How to Become a UGC Creator?

by Khadija Anwar
4 minutes

UGC stands for “User-Generated Content.” It’s what people like you and me create and share on social media, websites, or apps. Think about those cool Instagram posts, YouTube videos, or TikToks you enjoy watching or making – that’s UGC!

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Now, the question is, how can you become a UGC creator and maybe even make a living from it? We’ll break it down into three simple steps. Without delay, let’s go!


1. Identify brands to collaborate with

List the brands you aspire to collaborate with in your UGC journey. If your preferences are too specific, consider the industry in which you’d like to work, be it wellness, fashion, B2B, tech, or sports.

Dedicate time to analyze their existing content: What kind of content resonates with their audience? Which posts garner the most engagement and views? Identify if they incorporate UGC into their strategy and, if so, take note of its style.

Imagine what would catch your eye and halt your scrolling while viewing their content.

Understand their target audience and the voice of their brand. Recognize any content gaps and consider how your contributions could enhance their content, such as creating more Reels or TikTok tutorials.

2. Create content – Hone your craft

Determine the type of content you want to specialize in or decide if you want to be a versatile creator. If visual content is your forte, consider enrolling in beginner photography courses to refine your skills. If you’re more comfortable in front of the camera, focus on creating short-form videos suitable for platforms like Reels, TikTok, or Stories.

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Don’t hesitate to practice on your account. This not only allows you to experiment with various content styles but also helps in building your portfolio. For instance, if you specialize in short-form fitness videos, you can practice creating and sharing workout routines on your social media accounts, gradually building expertise and credibility in the wellness niche.

3. Develop and showcase your portfolio

To show how good you are and to team up with companies, you need a collection of your work called a “portfolio.” Some creators use a tool like Canva to make their portfolios. In your portfolio, you introduce yourself, explain why UGC is valuable for the brand, and display what you’ve done before. If you’re just starting out, create some practice videos at home.

When you feel ready to contact brands, send them a well-written email. You can use ContentStudio’s AI writer for assistance if you’re unsure what to write.

If reaching out to brands directly makes you nervous, you can explore websites like Upwork or keep an eye on Twitter. Sometimes, brands on these platforms announce that they’re searching for UGC creators.

In conclusion, remember that UGC creators succeed because of the authenticity and relatability of their content. Wish you the best in your UGC endeavors!

Inspiring UGC creators: The top 7 you should follow

1. Angela Wells (@UGCang)

Angela, also known as UGCang, is a UGC creator and TikTok specialist. Based in Los Angeles, she offers demos and stories for brands and provides UGC creator courses.


2. Ryan Santoyo (@oneoffryan)

Ryan is all about connecting creators and brands. He helps with content creation for DTC brands and offers a ‘Creator Academy’ course.


3. Mariane Moroz (@ugcmarimoroz)

Mariane is a versatile UGC creator, working in niches like pets, health, fitness, and more. She creates ASMR, unboxings, testimonials, and more in English and Portuguese.


4. Falak Burch (@ugc.falak) 

Falak is a UGC creator specializing in demonstrations, reviews, and TikTok tips. She’s also a small business owner, experienced in content creation.

5. Monica Lynne (@its.monicalynne) 

Monica is a digital creator and business mentor. She provides valuable insights on TikTok creator tips, monetization, and industry updates.

6. Madeleine Andrén (@madeleineandren

Madeleine is a model and UGC creator from Bali, known for her lifestyle and fashion content. She maintains contact through her simple website.

7. Michelle Henderson (@michelleeeejh)

Based in Los Angeles, Michelle is a UGC creator and coach with expertise in various niches like home, gadgets, beauty, fashion, wellness, food, and travel. She also runs an Amazon product review blog.


Can anyone be a UGC creator?

Yes, anyone with access to the internet and a platform for sharing content can become a UGC creator.

Do UGC creators make money?

UGC creators can make money through various monetization methods, such as ads, sponsorships, and merchandise sales.

Khadija Anwar

Meet Khadija Anwar, an accomplished tech writer with over 500 published write-ups to her name. Her impressive portfolio can be found on the ContentStudio blog, LinkedIn, and the Fiverr platform.

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