How to Make Short Form Video Content That Stands Out in 2024

by Hareem
10 minutes
how to make short form video content in 2023

Welcome to a world where brevity meets creativity! 

It’s 2024, and short-form video content has taken social media by storm. From snappy TikTok videos to Instagram Reels, everyone’s vying for their 15 seconds of fame. 

So how can you ensure your short-form videos stand out in this sea of visual creativity and stop scrolls in the tracks? 

This blog will guide you through the latest social media trends, techniques, and tricks to create impactful short video content. We’ll uncover storytelling secrets in 60 seconds or less, the power of editing and visual effects, and tips to make your videos go viral. 

So, grab your smartphone and let’s get started.

What is the short-form video content?

Short-form video content refers to brief, engaging videos that are typically less than one minute long. These bite-sized pieces of visual storytelling cater to today’s fast-paced, mobile-first audience with limited attention spans.

For example, TikTok, the social media platform that has revolutionised the short video content format with 15-second clips of dance challenges, lip-syncing, DIY projects, comedy skits, and more. 

Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts have also joined the party, offering a similar experience.

But the power of these bite-sized clips isn’t just for viral dances or cute pets. Brands are stepping into the spotlight too. 

Imagine a 30-second sneak peek into the world of Nike, showcasing their latest sneakers in action, filled with compelling visuals and narratives. These short videos are more than just marketing; they’re a whole new way to tell a brand’s story, connect with audiences, and even turn viewers into customers.

So, why are short-form videos so addictive? It’s simple. In just a few seconds, you can be transported to a world of comedy, inspiration, or even education. They cater to our shrinking attention spans. Plus, they’re incredibly shareable.

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Why use short-form video content?

From boosting brand voice to enhancing audience engagement, these 5 compelling reasons with real-life examples will show you why short-form videos are a must-have in your content strategy.

It is attention-grabbing and shareable

In today’s fast-paced world, grabbing and holding attention is crucial. Short-form videos are great for this. They’re concise, visually appealing, and designed to engage viewers in just a few seconds. 

Take, for instance, the viral TikTok videos such as dance challenges that have taken social media by storm. They’re short, catchy, and easy to replicate, making them highly shareable. The #RenegadeChallenge, started by a 14-year-old dancer named Jalaiah Harmon, became a global sensation, with millions of people joining in and sharing their versions. 

Brands can leverage this trend by creating similar challenges that align with their products or services, thus generating buzz and reaching a broader audience.

Increases engagement and authenticity

Short-form videos provide a unique opportunity to connect with your audience more personally. By showcasing behind-the-scenes footage, sharing quick tips, or even creating humorous skits, you can humanise your brand and build trust.

The beauty brand Glossier often uses Instagram Stories to share real-time makeup tutorials and customer testimonials. By showing the process in action and featuring authentic experiences, Glossier engages its audience and creates a sense of community, ultimately driving sales and brand loyalty.

It is versatile and cost-effective

Short-form videos are versatile, allowing you to experiment with different formats and styles. Whether it’s stop-motion animation, product demonstrations, or quick interviews, the possibilities are endless. 

Moreover, short-form videos can be created using smartphones and free video editing software, making them a cost-effective solution for businesses and content creators. 

BuzzFeed’s Tasty is one company that has mastered the art of versatile short-form videos. With their mouth-watering recipe videos, Tasty has garnered millions of followers across social media platforms, showcasing that you don’t need extravagant production budgets to create engaging content.

Increases social media reach

Designed to be consumed on the go, short-form videos are tailor-made for social media platforms, making them a perfect fit for mobile users. By leveraging platform-specific features like Instagram Reels, TikTok For You page, or Snapchat’s Discover section, you can tap into the vast user bases of these platforms and expand your reach.

It is memorable and reinforces the brand image

Short-form videos have the power to create lasting impressions. By infusing your brand’s personality, values, and messaging into these videos, you can reinforce your brand identity in the minds of your audience. 

Take Nike, for example. They launched a powerful short-form video campaign titled “Dream Crazy” featuring athlete Colin Kaepernick. The video ignited a global conversation about social issues and resonated with audiences, solidifying Nike’s stance and building brand loyalty.

What is the difference between long-form and short-form video content?

Long-form and short-form video content cater to different viewer behaviours, attention spans, and platforms and serve different purposes.

Short-form videos are typically concise, lasting no more than a few minutes or even just a handful of seconds. These videos are about quickly capturing attention and delivering content in bite-sized portions. 

On the other hand, long-form video content typically extends beyond 10 minutes and can last for several hours. These videos are ideal for a more extensive and in-depth exploration of a topic. 

To make things more straightforward, let’s lay it all out in a handy-dandy table:

  Short-form videos Long-form videos
Duration Concise, a few mins or less Lengthy, often 10+ mins
Content Quick and attention-grabbing In-depth exploration
Engagement Instant gratification Requires time and commitment
Topics  Best for quick tutorials, entertainment, or viral content Well-suited for complex subjects or storytelling
Platform Popular on social media platforms like TikTok or Instagram Reels Common on platforms like YouTube or streaming services

7 best platforms for short-form vide

Here are the seven best platforms for short-form videos to engage your audience in a visually compelling way.

1. TikTok

TikTok is a short-form video giant, leading the pack with 15 seconds to three minutes long videos. With its video editing tools, extensive music library, and massive community of users, TikTok provides a playground for creativity. 

Businesses can leverage this platform for user-generated content, influencer partnerships, and TikTok’s in-built promotional tools.

2. Instagram reels

Instagram Reels, a direct competitor to TikTok, allows users to create 15 to 90-second videos with various creative editing tools. Given Instagram’s existing user base, it is an ideal platform for brands already active there. 

Reels can be shared on the Instagram Feed, increasing visibility. It’s perfect for creating educational content, behind-the-scenes videos, or short product demos.

3. YouTube shorts

YouTube’s response to short-form video content is YouTube Shorts, 60-second videos designed for smartphone viewing. These vertical videos appear on the platform’s homepage and boast features like video editing tools, a music library, and monetisation options. For marketers with an established YouTube presence, Shorts is an excellent way to repurpose content.

4. Snapchat spotlight

Snapchat Spotlight showcases 60-second user-generated videos in a public feed. The platform offers financial incentives for highly-viewed content, creating a competitive space for high-quality videos. Marketers can use Spotlight to engage Snapchat’s young demographic and leverage the platform’s AR capabilities.

5. Facebook stories

Given its broad demographic reach, Facebook Stories is ideal for brands targeting an older audience. Marketers can create up to 120-second videos that disappear after 24 hours. Facebook also allows cross-posting from Instagram Stories, making it easy to maintain a consistent presence across platforms.

6. LinkedIn stories

For B2B marketers, LinkedIn posts & Stories offers a unique opportunity. With videos 3 to 30 seconds long, it’s an excellent way to share industry insights, company updates, or thought leadership content casually and personally.

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7. Pinterest video pins

Pinterest is renowned for its visually appealing content, making it a great platform for short-form videos. These Pinterest video pins, ranging from 4 seconds to 15 minutes in length, allow brands to showcase their products or services creatively. The platform is particularly popular among women and strongly influences purchasing decisions.

7 types of short-form videos to include in your video marketing strategy

We’ve got you covered if you want to incorporate short-form videos into your video marketing strategy! Here are seven types of short-form videos that are sure to grab attention and drive engagement.

1. Behind-the-scenes sneak peeks

Everyone loves a peek behind the curtain, and behind-the-scenes videos offer a unique opportunity to humanise your brand and build a connection with your audience. 

Showcasing the making of your products, a day in the life of your team, or even the creative process behind your content can be fascinating and engaging. 

2. Product demos

When selling a product or service, there’s nothing more persuasive than a demonstration. 

Short product demo videos allow you to showcase your offerings’ features, benefits, and value in an engaging and concise manner. Consider creating a video demonstrating how your product solves a problem or fulfils a need. 

For example, Dyson in the demo video of their new humidifier practically shows how it projects cleaned air over 10 metres, to purify even large spaces. 

3. Customer testimonials

For example, in the short testimonial video of Codecademy, a student shares how the web development course gave her the tools resources, and confidence to tackle her semester projects. 

4. Tips and tutorials

People love learning new things, and short tutorial videos can provide valuable knowledge while showcasing your expertise. 

Create quick how-to videos with tips, tricks, or step-by-step instructions for your industry or products. If you sell gadgets, you could create a short video demonstrating different creative ways to use your products.

5. Animated explainers

Animation is a fantastic tool for simplifying complex ideas and making them easily digestible. Animated explainer videos are engaging and can effectively convey your brand message or explain the intricacies of your product or service. 

Consider creating a short animated video that illustrates the core features and benefits of your offering in a visually captivating way.

6. User-generated content

Leveraging user-generated & authentic content is a smart strategy for building a sense of community around your brand. 

Encourage your audience to share their experiences, stories, or creative interpretations related to your brand, and compile the best submissions into a short video. 

This could be as simple as curating user-generated photos and videos that showcase how people use your product or enjoy your service.

Airbnb executes this well by compiling short videos and images of people having a great time at their rentals.

7. Emotional storytelling

Emotions are a powerful force in marketing, and short videos can evoke strong emotional responses in a concise format. Craft a compelling narrative that tugs at the heartstrings and resonates with your audience. 

For example, Dove created an emotional short video for their Self Esteem project showing the impact of toxic beauty trends on young people’s self-esteem and body confidence.


cw/tw: needles Over 50k Canadian teens got cosmetic injections last year ⚠️ 📣 We can’t ignore the impact of toxic beauty trends on young people’s self-esteem and body confidence. Our installation shows just how many teens feel pressured to change their appearance due to what they see on social media 🤳 We’ve been building self-esteem and body confidence in young people for almost 20 years through the DoveSelfEsteemProject, helping them appreciate their own, real beauty. To learn more and join our mission, head to the 🔗 in bio. #Dove #LetsChangeBeauty #SocialMedia #BeautyStandards

♬ original sound – Dove Beauty & Personal Care

7 ways to get more from your short-form video strategy

So, you’ve embraced the power of short-form videos and incorporated them into your social media marketing strategy. Congratulations! But why stop there? Let us explore some ways to get more from your short-form video strategy. 

  • Plan Your Content in Advance

One of the keys to a successful video marketing strategy is consistency. Planning your content in advance allows you to maintain a regular posting schedule and ensures that your videos align with your overall marketing goals. 

With ContentStudio’s scheduling feature, you can conveniently plan and schedule your short-form videos ahead of time, saving you time and effort. 

By mapping out your content calendar, you can stay organised and deliver consistent, engaging videos to your audience.

  • Identify your target audience

Knowing your target audience is crucial for creating videos that resonate with them. 

Take the time to understand your audience’s demographics, interests, and pain points. This knowledge will guide your content creation process and help you tailor your videos to their preferences. 

For example, if your target audience is millennials interested in fitness, you could create short workout videos or share wellness tips and inspiration.

  • Optimise for mobile viewing

Short-form videos are predominantly consumed on mobile devices, so it’s important to optimise your videos for mobile viewing. Keep your videos short, visually captivating, and easily understandable on smaller screens. 

Ensure your video dimensions and aspect ratios are mobile-friendly to provide a seamless viewing experience. Moreover, ContentStudio’s best time to post feature can help you identify the peak mobile usage times for your audience, allowing you to maximise reach and engagement.

  • Grab attention quickly

In today’s fast-paced digital world, capturing your viewers’ attention within the first few seconds is crucial. 

Start your videos with a bang by featuring an eye-catching visual, an intriguing question, or a compelling statement. Hook your audience from the beginning to encourage them to watch the entire video. 

  • Tell a story

Storytelling is a powerful tool for creating an emotional connection with your audience. Craft a narrative that engages and resonates with your viewers. 

Whether it’s sharing a customer success story, highlighting your brand’s journey, or portraying a relatable situation, storytelling adds depth and authenticity to your videos. 

Consider creating a series of short videos that follow a storyline, leaving your audience eagerly awaiting the next episode.


“Living authentically can take you down unexpected paths” Take inspiration from Burt 🐝 #burtsbeesuk #founderstory #originstory #burtsbees

♬ original sound – Burt’s Bees UK – Burt’s Bees UK

  • Add subtitles

Subtitles are essential for enhancing the accessibility and viewer experience of your short-form videos. Many people watch videos without sound, especially when scrolling through social media feeds. Adding subtitles ensures that your message gets across even when viewers have their sound turned off. 

Additionally, subtitles can make your videos more inclusive for individuals with hearing impairments. Social media management platforms like ContentStudio make it easy to add subtitles to your videos during the editing process.

  • Encourage engagement

Short-form videos are an excellent opportunity to engage with your audience and spark conversations. 

Encourage viewers to like, comment, and share your videos by posing questions, inviting opinions, or running contests. Respond to comments and engage in conversations to foster a sense of community. 

You can even incorporate user-generated content into your videos, showcasing the best submissions from your audience. This interaction builds brand loyalty and extends your video’s reach through social sharing.

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Wrapping up: build a long-term strategy with short-form videos

Congratulations! You’re now equipped with the knowledge and tools to make short-form video content that stands out in 2024. By following the tips and strategies we’ve discussed, you can create attention-grabbing & engaging videos that resonate with your audience and drive results.

Remember, short-form videos are not just a one-time tactic but a powerful element of a long-term marketing strategy. Consistency, planning, and optimisation are key to building a solid foundation for your video content. 

Leverage scheduling features like ContentStudio and identify the best times to post for maximum impact. Tailor your content to your target audience, tell compelling stories, and make your videos mobile-friendly.

So, grab your camera, unleash your creativity, and let your short-form videos make a lasting impression in 2024 and beyond!

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Why is short-form video the future?

Short-form videos are the future because they cater to our diminishing attention spans, are highly shareable, and are optimised for mobile viewing, which is on the rise.

How do I make a short-form video?

To make a short-form video, determine your goal, plan your content, keep it concise, use captivating visuals, tell a story, and optimise for mobile viewing.

What makes a good short-form video?

A good short-form video grabs attention quickly, delivers a clear message, engages emotions, tells a story, and has high production quality.

What platform is best for short-form videos?

The best platforms for short-form videos include TikTok, Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, and even platforms like Facebook and Twitter that support short video formats. Choose a platform based on your target audience and their preferences.


Hareem is a freelance writer for B2B and B2C SaaS platforms. She has a knack for turning technical jargon into engaging stories and has helped many companies convey their brand message with clarity and impact.

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