How to View Private Facebook Profile?

by Khadija Anwar
2 minutes

Hey there, Facebook Stalker! Do you want to catch a sneak peek at someone’s hidden posts, comments, and interactions, but sadly, their Facebook profile is private? Well, don’t worry!  You can smartly do it all without leaving a trace. P.S. Are you wondering how to make Facebook private?

Viewing a private account can be frustrating; all you can see is their profile picture and perhaps usernames. However, this help center guide will show you how to view your private Facebook profile in 3 smart ways.

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6 Ways to View Private Facebook Profile

Facebook, the popular social platform, offers a way to keep your profile private from prying eyes. However, if you’re curious about someone’s private profile, here are a few methods you could try – though they come with their own set of risks and limitations.

1. Send a Friend Request:

Only a user’s friends can view their private Facebook account by default. The easiest way to see more is to send a friend request. Once accepted, you’ll gain access to their About info, status updates, and more. However, there’s no guarantee they’ll accept, which might take a while.

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2. Social Engineering:

Some profiles allow friends of friends to view them. Add a mutual friend to unlock this option. Keep in mind finding mutual friends might be tricky.

3. Create a Fake Account:

Craft a fake Facebook account and send a friend request. This is risky, as the user might block you or report you for impersonation.

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4. Exploit Tagged Photos:

Search for tagged photos. You might have a way in if your target has been tagged in any. Search using their name and “Facebook” on Google to find public content.

5. Use a Data Broker (Caution Advised):

Hire a data broker to access private profiles. Be aware of legalities and potential admissibility issues in court.

6. Google Indexing:

Google indexes public Facebook content, so you might find information from public posts by searching the person’s name and “Facebook.”

Remember, attempting to access private profiles without permission could violate Facebook’s terms and even legal regulations. Always consider the ethical implications and potential consequences before using these methods.


Are third-party tools able to view Private Facebook pages?

Using third-party tools to view private Facebook profiles can have serious consequences. Third-party tools can unlock private accounts, yet not all deliver on their promises.

Why can I see some posts and not others?

If you’re not connected as friends with another user and notice that you can view certain posts and photos while missing others, it’s probable that they are adjusting the privacy settings for each individual post.

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