How to Fix Twitter Account Locked Issue?

by Khadija Anwar
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How to Fix Twitter Account Locked Issue

Locked out of your Twitter account and feeling like you’re missing out on global updates? Fear not, for we’ve got the ultimate guide to free you from locked Twitter! Whether you’re a seasoned Twitter user or just getting started, this help center guide will have you back tweeting, retweeting, and connecting with the world in no time. Let’s see how to fix the Twitter account locked issue!

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Difference Between Locked, Limited, Restricted, and Suspended Twitter Accounts

Twitter accounts can be subjected to different levels of access restrictions based on their behavior or violation of Twitter’s rules. Here’s a breakdown of the differences among all.

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Locked Account:

Locked Twitter accounts occur due to suspicious activity or compromised security. Account owners must complete a recovery process to regain access.

Limited Account:

Limited accounts result from violating Twitter’s rules; users can still browse but may face restrictions on posting, retweeting, or liking until the violation is resolved.

Restricted Account:

Rarely applied, restricted accounts have severe limitations due to potential violations, requiring verification or additional information from the user to restore functionality.

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Suspended Account:

The most severe penalty suspended accounts result from repeated rule violations or harmful behavior, rendering the account inaccessible until the user appeals for a review.

How to Fix Temporary Account Lock-Out?

If you make several unsuccessful login attempts on Twitter, you’ll be temporarily prevented from further sign-ins. During this lock period, access to your account will be denied even with the correct password. Thankfully, this lock lasts for approximately an hour and will automatically lift once the time elapses.

What to do if Twitter Doesn’t Unlock after 1 Hour?

You waited an hour, but the issue still persists? Try these tips to fix your locked account.

  1. Disable third-party applications such as Tweetdeck, Hootsuite, and widgets. Once disabled, attempt to sign in at to ensure successful access.
  2. Wait for an hour again, then check if you can sign in.
  3. If you encounter any password issues, request a new password on the login page. If you don’t receive the reset email and still face login troubles, refer to the login troubleshooting tips for further assistance.

Hopefully, the issue will be resolved. For further help, contact: Twitter Help Center

Why Does Twitter Lock Accounts?

Twitter locks accounts to maintain the platform’s security, integrity, and user safety. Some common reasons for locking accounts include:

Suspicious Activity: Twitter may lock an account if it detects unusual or suspicious login attempts, such as multiple failed login attempts or sign-ins from unfamiliar locations or devices.

Compromised Security: If there is evidence of unauthorized access or a potential breach, Twitter may lock the account to prevent further harm and protect the account owner’s data.

Violation of Rules: Accounts that violate Twitter’s rules, policies, or terms of service may be locked to prevent further rule-breaking actions.

Bot or Spam-like Behavior: Twitter takes action against accounts that engage in automated or spam-like behavior, as these actions can negatively impact user experience and platform performance.

Protecting Users from Harassment: If an account is reported for harassment or abusive behavior, Twitter may lock the account while they investigate the reported activity.

Age Verification: For accounts belonging to individuals under the age of 13, Twitter may lock the account until proper age verification is provided to comply with legal regulations.

Identity Verification: In some cases, Twitter may ask for additional information to verify the account owner’s identity to ensure the account is not being used fraudulently.

Twitter’s account-locking measures are in place to maintain a safe and positive environment for its users. You can always contact Twitter to regain access to your account.

Tips to Avoid Future Twitter Account Locks

To prevent future Twitter account locks, consider following these tips:

  1. Always use Strong Passwords
  2. Enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
  3. Be Cautious with Third-Party Apps
  4. Avoid Unusual Activity
  5. Beware of Phishing Attempts

By following these proactive measures and staying aware of potential security risks, you can significantly reduce the chances of your Twitter account getting locked in the future.


Why does Twitter keep saying my account is locked?

If you encounter a notification stating that your account has been locked for security reasons, it indicates that we have detected potentially suspicious activity and there are concerns that your account might have been compromised.

How long will my Twitter account be locked?

Your Twitter account will be locked for an Hour.

Does Twitter delete locked accounts?

No, Twitter doesn’t delete locked accounts.

How do I get my Twitter account back?

You can visit the Help Center, read the guidelines, and follow account recovery steps to regain your Twitter account.

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