How to Add Captions to Your Instagram Videos?

by Khadija Anwar
3 minutes
How to add Instagram captions

Looking to add some extra flair to your Instagram videos? Say no more! In this quick and easy guide, I’ll show you how to effortlessly add captivating captions to your videos, ensuring that your content stands out from the crowd and keeps your viewers engaged.

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Let’s dive right in and take your Instagram game to the next level!

You can add Instagram captions in two ways:

  • Manually add captions to your Instagram videos
  • Automatically add captions to your Instagram videos

Let’s have a look at both.

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Steps to Add Captions Manually to Your Instagram Videos

Here are the simple steps:

Step 1:

Open your Instagram app and upload a video to which you want to add captions. Tap the “Text” icon from the built-in Instagram editing tool on the editing screen.

tap on text icon

Step 2:

Write down your captions. You can change font, alignment, and color. You can also add multiple captions. Once you completed adding your targeted text, tap on “Done” in the upper right corner.

tap on done

Step 3:

Edit & proofread your captions clearly and loudly; once satisfied, tap on “Next” in the bottom right corner.

tap on next

Step 4:

Write a description/tag people/add location, and publish your video or save it in a draft.

save or publish

Steps to Add Captions Automatically to Your Instagram Videos

Here are steps to add captions automatically:

Step 1:

Upload your video on Instagram; on the editing tab, tap on the “Sticker” icon from inbuilt editing tools.

Step 2:

Tap on “captions” from stickers.

Step 3:

Now you can transcribe your audio into captions, edit text, add a background, or change the alignment and style of transcribed captions.

add captions automatically

That’s it; you have successfully transcribed your audio with the help of Caption stickers.

Note: Caption stickers are only available from English to English countries. This feature might not be available in South Asian or African states. In this case, you can add captions manually.


How do I put subtitles on my Instagram videos?

You can add subtitles by automatically putting caption stickers on your videos or adding text manually.

Is there an app that adds captions to videos?

Yes, you can use a third-party tool to add captions. Our recommended app is Veed which is available for both web and mobile phones.

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