. Synthesia


Synthesia is one of the most popular AI video creation tools that allow users to create AI videos with its cutting-edge AI technology. This video creation tool offers 120+ languages, an easy-to-use interface, and dozens of human-like AI avatars.


  • Provides access to over 100 AI avatars
  • Multiple AI voices
  • Dozens of video templates
  • Custom AI avatars

Price: $22.50 per month

Free trial: Yes

2. Lumen5


Lumen5 is an excellent AI video generator that primarily converts blog posts into videos. It revolutionized video creation for bloggers and content publishers. Since Lumen5 automatically generates videos, it can significantly speed up your video publishing even if you don’t streamline a workflow for video creation.


  • Automatically converts articles into videos
  • Add callouts and cutaways to your videos
  • Auto-generate captions for videos
  • Easily edit the video transcripts

Price: Starts at $29 per month

Free trial: Yes

3. HourOne


Hourone is a powerful AI video creation tool that provides text-to-speech services. It offers AI virtual human presenters with different accents and ethnic backgrounds to take your AI video generation experience to the next level.


  • Offers a text-to-speech facility
  • Provides human-like AI presenters
  • Pre-made video templates to make the process faster
  • Full control over video branding and customization

Price: Starts at $25 per month

Free trial: Yes

Link: Click here to check it out

4. Invideo


Invideo is an excellent AI video generation tool that helps marketers and bloggers create engaging marketing and social media videos using AI technology.


  • Make YouTube video editing easier
  • Lets users create marketing slideshows
  • Making AI talking avatars has never been this simpler
  • Write AI video scripts using this tool

Price: Starts at $15 per month

Free trial: Yes

5. Canva


Canva is an all-in-one online graphics designing tool for social media and digital marketing content creation. It offers a wide range of templates, formats, built-in tools, and third-party integrations that will be a game-changer for any marketer or small business owner.


  • Canva has gotten even better with the AI technology integration into its software
  • There are plenty of free and paid templates, elements, and graphics to use
  • The interface is easy to use even for beginners
  • Mobile apps available for both iOS and Android users
  • It seamlessly integrates with several third-party tools for user assistance

Price: Starts at $6.49 per month for one person

Free trial: Yes

6. Veed

Veed is a diversified AI video creation tool that provides a bunch of tools in the video editing, script writing, and screen recording categories. It’s a fantastic tool for social media experts and content creators.


  • Edit your videos faster than ever
  • Add subtitles and transcripts to your videos
  • Record screen and webcam videos
  • Create AI avatars for presentations
  • Compress, alter, and convert social media videos

Price: Starts at $12 per user/per month

Free trial: Yes

Let’s Conclude

Video marketing is here to stay, and with the advent of AI integration, it’s only going to get better over time. The best way to navigate from here is to embrace the fact that AI is here to stay and we better get used to implementing the AI-powered tools into our workflow.

This was one of the core reasons we decided to talk about AI-powered video marketing. You won’t want to miss out on the marketing opportunities that your social media competitors start to cash in on.

So, start implementing AI video creation in your social media marketing and see where it takes your digital marketing campaign.

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Can AI make YouTube videos?

Indeed, AI can make YouTube videos. There are hundreds of thousands of YouTube creators that are doing well with Faceless YouTube channels and some of them primarily use AI tools to create those videos.

What is the best AI-powered video marketing platform?

The best AI-powered video marketing platform is difficult to pinpoint unless you determine the end goal and bring more clarity into the question. If you’re looking to create social media videos, then Canva is quite good, whereas if you’re looking to generate AI avatar videos for marketing, then Synthesia is a prominent tool. So it comes down to the individual user’s requirement.

What is AI-powered marketing?

AI-powered marketing refers to the concept of utilizing artificial intelligence technology for digital marketing and beyond. Nowadays, AI-powered online tools, software’s, and SAAS products are available that are used to harness the power of AI technology for marketing.

Hassaan Khan

Hassaan Khan is a freelance writer for SAAS companies, e-commerce stores, and niche websites. He has contributed to SEMrush, ThriveGlobal, BloggingCage, AllBloggingTips, and several other publications. He builds niche websites, publishes e-books, and helps website investors with his done-for-you niche site-building service.

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