How to Track Instagram Followers Growth?

by Khadija Anwar
2 minutes

Have you ever wondered how your Insta tribe is growing? Tracking your followers’ journey reveals your Instagram swagger and helps fine-tune your content game. Let’s find out how to track the growth of Instagram followers!

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Top 5 ways to track Instagram followers’ growth

Monitoring Instagram follower growth can help understand content effectiveness, engagement strategies, and overall presence on the platform.

1. Manual tracking: 

Record your follower count regularly (daily, weekly, or monthly). Write down the numbers in a spreadsheet or a notebook to visually track the growth over time.

2. Instagram insights: 

With a business account on Instagram, you gain access to insights. Click your profile picture, select the “Hamburger” icon at the top-right corner, and open the menu. Choose “Insights.” This section provides metrics such as follower growth trends, demographics, and additional analytics.

3. Third-party analytics tools: 

Many tools and apps are available for tracking Instagram analytics. Some popular ones include ContentStudio, Usermaven, etc. These tools offer detailed insights into follower growth, engagement rates, best posting times, and more. Here’s a snapshot of how ContentStudio gives you the performance summary. 

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4. Usermaven: 

If you have a website linked to your Instagram account and you’re driving traffic from Instagram to your site, you can use Usermaven to track user behavior. This won’t directly show follower growth but can give you insights into how Instagram users interact with your website.

5. Track engagement rates: 

While tracking follower count is essential, monitor your posts’ engagement rates (likes, comments, shares). Sometimes, despite a stagnant follower count, increased engagement indicates a growing and more engaged audience.

Remember, consistency in tracking and analyzing data is critical to understanding your follower growth trends.

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Is there a way to track Instagram followers?

You can track Instagram followers using insights, third-party tools, or manual monitoring!

Does Instagram pay for 1K?

Instagram doesn’t pay for followers, but having a significant following can attract sponsorship and monetization opportunities.

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