The Best Black Friday & Cyber Monday SaaS Deals of 2022

by Sadia
27 minutes
Black Friday 2022 - ContentStudio

The countdown to Black Friday has officially begun, and social media is already buzzing with activity.

Brands and stores are preparing their best deals in hopes of attracting shoppers during the biggest shopping day of the year.

Shoppers can take advantage of hundreds of dollars worth of savings on products by purchasing during the Cyber Monday sales event, which takes place every November 25th depending upon where you live!

Marketers love the event because it facilitates a potential customer sales journey, leading them towards conversion into loyal customers who might have been hesitant about making any purchase last minute before Christmas time arrives.

With the hustle-and-shoot to beat Black Friday sales, we have reached out to some SaaS owners for their most inclusive deals on top products.



1: ContentStudio


About the SaaS:

The struggle has been real!

Managing multiple social media accounts can be overwhelming and hard to keep up with.

But this Black Friday, ContentStudio is offering a deal you don’t want to miss – their ultimate package, which includes everything from strategy consulting all the way through post-production editing, will save your sanity in no time at all by helping transform boring old content into high-quality content tailored just right for YOUR audience.

With so much going on nowadays in our digital world of Facebook updates or Twitter storms, sometimes it feels impossible juggling a dozen things simultaneously without feeling wholly overwhelmed.


•Dashboard provides a summary of progress.
Social Media Scheduler content in bulk and RSS feature.
Content Curation machine learning and AI to curate topics.
• Social media Calendar is interactive and visual.
• Automated social analytics reporting with branded reports.
Social Inbox manages conversations from one place.
• Blog Post Composer creates SEO-optimized blogs with featured images.

Discount: 30% on annual plans

Deal’s validity: till 25 Nov

Offer page URL:


2: Replug


About the SaaS:

Replug is a great shortener for all your URL needs. It has everything you could ask for and more, like custom branding options that will make each link stand out!

You can use it to generate QR codes or social media bio-links so people who visit only find what they’re looking for in one place without navigating elsewhere on the web (and potentially missing an interesting article).

And with split testing capabilities comes fantastic opportunities: experiment by changing call to action buttons until you find the ones most effective at converting visitors into customers-the choice is yours when using this powerful tool.

Discount: 70% on annual only

Deal’s validity: till 25 Nov

Offer page URL:


3: UserMaven:

About the SaaS:

Usermaven is the perfect tool for anyone who wants to make data-driven decisions. With Usermaven, you can be sure that you are making the best decision for your business.

It is an open-source Google Analytics alternative that lets you track, analyze, and visualize your website’s traffic without compromising your visitors’ privacy

Discount: 30% recurring discount on monthly plans

Coupon code: BLACKFRIDAY2022

Offer page URL:


4: Pixpa


About the SaaS:

Pixpa is an all-in-one, no-code platform for creators and small businesses to create beautiful, professional websites with a built-in online store, blogs, and client galleries. It is a versatile platform that has everything you need to showcase your work, share ideas and sell your stuff online without any coding knowledge.

Discount: 50% discount on annual plans
Coupon code: BLFPIXPA50

Deal’s validity: Nov 24 – Dec 31

Offer page URL:


5: Breadnbeyond


About the SaaS:

Breadnbeyond is an award-winning explainer video company specializing in producing animated explainer videos.

We create engaging animated explainer videos that help you introduce your brand, product, or service to the world – all from scratch, with no template.

Discount: Up to 40% OFF for an ultimate explainer video!

Offer page URL:


6: Chanty


About the SaaS:

Chanty is an all-in-one team collaboration platform for remote and onsite business teams of all sizes. It offers an unlimited searchable messaging history, audio and video calling with screen sharing, task management with the Kanban board, voice messaging to communicate on the go.

Discount: 50% off the annual plan, 30% off the monthly plan *plus one month for free*

Offer page URL:


7: Internxt

About the SaaS:

Internxt is a fully encrypted, open-source cloud storage provider designed to put users first and protect clients’ data privacy and safety. All files uploaded to Internxt’s cloud are end-to-end encrypted and scattered across a distributed network. It’s users get access to Internxt Drive, Photos, and Send.

Discount: Get 60% off Internxt’s biggest 2TB plan for one year! 

Offer page URL:


8: Newoldstamp

About the SaaS:

Newoldstamp is the leading email signature management platform that enables businesses to create, customize, and deploy brand-consistent signatures across the entire company.

It turns emails into a powerful marketing tool. It also allows you to drive traffic to your website, generate leads, upsell products, and announce online and offline events by adding clickable links, beautiful banners with CTAs, and interactive buttons to your email signature.

Discount: 25% off on any plan (recurring discount for all next payments)

Coupon code: BF2022NOS

Deal’s validity: 25 November 2022–30 November 2022

Offer page URL:


9: MySignature


About the SaaS:

MySignature is an all-in-one email signature and email tracking platform.
It allows you to easily create professional email signatures and make your business emails stand out from the crowd.

With MySignature you can build brand recognition by turning yourself and your team into brand ambassadors. Embedding a unique email signature will help you advertise the products or services more efficiently.

Discount: 50% off for the first payment for all yearly plans

Coupon code: SigFriday2022

Deal’s validity: 25 November 2022–30 November 2022

Offer page URL:


10: SendPost

About the SaaS:

SendPost is an email delivery service. It provides developers, businesses, and ESPs with a solution to reliably deliver, measure, and optimize emails.

They have API SDKs in 14+ programming languages. You can use their API to send and validate emails, measure stats and manage domains/IPs.

You can get detailed deliverability stats to keep an eye on your deliverability and fix it before it dips down. Over 413+ million emails are sent via SendPost per month, and their average deliverability is 99.23%

Discount: Get credits to send a million emails for free. Signup to send 1 million emails (free!)

Offer page URL:


11: Nifty


About the SaaS:

Nifty is the holiday purchase that will benefit you and your team year-round!

Feature-rich project management with a wide array of collaboration tools such as chat, video messaging, integrated Google Docs, and more, Nifty is as easy to use as it is powerful.

It is flexible and scalable, making managing large projects or simple tasks easy for the entire team. Cross-project tools such as Overview, Workloads, and All Tasks provide big-picture insights by summarizing project phases into progress bars while providing actionability around daily to-do’s.

Members of your Workspace can rely on their My Work screen to get them started quickly and efficiently every day.

Discount:  30% discount through the Black Friday / Cyber Monday weekend

Offer page URL:


12: Sitechecker


SitechecherAbout the SaaS:

Sitechecker is a platform for fast & complete technical audits. It’s an all-in-one SEO platform with detailed how-to guides, immediate alerts, easy-to-interpret reports, and a user-friendly design.

Some of the most used features are Site Audit, Rank Tracker, Site Monitoring, and Backlink Tracker. The platform is trusted by over 1000 teams in different industries worldwide.

Discount: 20% off discount for the first purchase of any subscription (monthly or annual)

Coupon code:blackfriday2022

Deal’s validity: till 31st of December

Offer page URL:


13: LiveAgent


About the SaaS:

LiveAgent is a fully-featured Help Desk and live-chat software that helps you bring personalization to your customer interactions with an all-in-one help desk solution.

It presents an omnichannel universal inbox, real-time live chat, a built-in call center, and a customer service portal. With over 180 help desk features and over 195 integrations, it is the perfect solution for businesses of all sizes and industries.

Discount: 75% OFF any plan for three months

Coupon code: BLACKFRIDAY75

Deal’s validity: till 31st of December

Offer page URL:


14: Post Affiliate Pro

Post Affiliate ProAbout the SaaS:

Post Affiliate Pro is the leading affiliate software trusted by more than 27,000 companies worldwide.

It lets you create and manage your own affiliate program from top to bottom, with personalized commission structures and settings.

Independent review sites have recognized it as a top affiliate management software provider.

Discount: 75% OFF any plan for three months

Coupon code: BLACKFRIDAY7

Deal’s validity: till 31st of December

Offer page URL:


15: Narrato

NarratoAbout the SaaS:

Narrato Workspace is an end-to-end content workflow management platform that helps you manage your entire content process and team in one place. (

Narrato Marketplace is a content marketplace that hosts thousands of quality vetted freelance writers (

1) Narrato WorkSpace:
Get flat 30% off Lifetime on any plan
2) Narrato Marketplace:
Get flat 20% off on your Narrato Marketplace orders, with no minimum order amount!

Coupon code: Narrato WorkSpace (BFCM22), Narrato Marketplace. (BFCMOCT22)

Deal’s validity: till 5th December 2022


16: Omnisend

About the SaaS:

Omnisend is an email and SMS marketing platform tailored for eCommerce businesses. Lauded for ease of use and a clean interface.
It lets you quickly set up and launch automated workflows incorporating several channels simultaneously.
Discount: 30% off for 3 months

Coupon code:  BFCM2022

Offer page URL:


17: Encharge

EnchargeAbout the SaaS:

Encharge is a marketing automation software for digital businesses.
It allows you to send emails based on what people do on your website and in your product and automate your marketing process across the user journey.
Discount: 30% off for 6 months for Premium plans (only for new customers)

Coupon code: BF2022MA *when purchasing a subscription in the app*

Offer page URL:


18: EngageBay

EngageBayAbout the SaaS:

An integrated all-in-one marketing, sales, and support platform with a free CRM built for startups and growing companies. Streamline and grow your marketing, sales & support processes using a single software. Get a unified customer view across all the teams.

Market your business like the world’s best companies, build lasting customer relationships, sell like the pros, and provide awesome support to your customers.

Discount:  40% off lifetime across all plans for new signups

Offer page URL:


19: NetHunt CRM

NetHunt CRMAbout the SaaS:

NetHunt CRM is a sales automation tool for sales and marketing teams. It’s natively integrated with Gmail and LinkedIn.
Organize customer base, build pipeline to see blocked deals, automate, and create forecasts you can trust.
Discount: 20% off any plan for 12 months for new users.

Coupon code: NH_BF_2022 when upgrading to a paid plan

Deal’s validity: November 25th to December 12th

Offer page URL:


20: Document360


About the SaaS:

Document360 is SaaS knowledge base software that helps you create an internal knowledge base for your employees and a self-service knowledge base for your customers (publicly or privately available publicly or privately) with powerful AI-based search.

It comes with a Rich Editor (Markdown & WYSIWYG editor), Category Manager, Version control, Private Hosting, SSO, Back Up & restore, etc.

Easy-to-configure capabilities allow you to create User guides, Internal Wikis, FAQs, Standard Operating Procedures, User manuals, and so forth It offers a variety of integrations such as Intercom, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Freshdesk, Zendesk, Zapier, and many more.

Discount: Get an additional 20% off this Black Friday & save up to 40%

Coupon code: BLACKFRIDAY2022

Deal’s validity: 7th November 2022 to 4th December 2022

Offer page URL:


21: Apploye


About the SaaS:

Apploye is a simple time-tracking and employee-monitoring software that can help you make your team productive.

The ideal solution for any company with a remote team. It has features like time tracking, screenshots, app and URL tracking, activity levels, payroll, invoicing, reports, projects, & budgets, and many more.

Discount:  15% discount on all plans

22: Klenty

About the SaaS:

Klenty has been designed to help you generate more leads and meetings by automating your sales follow-up process at scale.

You can send personalized emails and automate calls on behalf of prospects who haven’t responded within a specific period; track their responses automatically with this tool which will make it easier!

Discount: Get 25% Off on all annual plans

Coupon code: BLACKFRIDAY2022

Deal’s validity:  till 30 Nov

Offer page URL:


23: SmartReach

About the SaaS:

With SmartReach, your sales teams can now easily and quickly set up email campaigns to reach potential customers.

Whether you’re looking for a new client or want an update on that old one – they have all the tools available at their fingertips!

Discount:  20% off on all annual plans for the first year

Coupon code: SMARTREACH20BF2022

Deal’s validity: till 3rd Dec 2022

Offer page URL:


24: EasySendy

About the SaaS:

EasySendy is a platform that helps you grow your sales team with automation, so they can focus on what matters most – connecting leads.
It’s an all-inclusive email outreach tool designed for any size business and sells itself as “the last thing” anyone needs to worry about when it comes time to send out cold emails or blast existing customers with the material again!

With features like syncing data from CRM into the system (saving work hours), and creating custom messages based on customer actions logged.

Discount: Get flat 50% off for the whole year on all annual plans

Coupon code: BLACKFRIDAY2022

Offer page URL:


25: CallPage

About the SaaS:

CallPage is a tool that allows you to quickly and easily order instant phone contact for your leads. According the data provided by them, they have seen an average 35% increase in lead generation from their installed widget on websites – so if this sounds like something up your alley.

Discount: 45% off on all annual subscriptions

Coupon code: BLACKFRIDAY2022

Deal’s validity: November 22 to November 25

Offer page URL:


26: NapoleonCat

About the SaaS:

NapoleonCat is the ultimate social media management tool to engage and support your customers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google My Business YouTube. With an easy-to-use interface for managing posts across multiple platforms in one place – napoleon cat takes care of everything you need to manage your online reputation while giving businesses more time than ever before!

Discount:  50% off an annual subscription

Deal’s validity: November 25 – November 28, 2022

Offer page URL:


27: Woorise

About the SaaS:

Woorise is an all-in-one lead generation and marketing platform that allows you to create a wide range of interactive campaigns, such as landing page forms, surveys, or quizzes for your website. You can also use it to create viral giveaways & contests, which will engage more people with their content!

Discount: Flat 50% off on all plans

Coupon code: BLACKFRIDAY

Deal’s validity: November 25 to December 2, 2022

Offer page URL:


28: Mailmodo


About the SaaS:

Mailmodo is the ultimate solution for all your email marketing needs. Send interactive AMP emails without coding with just a few clicks of your mouse, and manage campaigns from one place securely online or on mobile devices using GPS coordinates as well!

The best part about Mailmdo?

You can access everything through our user-friendly interface, so there’s no need to worry if you’re not tech-savvy because we’ve got this covered.

Discount: Flat 50% off on all annual plans

Offer page URL:


29: Chisel

ChiselAbout the SaaS:

Chisel is a product management tool that offers features and integrations to help teams complete tasks efficiently. It’s affordable, easy-to-use software for any size business with many needs – from start up companies all the way through established brands!

Discount: Get 20% off on the premium plan 

Coupon code: RoadmapHeroes

Deal’s validity: 3 Months

Offer page URL:


30: InstaCopy

About the SaaS:

InstaCopy is an AI-based content creator that can generate marketing copy, ad-copy and Quora answers. The algorithm behind the AI creates engaging content in an automated fashion with many styles to choose from – including headlines for blogs or articles on any subject matter you want!

Discount:  50% off on all yearly plans

Offer page URL:

31: accessiBe


About the SaaS:

accessiBe provides a variety of AI-Powered solutions for testing and remediating for web accessibility.

accessiBe’s full suite of web accessibility solutions enable businesses of all sizes, from solopreneur to large corporations, to participate in global inclusion efforts and make their websites available to all users, including those with disabilities.

A market leader, accessiBe is relied on by businesses that strive to comply with web accessibility standards and regulations (i.e. WCAG and ADA).

Discount: 30% off all new deals!
Note: New domain activations for new users New domain activations for existing users All services

Deal’s validity:1st year only *Renewals for existing licenses are not eligible for the discount

Offer page URL:


32: Quidlo Timesheets
Quidlo Timesheets

About the SaaS:

If you’re looking for a simple and effective way to manage your projects, Quidlo Timesheets is the perfect solution.

It is an online timesheet software that makes tracking or logging tasks easy, so you can always stay on top of your work. Plus, a user-friendly interface makes it easy for employees to use, so you can keep everyone on track.

With Quidlo Timesheets, you’ll have all the tools you need to manage your projects efficiently and effectively.

Discount: 40% discount on an annual subscription

Coupon code: BLACKFRIDAY

Deal’s validity: Till the end of November
The code is set for the first purchase and is for one-time use only. If you buy an annual subscription, it applies to the whole year, but if you buy a monthly subscription, it will only be valid for the first month.

Offer page URL:


33: Groupboss


About the SaaS: 
Groupboss is a Facebook Group automation software, useful for collecting the answers of the requesters wanting to join your Facebook Group. It is a lead generation platform which empowers the Facebook group owners to focus on the core business issues rather than wasting time in manual copy-pasting.

Discount: 25% discount on all the pricing plans

Coupon code: MONDAY25

Offer page URL:


34: Receiptmakerly


About the SaaS:
Receiptmakerly is a professional receipt generator application with more than 50 templates to choose from. Anyone may create receipts for their businesses using this service. Once the receipts have been prepared, they may be readily downloaded in pdf or jpeg format and emailed to customers.

Discount:  25% discount on all price options

Coupon code: MONDAY25%

Offer page URL:


35: Consolto

About the SaaS:
Consolto is the best conferencing platform for customer meetings. Live Chat, Appointment scheduling and video chat in one cohesive solution, specifically designed for customer interactions. Think Zoom+Calendly+Intercom in one tool.
Discount: 50% off yearly subscriptions for the 1st year

Deal’s validity: November 25th to December 2nd, 2022

36: Plerdy

plerdyAbout the SaaS:
Plerdy is an all-in-one multifunctional CRO, SEO & UX tool that helps to understand the customer experience and convert more site visitors into buying clients. These tools help you identify bottlenecks and improve your conversion.
Discount: 40% OFF on annual plans

Coupon code: plerdyBF2022

Deal’s validity: Nov 24 – Dec 1, 2022

Offer page URL:


37: Mailtrap

About the SaaS:
Mailtrap Email Delivery Platform is an end-to-end sending and testing solution built for developers. Our API allows you to deliver emails from any application and monitor deliverability while storing 60 days of email logs for better troubleshooting.

Discount: 70% off email API for all pricing plans

Coupon code: sign Up with Code BFCM22

Deal’s validity: 6 months (valid for 2 weeks(Nov 25th – Dec 9th)

Offer page URL:


38: SocialBee

socialbeeAbout the SaaS:
SocialBee is a social media management tool that allows users to create, schedule, and post content to every major social platform from one place. Say goodbye to manual posting and time-consuming tasks—it’s time to centralize all your tasks within one platform and maintain a consistent posting schedule with utmost ease.

Coupon code: SOCIALBEEBF22 at checkout

Deal’s validity: November 21 and November 28

Offer page URL:


39: Brand24

About the SaaS:
Brand24 is one of the most effective social listening solutions. The tool allows you to reach discussions about your brand, product, or competitors. Using Brand24 will help your company strengthen its positive image and boost sales.

Discount: 50% off for any plan for 3 months (How to avail: The price will be automatically reduced on the pricing pages)

Deal’s validity: November 25

Offer page URL:


40: Callhippo: 


About the Saas:
CallHippo is one of the leading Virtual phone number providers in the market, trusted by 5000 brands globally. They offer products like Business Phone Systems, Speech Analytics, Call Tracking, and Voice Broadcasting. Numbers can be purchased in 4 simple steps and take only 3 minutes. CallHippo supports more than 85 integrations that include Slack, Zendesk, Outreach, Hubspot, Shopify, and many more.

Discount: 20% off on all yearly plans of the Call Center.

Coupon code: BLACKFRIDAY22

Deal’s validity: 1st November to 30th November 2022

Offer page URL:


41: Mockplus


About the Saas:
Mockplus is a web-based platform for design teams to prototype, design, collaborate, and handoff. All in one place. It connects everyone on your team to ship better digital products.

Discount: Up to 60% off on all plans

Offer page URL:


42: Whatagraph


About the Saas:
Whatagraph is a marketing reporting tool that lets marketers and agencies create beautiful and functional marketing reports. With 40+ data sources and 100+ marketing report templates, you’re minutes away from your next marketing report.

Discount: 20% off on all annual plans

Deal’s validity:  November 2022 to 30 November 2022

Offer page URL:


43: SE Ranking
SE Ranking
About the Saas:
SE Ranking is an award-winning all-in-one SEO solution that exceeds user expectations. With a complete set of SEO tools, professionals can automate all of their routine tasks—from competitive research and backlink analysis to website audit and SEO reporting. On top of that, new assets are being added to the platform every year.

Three AI-powered tools were released in 2022 alone: On-Page SEO Checker, SERP Analyzer, and Content Marketing platform.

SE Ranking’s flexible pricing plans make it the go-to solution for up-and-coming startups and established digital SEO agencies alike.

The starter pack is rather generous, plus larger companies can get extra user seats and access to advanced features like White Label or API at a moderate price.

Discount: Get an annual subscription at a 20% discount

Deal’s validity: November 21 through December 5

Offer page URL:


44: Boot Camp Digital

Boot Camp DigitalAbout the Saas:
Online training in the most in-demand skills with real-world examples and over 30+ Master Courses. From beginner to advanced topics, these courses are created in bite-sized videos to maximize your time.

Discount: 50% OFF all Online Courses and Certificates

Deal’s validity: 11/23/22 to 11/28/22

Offer page URL:


45: ACE Meetings

ACE MeetingsAbout the Saas:
With ACE Meetings, you can easily book calls and manage your daily schedule. Set up the meeting details, share your link, and book the call!

Discount: Lifetime Growth deal for only $49!

Deal’s validity: 21-28 November

Offer page URL:


46: AmaLinks Pro

AmaLinks Pro

About the Saas:
The Best Damn Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin That Won’t Get You Banned by Amazon.

Quickly and easily add beautiful product displays and Amazon affiliate links to any page. Monetize your WordPress content with the best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin, AmaLinks Pro®. Because WordPress publishers deserve a simpler and more efficient way to connect to the world’s most powerful affiliate program – Amazon Associates.

Discount: 25-45% discount

Deal’s validity:


47: Crocoblock

CrocCrocoblockoblockAbout the Saas:
Crocoblock is a website-building toolkit for WordPress users: from dynamic features to design options.

Discount: Up to 40% off on a Crocoblock subscription

Coupon code: BFCROCO22

Deal’s validity: 22nd-30th of November

Offer page URL:


48: MailerLite

MailerLiteAbout the Saas:
Grow your business with MailerLite’s fast and scalable email marketing platform.

Create professional newsletters, landing pages and websites using our drag & drop builders or by customizing pre-designed templates. And manage campaigns on-the-go in the iOS app.

Attract subscribers and nurture relationships with advanced features like pop-ups, multi-trigger automations, embedded surveys, Facebook custom audiences and auto resend campaigns. Measure performance with detailed reporting inside your dashboard.

Connect workflows using Zapier, sell digital products and newsletter subscriptions with Stripe, sync data with WooCommerce and Shopify, and so much more.

Discount: 3 months off MailerLite when they upgrade or sign up for the Advanced annual plan during the Cyber Week Sale. That’s 25% off.

Deal’s validity: 2022/11/21 – 2022/12/06

Offer page URL:


49: OSI Affiliate Software

OSI AffiliateAbout the Saas:
OSI Affiliate Software is a comprehensive and easy-to-use solution that helps you to recruit and empower affiliates and influencers to promote your brand.

With OSI Affiliate Software, you can create an Affiliate Center that is customized to fit your brand, set up commission plans, track conversions, and more. 

Discount: 20% off 

Offer page URL:


50: Simvoly


About the SaaS:

Simvoly is an all-in-one platform to build your website, funnel and e-commerce store to grow your business online. If you are building websites for customers, Simvoly is the only 100% white label platform that you can also provide as your own “Do-it-Yourself” solution for your customers.

Discount: Simvoly – 30% for the first 12 months; Simvoly White Label – 20% off first any first year with discount 

Deal’s validity: 24th -29th of November

Coupon code: BF2022 

Offer page URL:


51: Weblium


About the SaaS:

Weblium is a universal site designer, which allows any user to create a stylish modern adaptive site with their own hands, without the help of programmers and designers. To create a site on Weblium you do not need anything but your imagination — everything else we have prepared for you.

In the library of 300+ templates made by professional designers, you will find exactly the one that fits your site. And if that’s not enough, you can create exactly what you need from separate blocks.

Discount: get 30% off on the annual Pro plan

Deal’s validity: from 21st Nov to 30th Nov.

Offer page URL:


52: AdSpyder


About the SaaS:

AdSpyder is a SAAS-based ad intelligence tool that provides analytical insights into your rival’s digital advertising strategy.

It lets you monitor advertisements across multiple platforms at the moment: Google Search, Google Ecommerce, Facebook, and display ads from Yahoo!, GDN, and other popular networks. 


  • Spy on your Competitor Ads, Paid Keywords, Winning Products
  • Use the Adspyder tool to spy on your competitor’s ads. Also, find the winning products and paid keywords. We support Google, Facebook ads spy.

Discount: Get up to 90% OFF on all annual plans  

Deal’s validity: 31st December,2022.

Offer page URL: 


53: ThemeSelection


About the SaaS:

ThemeSelection offers premium quality, developer-friendly & easy-to-use Admin Template & UI Kits for web developers & web designers. Using these professionally developed Admin templates you can develop responsive web apps.  

Discount: 30% OFF on this Black Friday & Cyber Monday. 

Deal’s validity: Nov 9 – Nov 30, 2022

Coupon code: CW30OFF

Offer page URL:


54: Crawlbase


About the SaaS:

Crawlbase is the leading data crawling and scraping platform for businesses.
You can scrape millions of websites at once in a matter of minutes. With its proxy solution, you can bypass any restrictions, such as captchas and blocks, and scale as needed. Its cloud storage lets you store your data in the cloud temporarily or permanently so you can focus on what matters.

Discount: 5% on all products

Deal’s validity: 31st December 2022

Launches on: 24 November

Coupon code: CB2022

Offer page URL:



About the SaaS:

Zipy is a debugging platform with user session replay, frontend and network monitoring in one. Install in a min, Replay error sessions in real time, Access Dev tools, Stack Trace, Console & Network Logs, and more.

With Zipy, you can stop guessing what your customers did and connect the dots between what they did, when they did it, and where the problem occurred in the code.

Discount: 10% off (up to $350) on all our Annual plans.

Coupon code: ZP10BFRDAY (valid till 30th Nov 2022) and ZP10CYBRM (valid till 5th Dec 2022)

Offer page URL:


56: Writecream


About the SaaS:

Writecream is an A.I-powered text, voice, and image generation software. it can generate any piece of text, ranging from essays, articles, stories, novels, scripts, ad copies, product descriptions, social media posts, and more. 

In addition, Writecream has AI-based, neural voices that sound like human. These can be used to generate podcasts and voiceovers for YouTube videos. Recently, Writecream added a oneclick, image-generation feature that uses DALLE-2. Use these images for social media, NFT, blogs, and more. 

Discount: Get 20% off on unlimited plan

Coupon code: WRITE20 at checkout

Offer page URL:


57: Clearout


About the SaaS:

Clearout Email Verification and Email Finder tool expands your reach, lowers hard bounces, and improves deliverability rates. 

It has been created to improve sales and marketing efforts by simplifying the way to discover and reach the ideal prospects via emails.

Discount: up to 50 % off on our deals 

Offer page URL:


58: UpViral


About the SaaS:

UpViral is the Ultimate Viral Referral Platform to help grow your business and enterprises of any size. 

You can grow your email list, expand your social media reach, boost your audience engagement, launch products with a bang, and generate buzz for your promo, and more.

Discount: 90% discount on our software subscription

Note: ​​customers who purchase our Black Friday deal will be the first ones to get their hands on our soon to be released ‘Viral Marketing Recipes’ book.

Offer page URL:


59: Serpstat


About the SaaS:

Serpstat is a go-to platform for digital specialists, which has more than 50 tools for competitor analysis, keyword research, backlink analysis, audit, keyword clustering, daily rank tracking, as well as AI tools for content generation.

Improve your search engine rankings and work with your projects from one platform. 

Discount: Get 30% OFF on the 12-month subscription for all pricing plans

Deal’s validity: until December 20th, 2022!

Offer page URL:


60: Airbrush AI

Airbrush AI

About the SaaS:

Airbrush is an easy-to-use tool that can turn your thoughts to images in seconds. Just enter what’s going in your mind and hit Generate! 

Besides converting text to art, Airbrush can also convert images to text – describing the image content in great detail. You can also upscale images, create cover images for blog articles and presentations, and do so much more!

Discount: Get 500 credits per month for life and access to all features in our Premium plan

Coupon code: WRITE20 at checkout

Offer page URL:


61: Xobin Inc

Xobin Inc

About the SaaS:

Xobin is one of the top-tier skill assessment platforms that help in screening candidates, coupled with XoForms helps in hiring the best candidates for your organization. 

Xobin’s platform has a dedicated question library for all job roles, where the questions are revamped periodically to ensure quality. Just choose from the list of questions, give out the test and find the right candidate that helps in efficient technical hiring.

Discount: Up to 40% off Only on Standard and Essential plan

Validity: 2nd November 2022 to 26th November 2022

Offer page URL:

62: nTask


About the SaaS:

nTask is an all-in-one task and project management tool that help individuals and teams to get work done with productivity.

The app is loaded with all the features to help users to manage, organize, collaborate and deadlines for their projects. nTask gives features such as Gantt charts, task management, to-do list, project management, meeting management, issue tracking, and risk management.

Discount: 40% off on all annual plans.

Offer page URL:


63: Flycart | Discount Rules for WooCommerce 

Flycart | Discount Rules for WooCommerce

About the SaaS:

Discount Rules for WooCommerce is a dynamic pricing and discounts plugin that helps you create many advanced discounts.

You can offer simple – percentage discounts, Storewide discounts, Product based discounts to complex – bulk discounts, tiered discounts, bundle discounts, buy-one-get-one offers, buy x-get-y deals, User specific discounts, Cart conditions based discounts, category discounts, and more.

It is one of the most popular and well-performing discount sale plugins for WooCommerce, with over 90000+ active installs. Packed with all the necessary features to help you create the best shopping experience for customers & increase sales.

Discount: 30% OFF

Deal Duration: 1st Nov to 5th Dec 2022
Coupon code: BFCM30 [Auto applied]

Offer page URL:


64: Flycart | Checkout Upsell and Order Bump for WooCommerce

 Flycart | Checkout Upsell and Order Bump for WooCommerce

About the SaaS:

Checkout Upsell and Order Bump for WooCommerce displays smart upsell recommendations at the checkout in a single click.

It creates a personalized shopping experience with powerful features like customizable readymade templates, targeting rules and conditions, flexible display locations, personalized upsell offers, scheduled campaigns, setting limits, upsell campaign priority, tracking reports & analytics, and more. 

Create unlimited order bumps based on product, category, cart subtotal, and cart item-based conditions.

Discount: 30% OFF

Deal Duration: 1st Nov to 5th Dec 2022

Coupon code: BFCM30 [Auto applied]

Offer page URL:


65: Flycart | Email Customizer Plus for WooCommerce

Flycart | Email Customizer Plus for WooCommerce

About the SaaS:

Leverage email marketing to build a better brand value.  Email customizer Plus for WooCommerce allows you to customize your emails easily with an intuitive drag and drop editor.

The plugin helps you create professional, well-designed transactional emails by adding a logo, images, text, buttons, social icons, a list of shortcodes, and more.

Besides customizing your emails, this plugin has features like readymade email templates, WooCommerce subscription and booking emails, live preview, WPML support, and more. 

Send personalized emails that resonate with your customers.

Discount: 30% OFF

Deal Duration: 1st Nov to 5th Dec 2022
Coupon code: BFCM30 [Auto applied]

Offer page URL:


66: Cloudways Managed hosting

Cloudways Managed hosting

About the SaaS:

Cloudways offers managed hosting on a robust cloud platform backed by DigitalOcean, Google Cloud, AWS, Vultr & Linode. It has one click installation to make the site live and 24/7/365 live human support.

Discount: 40% off for 4 months straight and 30 free migrations

Notes: There is a site wide discount on cloud hosting from Vultr, DigitalOcean, AWS, Google Cloud and Linode

Deal’s validity: 1st December, 2022!

Offer page URL:


67: Hexomatic


About the SaaS:

Hexomatic is a no-code, work automation platform that enables users to utilize the internet as their own data source, leverage ready-made automations to scale time-consuming tasks. Scrape any website, find targeted leads, and enrich data in minutes.

Discount: Save up to 75% OFF our entire suite of products

Offer page URL:


68: UserGuiding


About the SaaS:

UserGuiding is an all-in-one product adoption platform that helps websites and web products improve their user onboarding and digital adoption.

Discount: 50% off on all plans 

Coupon code: BLACKFRIDAY22

Offer page URL:


69: Sealit


About the SaaS:

Sealit is a game-changing data protection framework based on zero-trust principles, biometric identity, and active monitoring, that lifts cybersecurity to another level by providing effortless email & file encryption directly from Outlook, Gmail and file systems! 

Sealit keeps sensitive information, and confidential communication safe forever and accessed only by the intended individuals!

Discount: 30% off Sealit Professional Plan for a year, including Secure Spaces – the 1st cloud Zero-Trust data room + Sealit ‘’No Trust’’ T-shirt for first 20 users

Offer page URL:


70: Yepic 


About the SaaS:

Yepic Studio is a text-to-video platform with industry-leading lip-sync. No more cameras, filming, or editing! Simply paste in a script, choose an AI avatar, choose from one of 480+ voices and 65+ languages, then click generate! A video will appear in minutes. 

Discount: 50% OFF discount on all annual plans (includes personal Talking Photo on Plus/Premium plans) 

Deal Duration: 22nd November – 25th December 2022 

Coupon code:  BlackFriday22

Offer page URL:


71: Beagle Security

Beagle Security

About the SaaS:
Beagle Security is an automated penetration testing solution (DAST) that helps you identify vulnerabilities in your web applications, APIs & GraphQL endpoints and remediate them with actionable insights before hackers harm you in any manner. 

Beagle Security allows you to transform your application security process by building automated workflows with your CI/CD tools, bug-tracking tools, and communication apps.

Discount: 40% off all annual plans 

Deal Duration: till December 5th, 2022 

Offer page URL:


72: HostWP


About the SaaS:
A fast, secure, and reliable hosting for WordPress websites comprises of LiteSpeed Enterprise, NVMe (faster SSD), and an easy-to-use panel to manage multiple WordPress sites at once.

Discount: $1 first month – Get the “Starter” plan for $1

Deal Duration: Nov 21- Dec 04, 2022

Coupon code: BFCM2022

Offer page URL:


73: Booknetic


About the SaaS:

Booknetic appointment booking plugin that helps small business to automate the scheduling process.

Discount: 50% OFF for the lifetime.

Validity: 11/22/2022 to 12/05/2022

Offer page URL:


74: FS Poster

FS Poster

About the SaaS:

Social media scheduler tool that enables users to post automatically to 18 social networks from the WordPress dashboard.

Discount: 30% OFF for the lifetime

Validity: 11/22/2022 to 12/05/2022

Offer page URL:


75: Retable


About the SaaS:

Retable is an innovative relational database management solution to help you to organize your workflows, projects, teams and business operations. With a user-friendly spreadsheet-like UI, Retable offers you real-time collaboration and easy-to-use rich features to manage your projects and business workflows.

Discount: 50% off for all plans.

Validity: 1Until 31 December

Coupon code:  BF2022

Offer page URL:


76: Reply


About the SaaS:

Reply is your all-in-one sales engagement platform to create new opportunities at scale while keeping every touchpoint personal.  

It automates outreach across multiple channels and comes with an email finder, deliverability suite, AI assistant, CRM integrations, and analytics – everything you need to grow a small business into a big brand!   

Discount: Get 75% off the first 4 months on any Reply plan. 

Validity: 1Until 31 December

Coupon code:  HOLIDAYOFFER2022 promo code at checkout

Offer page URL:


Wrapping Up

Black Friday is one of the most awaited shopping events where you can save tons of money. Brands, companies, and SaaS put irresistible deals altogether at the end of the year.

These deals are helpful for potential clients and serve as a sales booster for the companies.

That’s all for now. I intend to take full advantage of the magnificent deals during the holiday season this year. If you know of any fascinating SaaS deal we missed, let us know in the comment section below.


Sadia Umer works on putting together high-quality content for ContentStudio customers to read. When she isn't writing, she can be found reading and trying random life experiments.

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