How To Download Instagram Reels?

by Khadija Anwar
3 minutes

The Instagram reel is a fun feature to market your brand in a digestible way. Brands and influencers have leveraged Instagram reel’s power to boost engagement and social media presence.

If you are looking for how to download Instagram reels, here are the following three ways. 

Method 1: Download Instagram reels from your account

Step 1:

Open the Instagram app and tap your “Profile icon.”

tap profile icon

Step 2:

Once you go to your profile page

Tap on the “Reel icon” present along with the post grid icon

tap reels icon

Step 3:

Click on the video you want to download

Tap the “three dotted icon”

tap 3 dotted icon

Step 4:

Tap “save to your device.”

The reel will be downloaded and saved on your device. You can enjoy it in the gallery.

tap save to your device

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Method 2: Save Instagram reels from someone else’s account

Step 1:

Go to the user’s account, and download the reel of your preference.

Tap the “Reel icon” present along with the post grid icon

tap reel icon


Step 2:

Click on the reel you want to save 

Tap “Three dotted icon.”

tap 3 doted icon


Step 3:

Tap “save”

tap save icon

The video will be saved on your profile page. 

How to see your saved videos?

Go to your Instagram profile page

Tap the “Hamburger icon” & tap “Saved”

tap Hamburger icon and then tap saved

All your saved videos will show up there.

You can view and re-watch it as many times as you want

watch all saved

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How to download Instagram reels by using third-party software?

This is helpful if you want to save a video from someone else’s account to remix it. 

You can use third-party tools for Instagram, such as

  • Instagram video downloader
  • Saveinsta
  • Ssinstagaram
  • iGram

Step 1:

Choose any reel you want to download

Tap “Three dotted icon”

tap 3 doted icon

Step 2:

Tap “Link”

tap link icon

Step 3:

For example, download the app “Instagram Video Downloader” from the Play Store or iOS Store.

app downloader

Step 4:

Open the app and paste the link. Tap the download button

copy paste the link

Watch the downloaded Instagram Reel in your gallery

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Can I download Instagram reels from any user account?

Yes, you can download Instagram reels from any public account. 

Is downloading Instagram videos legal?

Yes, downloading Instagram reels is legal for personal use, but if you want to remix or advertise them, you must ask the owner first.

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