The Top Email Marketing Influencers to follow in 2019 – The Ultimate List

by Fatima Rasheed
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70 Email Marketing Influencers to follow in 2019- ContentStudio

Email Marketing has conveniently enabled communication with large masses and has been proven to be the cheapest way possible. Up to 48% of the world’s population is connected with email, that’s about 3.7 billion people!

The fact that email messages are permanent and can contain electronic files such as text documents, photos, etc. while still being accessible at any time and place, makes it the most convenient tool for marketers.

 Top email marketing agencies tend to take advantage of the fact that they can easily personalize and target a specific audience depending on their needs, they can also segregate their contacts depending on the requirements of the client and be able to market the same product differently in order to resolve their unique problem.

With the extensive number of surveys being carried on, marketers know exactly when and how to “hit” their client with the right marketing campaign and avoid the chances of a “miss”. This information being publicly available helps marketers know when they would be able to generate a lead and now that we are able to automate our emails.

Email marketers are able to step up their game as now they can add the campaigns in a queue which would be executed timely reducing the effort they spent on executing the campaign.

Email marketing has changed the entire process of delivering an intimate, short, and quick message to the target customer and creates ways to find a tool that matches perfectly with your business needs with email marketing services.

Email marketers can easily track their engagements and monitor new leads, with the added benefit of it being the cheapest form of marketing it has the highest ROI (return on investment). According to Campaign Monitor, every $1 spent on the email market generates about $40 of ROI, this makes it convenient for even small businesses to be able to market their product.

EmailROI- ContentStudio

In order to attain efficiency in your email marketing campaigns, you need Email Marketer/Mentors that have built their experiences by adopting the best email marketing practices. Here is a list of 71 Email Marketer that you need to follow in the upcoming year.

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Chad S. White

Chad White- Email Marketing Influencer

Chad is currently a Research Director at Litmus and has served as a lead email marketing researcher at three of the largest email service providers Responsys, ExactTarget, and Salesforce.

Chad is the author of “Email Marketing Rules” and has also been quoted in numerous books like “The Truth about Email Marketing”, “The Rebel’s Guide to Email Marketing”, and “Email Marketing by the Numbers”.

White’s been an active columnist at a Digital marketing news source Marketing Land and he was awarded the title of “Email Marketer Thought Leader of the Year” by EEC in March this year. Some of his helpful articles/blogs you might want to check out are listed below.

Find him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Ayaz Nanji

Ayaz Nanji- Email Influencer

Ayaz Nanji, the co-founder of ICW Content, a company that empowers brands and businesses by providing them services to help achieve their goals. Nanji has gained his expertise while working with AOL, The New York Times, Google, YouTube, and the Travel Channel.

Nanji’s work is an exemplary fusion of technology and Digital Marketing. He’s well known for his exceptional contribution to Content Marketing.

Nanji also happens to be a research writer for MarketingProfs. And luckily I’ve managed to get my hands on some of his latest findings regarding Email Marketing. You must look forward to reading his blogs.

Wanna Reach out to him?
Find him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Ryan Phelan

Ryan Phelan- Email Influencer

Ladies and lads gather around for one of the best Email Marketers, with over two decades of email experience and online marketing. He has been an honorable employee for Adestra, Email Experience Council, Acxiom, BlueHornet, Sears & Kmart, and infoUSA.

He is the go-to person to take any advice regarding Digital and specifically Email Marketing. You can hear him talk about subjects related to digital marketing at many conferences and industry events.

Currently, he is a member of the Board of Directors for Email Sender and Provider Collation (ESPC) and an activist advisor to many startups and investors. He has been mentioned among the top 30 digital strategists by Online Marketing Institute.

Phelan has his own channel on Marketing Land which you might want to visit to streamline your email marketing concepts.

I have mentioned my favorite articles by Ryan Phelan below.

Follow him on LinkedIn and Twitter to stay updated.

Derek Harding

Derek Harding- Email Influencer

Harding has industry experience of over 20 years as a technologist and a marketer. His area of expertise is digital and email marketing. Harding’s focus lies on innovating marketing trends to enable the next generation on people-based marketing.

Having served at Little Bee Consulting, Innovyx, and Trendline Interactive; Derek has spent his fair share in addressing the forthcoming email marketing culture. Derek has architected one of the most sophisticated email marketing platforms Dialogue 1to1. Let’s see what Derek has to say about Email Marketing.

Connect with Derek on LinkedIn and Twitter to get newer tips every day.

Andrew Kordek


Andrew Kordek is the COO and Co-founder of Trendline Interactive, a full-service email marketing agency that dedicatedly empowers the email marketing strategies of its clients. He has developed and implemented many effective email marketing strategies while staying at Groupon, Sears Holdings, and Quest. Kordek is a recognized industry thought email marketer who believes in building customer experiences and maximizing revenue for the organization. Andrew has significantly contributed to many email marketing books, whitepapers, and publications. Let’s see what Andrew has to say about Email Marketing.

Connect with Andrew on LinkedIn and Twitter.

David Daniels

David Daniels

David Daniels is the CEO and founder of The Relevancy Group. Last year, David was named Email Marketer Thought Leader of the year by EEC/DMA.

David is the first analyst to work in the Email Service Providing sector of Digital Marketing and invented the term ESP. He has decades of experience in consulting, marketing research, and Marketing analyst and has served in companies including Forrester Research, The Marketer Quarterly, and Jupiter Research.

David has also co-authored the book “Email Marketing An Hour A Day”. Check out some of the latest Email Marketing trends explained by David Daniels.

Connect with David on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Morgan Stewart

Morgan Stewart- Email Influencer

Morgan Stewart is the CEO of Trendline Interactive. He is an expert in Email Marketing with over 15 years of experience in this industry with approximately 100 articles published in Mediapost, MediaProfs, and iMediaConnection. Some of his work has also been featured on national publication platforms including Fortune, Forbes, Newsweek, and Mashable.

Morgan is among the online industry’s thought leaders and has a proven record of providing technical marketing solutions and leading the development of complex analytics.

Find him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Kath Pay

Kath Pay

Kath Pay has 19 years of hands-on experience in marketing and has served as an email marketing consultant for 10 years. She now leads an email marketing consultancy, Holistic Email Marketing. She is a mentor and a role model for many students pursuing Digital Marketing as their anticipated career path. She is one of the world’s top 50 Email Marketing Influencers.

Kath has worked with many of the distinguished brands and companies including Kate Spade, Barclays, Arsenal, Facebook, Adobe, eBay, Hiscox, and many more.

Kath has documented many email marketing help materials in her articles. I have picked some of her highlighted work for you.

Find her on Twitter and LinkedIn and delve into her ideas with her.

Mike Hillyer

Mike Hillyer

Mike Hillyer has over twelve years of experience enhancing the email infrastructure of his clients. He has served Fortune 500 clients to upscale their email infrastructure. He has strived hard to make the email sending environments reliable and scalable and that is his focus area.

Mike is a highly recognized mentor in email marketing, email deliverability, email infrastructure, and Account-based Marketing.

Mike is currently affiliated with one of the strongest Email Service Providers; Email Ninjas.

Take a look at some of Mike’s articles and blogs to see his comprehension of email marketing.

Find him on Twitter and LinkedIn and nourish your marketing concepts.

Marisa Pisani

Marisa Pisani

Marisa Pisani is the Marketing Strategy & Automation Director at a marketing agency, Adcom. Marisa’s interest in the email channels sprouted when she worked with an email-centric client. Marisa developed a concept of combining dynamic content, personalization, and targeting in marketing to enhance user experiences.

Marisa believes that emails act as a strong trigger to influence the behaviors of people. She advocates the balance of art and science in email marketing strategy.

Follow her on Twitter and LinkedIn to learn more about behavioral email marketing.

Karen Talavera 

Marisa Pisani

Karen Talavera is among the top email marketing strategists, works on a cause of simplifying and glorifying email marketing. Karen is a marketing activist with 15 years of experience as a professional email marketing educator. She has educated many people through many channels like the Digital Marketing Association(DMA), MarketingProfs, and the Association of National Advertisers(ANA).

She has her own ESP firm known by the name ‘Synchronicity Marketing’ that specializes in email marketing strategy, consulting, and training. Some of her contributions are

Connect with her on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Laura Atkins

Laura Atkins

Laura is the owner of ‘Word to the wise’ and co-founder of ‘Women of Email’ who helps companies to deliver mail to the inbox. Her company provides services and consulting around abuse and security issues for ESP.

Having experience of more than a decade, she has worked with many companies to fight cybercrime and combat spam issues.

Read her article Marketers can’t Learn from Spam.

Find her on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Tim Watson

Tim Watson- Email Influencer

Tim Watson is an email strategist with over 14 years of experience in improving email strategies and campaign results. He is dedicated to email marketing and has spoken about it in many international conferences and blogs regularly.

He has twice been elected to the DMA Email Council and founded Zettasphere, providing Email Consultancy Services to medium-size enterprises.

A couple of Tim’s recent and popular articles are:

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Natalie Rockall

Natalie Rockall

She is the founder of Eleven11 Digital and is an email marketing expert with over 14 years of marketing experience. She is the co-author of Ecoconsultancy Email Best Practice Guide and has been a judge at EMA in 2015 and 2017.

You can trust her with areas like Email training, Email copywriting and Design, and deliverability to boost your email strategies.

Read her guide Email Marketing Best Practice Guide.

Find her on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Jordie Van Rijn

Jordie Van Rijn

Jordie is an online marketing consultant with substantial experience in email marketing and marketing automation. He has worked with many companies to improve their email strategies like Unilever, AEGON, Scania, FNV, KLM, and NRC.

Let’s see what Jordie has to say about Email Marketing

Find him on LinkedIn and Twitter and get connected with him.

Scott Cohen

Scott Cohen

Another email marketing guru with over 15 years of experience. Scott has been proven to have unveiled the best email marketing strategies and execution. Scott has worked in all kinds of ESP and SaaS marketing platforms like Adestra, Mailchimp, DotMailer, IBM Watson, Cheetahmail, Eloqua, and more. He has documented some of his significant findings regarding email marketing.

Find him on Twitter and LinkedIn for the latest email trends.

Simms Jenkins

Simms Jenkins

Simms Jenkins is the founder of Brightwave, a leading email, and eCRM agency. Brightwave is a top email independent agency with a world-class client list including Aflec, Chick-fil-A, Cox Media Group, Ferrari North America, and more.

Simms has founded an annual conference EiQ, where intelligent email marketers gather to establish innovative marketing trends. He has also authored ‘The New Inbox’ and ‘The Truth about Email Marketing ‘. Let’s see what tips does Jenkins has for us.

Find him on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Samantha Iodice

Samantha Iodice- Influencer

Samantha is an email strategist who is proven to grow revenue for the clients she’s worked for. Samantha has worked with many email channels including Mailchimp and Cheetahmail and believes that email marketing can revolutionize marketing if utilized to its potential.

Samantha is an email enthusiast who looks forward to improving email results by analyzing email data.

Follow her on Twitter and LinkedIn to learn more about her ideas for email marketing.

Kristin Bond

Kristin Bond-Influencer

Kristin Bond is an email nerd who has been in this industry for a decade. She has worked with many eCommerce and SaaS industries. Kristin ensures to provide a rich user experience to the companies she has worked with and strives to implement customer-centered emails. She prioritizes all elements of the email and keeps them as a significant part of her email strategy.

Read all of her blogs on her channel: Email Snarketing

Find her on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Scott Hardigree

Scott Hardigree

Scott is the founder of Email Industries, an ESP agency that protects you from email abuse and provides you with the best email trends. Scott is a remarkable email marketer and a highly capable email consultant.

Learn how to nourish your email marketing campaigns from Scott Hardigree by following him on LinkedIn and Twitter.

And give his articles a read.

Lori Vaughn

Lori Vaughn-

Lori is an exceptional email consultant with expertise in email authentication, delivery systems, protocols, regulatory compliance, Receiver, Subscriber lifestyle, mail header analysis, and IP warm-up and segmentation.

She has been in the Email Operations department at Charter Communications since last year and has gained confidence by providing excellent analytical solutions. Lori has helped in achieving large-scale projects and has over a decade of experience in building strategies at various renowned companies.

Find Lori on LinkedIn.

Jason Rodriguez

Jason Rodriguez-

Jason is an email marketing and design advocate who’d go to infinity and beyond to make your email marketing campaigns better. He has also written three books on email marketing i.e. The better Email, Modern HTML Email, and Professional Email Design; and is a regular writer at the Litmus Blog, A List Apart, and CSS-Tricks.

He is an experienced speaker at many email and web seminars and has hosted many webinars as well.

Some of his highlighted work this year is.

  • Should you learn email marketing?
  • Email Design podcasts (98 episodes)

Find him on LinkedIn.

Jen Capstraw

Jen Capstraw-

Jen Capstraw has professional experience in digital marketing with 20+ years of success. She is an endorsed thought leader of email marketing. Being the co-founder of ‘Women of Email’, she coaches women across the world via regional and national conferences in the UK and US.

She has dedicatedly spoken at more than a dozen conferences in 2018 and is anticipated to be one of the best persons to look forward to in the upcoming years.

Having worked with the most significant companies in the past few years; she has outshone many of her peers with her brilliance. She has worked with the best companies including Adobe, StrongView, Sparkroom, and currently is a Director of Strategic Insights and Evangelism at Iterable.

Find Jen on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Spencer Kollas

Spencer Kollas- Influencer

Spencer is a senior Digital Marketing expert at Cheetah Digital who is the head of Global deliverability. Spencer works hard on the goal of building better relationships with current customers. And, works on developing a relationship based on a deep-rooted foundation with the new clients. Some of his key skills are email marketing, Service selling, and revenue growth.

Spencer has worked with the world’s foremost email marketers and helped them get connected with their clients and increase ROI.

He has also worked with several ISPs to create valuable insights on how to keep the messages sustained in the customer’s inbox.

Let’s see what Spencer’s thoughts are regarding Email Deliverability.

Find him on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Elliot Ross

Elliot Ross- Influencer

Elliot is a UK-based email marketer, designer, and strategist. He is the CEO and co-founder of Taxi for Email, a company to makes your email campaigns amazing. He has also founded Action Rocket which is a creative studio for Email Marketers. Elliot has worked with many clients including notable names like the BBC, London 2012, British Airways, IKEA, and Sky.

Elliot is an industry thought leader and a speaker who has appeared in many conferences at Litmus, eBay, and IBM. He’s also a member of Best Practice Hub of the DMA Email Council and an occasional podcaster. Some of his contributions are.

Find him on InstagramLinkedIn, and Twitter.

Kent McGovern

Kent McGovern- Email Influencer

Kent is a Senior Deliverability Consultant at Oracle with over a decade of experience in the email optimization industry. Kent assists email marketers to send their emails to their clients in a seamless manner and overcome the challenges of authentication and blacklist mitigation.

He has a solid hold on email best practices deliverability techniques.

Follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Sol Medvidofsky

Sol Medvidofsky

Sol specializes in Email Marketing and has managed to transformed several Fortune 500 companies’ campaign results, channel innovation, and adoption. Sol is a trusted professional to manage email automation, triggering messages, and daily email campaigns and messages. Sol has gathered almost 8 years of experience implying innovation in the email industry and is still vigorously performing to improve the conversion rates of his associate clientage.

Connect with him on LinkedIn to admire his ideas regarding email marketing.

Matthew Vernhout

Matthew Vernhout-

Matt is a director of Privacy and Industry Relations at 250ok. Matt has experience of over 20 decades in email marketing and is an email enthusiast. He has built many networks and privacy operations to help his clients fight the challenges of email authentication issues and email deliverability. He is a recognized speaker who has addressed many topics related to email marketing at several national/international conferences.

Matt has co-authored the book ‘A Complete Guide to e-Marketing under Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation’ and is an activist blogger at 250ok.

Matt has got a solidified opinion, let’s read.

Connect with him on LinkedIn and Twitter and stay updated.

Becs Rivett-Kemm

Becs Rivett-Kemm-

Becs is passionate about email marketing and has been a champ at email marketing for over 8 years. She owns a Rivett-Kemm Consulting agency that can help you achieve email automation, build responsive email templates.

She has twice been nominated as one of the top email influencers around the world.

Becs claims that email is the one true love of her life and she has spoken about email marketing at many conferences and has written dozens of blogs on the subject.

Connect with her on Twitter.

Anthony Chiulli

Anthony Chiulli-

Anthony is the Director of product marketing at 250ok and is an email enthusiast with over a decade of experience in email marketing. He is a competent educator and consultant for email marketers all over the world. He has shared his insights via many blogs/ articles and has been proven to improve the email strategies for his clients. Let’s review some of his articles/blogs.

Connect with him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Jaina Mistry

Jaina Mistry- Email Influencer

Jaina has eight years of experience in the email marketing arena and has a proficiency in conceptualizing and designing fully responsive emails. Jaina has a dynamic grasp on email optimization, planning email marketing campaigns, and triggered marketing campaigns.

Jaina is currently an Email Marketing Specialist at Litmus and has written a number of helpful pieces of content. Let’s have a look.

Find him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Leah Hopke

Leah Hopke- Email Influencer

Leah has over 8 years of experience in digital marketing development and budget scheming. She is currently a Senior Advisor, Email Marketing at AARP. At AARP, Leah maintains the email subscribers and members by executing optimized email marketing campaigns.

Her initial years of struggle were spent in both offline and online marketing and she shifted her focus to email marketing 2.5 years back.

Find her on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Justine Jordan

Justine Jordan- Email Influencer

Justine is a Marketing Leader at Litmus with considerable experience in the sector of Digital Marketing. She is an email evangelist who likes to preach about email marketing at many conferences.

She was entitled as “Email Marketing Thought Leader of the Year” by DMA in 2015.

She has been quoted in many publications like Fast Company, MarketingSherpa, ClickZ, and Smart Insights.

Her journey in this profession has directed her to build strong email strategies, campaign processes, branding, and content. Let’s see what Jordan has to say about modern email marketing.

Find her on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Justin Khoo

Justin Khoo- Email Influencer

Justin Khoo is an advocate of email technology, infrastructure, design, and marketing. Justin is always discovering new trends in email technology and has written quite a few blogs covering each aspect of the email.

His focal point lies in beautifying the emails to attract customers. He has written several blogs which are a must-read if you’re a beginner and starting off on email marketing. Let me share the latest ones with you.

Connect with him on Twitter and LinkedIn to learn more about how to design attractive emails.

Kristian Robinson

Justin Khoo- Email Influencer

Kristian is an email marketing Developer and Designer at CACI Email Studio.

Kristian finds creative ideas to increase the subscribers’ engagement through his experiments. He has contributed a lot in the email industry by being part of email design events, blogging, and working with various ESPs. He has done a wonderful job in combining email design with the UX strategies and likes to set his innovative ideas as the latest trends.

Find him on Twitter and LinkedIn to get acquainted with the advanced methods to create buzzing emails.

Ros Hodgekiss

Ros Hodgekiss- Email Influencer

Ros Hodgekiss is the Customer Experience, Program Manager, at Campaign Monitor with 10+ years of experience in email design, analysis, and operations. She has been actively participating in many technology conferences, webinars, and workshops related to email innovation. She is an email advocate and has many ideas for you to cultivate and regulate your emails.

Find her on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Anne Tomlin

Anne Tomlin- Email Influencer

Anne is the founder of Emails Y’all, a custom email coding company.

Anne preaches about responsive, well-written, and up-to-date emails and is an email developer with expertise in HTML email coding. She is the founder of amazing email devising responsive email templates using the most recent techniques.

Her clients include Litmus, Homeaway, Rebel, Fracture, Chipotle, and others. She holds expertise in platforms like Mailchimp, Sailthru, Campaign Monitor, Pardot, Sendgrid, Exact Target, and more. She has also done volunteer work for Women of Email, a company that empowers women within the email marketing sector.

Connect with her on LinkedIn and Twitter to learn more about email optimization and responsive email coding.

Kevin Mandeville

Kevin Mandeville- Email Influencer

Kevin is a passionate email developer and designer who has developed innovative email campaigns and an email editor for Litmus. He also co-hosts The Email Design Podcasts with Jason Rodriguez

He has chanted about HTML email design and development at various events and blogs. Some of his highlighted blogs/podcasts at Litmus are listed for you to build your concepts regarding Email Design.

Connect with him on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Philip Storey

Philip Storey- Email Influencer

Philip is an email marketing, CRM, and marketing automation expert and consultant with 15 years of experience. He’s one of the best thought leaders in the email niche and has helped many B2B & B2C companies progress through their evolution. He has spoken about email marketing globally and is a remarkable writer with numerous blogs, articles, white papers, research, and industry reports on email strategies.

Philip was given the title of ‘Email Marketing Thought Leader of the year’ by DMA twice in 2013 and 2014. Let’s see what Philip’s intake on email marketing is.

Connect with this amazing email guru on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Kate Barrett

Kate Barrett- Email Influencer

Kate Barrett is the owner of eFocus Marketing and The Email Marketing Academy, providing training and consultancy to email marketing enthusiasts. She is a passionate email marketing aficionado with 13+ years of experience in this area.

Kate has a track record of developing comprehensive strategies and fixing complex email deliverability issues for her clients. She has worked with many renowned companies including Nissan, Marks & Spencer, Soletrader, Photobox, Adidas, M&M Direct, and many others.

She is email savvy and is always looking to interpolate the latest email marketing trends to upgrade her strategies for her clients.

Kate is the author of the book ‘E-intelligence. Email Marketing isn’t dead, the way you’re using it is’ (published 2018).

Connect with her on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Russell Dawson

Russell Dawson- Email Influencer

Russell has 10+ years of experience in developing, strategizing, producing, and optimizing email for his clients. Currently, he is the Senior Email Marketing Manager at Fidelity International’s UK Email strategy department.

Russell believes that email marketing is the most vital channel to promote growth, cause subscriber’s retention, and ROI for the business.

Find him on LinkedIn and Twitter to learn about the latest email news.

Kevin George

Kevin George- Email Influencer

Kevin is an experienced Brand Marketing professional, currently working at EmailMonks. Kevin leads the team at EmailMonks to design and code emails for different businesses entities and ESPs.

Kevin is an acquainted email expert who regularly writes for platforms like Marketingprofs, SEMRush, Marketo Blog, Social Media Today, Convince & Convert, and many more. You can find some of his latest insights in the email below.

Connect with him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Jenna Tiffany

Jenna Tiffany- Email Influencer

Jenna is a chartered marketer with an experience of over 10 years working with various B2B and B2C companies around the globe. She is an elected member of DMA Email Marketing Council and Co-Chair of the best practice hub to shape the email industry’s best practices.

Jenna has accomplished a praise-worthy in the world of email marketing. She is a proven thought leader who has been a speaker at over 30 marketing events in 2017. Her area of interest in the email enterprise is Email Strategy, GDPR, and effective use of personalization. I would encourage you to read some of her notable blogs enlisted below.

Connect with her on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Ruben Zantingh

Ruben Zantingh- Email Influencer

Ruben Zantingh is an online marketing strategist with over 15 years of experience in the niche with email marketing as his specialized trait. Ruben has worked with a high-end email marketing agency through which he grasped solid control over email marketing concepts.

Ruben is an email marketing instructor at The Maastricht leadership Academy and The Talent Institute; and a mentor at Startup Bootcamp.

Ruben was the Email Man in the year 2012 and was nominated for the Best Email Campaign in 2013. Some of the noteworthy companies he has worked with are KPN, Canon Business, Sacha Shoes, OXXIO, and Zamro.

Connect with Ruben on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Beata Linz

Beata Linz- Email Influencer

Beata is an email marketing strategist who has worked for Nike for 10 years and has built its email channel in the European marketplace. She has played a major role in giving Nike a substantial place in the international market by creating consumer-focused customer journeys, driving sales hence retaining the customers.

Beata built her own consultancy agency last year; and helps businesses in creating their Digital, Brand, and Email marketing programs. She is currently working as an Email Marketer at Nikon Europe and works hard to acquire the best email techniques.

Connect with her on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Marilia Dimitriou


Marilia is a Senior email marketer and Content Writer at Moosend. She loves a good (and responsive) email campaign that will intrigue her and inspire her to write about different email strategies which may help others to build email templates for better results. Marilia’s focus is not only on email marketing as you’ll find her tackling a variety of other topics like what makes a great landing page or how to build your brand from the ground up.

Marilia has shared email marketing tips in her blog on moosend through her experiences so you can learn from her experiences and make your own email marketing strategy.

 Let’s take a look at her blogs:

Find her on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Dela Quist

Beata Linz- Email Influencer

Dela is the CEO of the first and the largest Email Marketing Agency; Alchemy Worx. He has experience of 20+ years in the Digital Marketing Industry and is an experienced expert email marketer.

Dela Quist has researched many of the new concepts of email marketing like The Nudge effect of an unopened Email and the surprising effectiveness of longer subject lines. According to his calculation, he has spent 20,000 hours thinking about email marketing. He has written many articles to articulate his findings.

Connect with him on LinkedIn and Twitter to enlighten yourself with his astounding email ideas.

Jeanne Jennings

Jeanne Jennings- Email Influencer

Jeanne is an expert email marketing consultant and is recognized as a thought leader in Digital Marketing. She has 20 years of experience in email and online marketing.

She has helped many organizations make their email initiatives effective and profitable by her direct and systematic response approach.

Jeanne is on the board of directors of DMA’s email marketing special group. She is a recognized public speaker, blogger, and instructor who has contributed to various channels and revealed the secrets to effective email marketing. She regularly writes for the CohereOne blog, the More Effective Digital Marketing blog, the Only Influencers blog, and the Pinpointe blog. She has also written a book ‘The Email Marketing Kit: The Ultimate Email Marketer’s Bible’ which is a must-read for all email marketers. Some of her recent articles/ blogs are shared below.

Connect with her on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Matt Helbig

Matt Helbig- Email Influencer

Matt is the Co-Founder of Really Good Emails with 6 years of experience designing and developing successful email marketing campaigns.

Matt focuses on customer acquisition and revenue growth and believes that Email can influence people more when it’s a dialogue.

Matt currently works at Digitas North America which ensures brands to associate with their clients inherently. Some of Matt’s recent contributions to the email marketing industry are enlisted below.

Find him on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Mike John Ragan

Mike Ragan- Email Influencer

Mike is an email developer & designer at Action Rocket, a creative studio for email marketing based in London.

Mike’s journey started as a Site Engineer but soon he switched his fields to become an email developer and now he has 7 years of experience as an email design/development veteran.

Mike predicted that the use of Emojis will go skyrocket in emails because they convey the message much easier than plain old text. He critics on bad and good email design and has a way of educating his audience with a hint of humor in his messages.

Connect with him on LinkedIn and Twitter and get amused by what Mike says.

Crystal Ledesma

Crystal Ledesma- Email Influencer

Crystal is a passionate Email Visual Designer and Developer and currently works at Zillow Group. She has 4 years of experience in this department and during this time, she has developed design systems for improved rendering.

Crystal loves to confront vast and unique challenges presented by email and confesses that it keeps her interested in email more than web design (which was her initial interest). Crystal has created extraordinary designs to aesthetically please the subscribers and nurture their inboxes.

Connect with her on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Courtney Prebble

Courtney Prebble- Email Influencer

Courtney is a digital designer who currently serves at Oracle+ Bronto, a commerce marketing automation platform for retailers.

Courtney enjoys designing email marketing templates and is very good at it too and is a proud member of #emailgeeks community.

Courtney has hands-on experience in UI/UX design, project management, and digital marketing and finds email design as her most favorite job. She has been providing beautiful and intuitive solutions to her clients for 5 years and is highly recommended to look up to in the upcoming years.

Find her on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Andy Thorpe

Andy Thorpe- Email Influencer

Andy Thorpe, also known as @CaptainInbox, is a seasoned email marketer and deliverabist.

Andy is the Product Owner at Pure360, an ESP & marketing automation suite based in Brighton, UK.

He is among the top 65 Email thought leaders and is a recognized email influencer. With 12+ years of experience at Pure360, he has learned and delivered a lot about email marketing.

Connect with Andy on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Amanda Soehnlen

Amanda Soehnlen- Email Influencer

Amanda is an active member of the #emailgeeks community and a well-rounded marketing technologist. Amanda currently works as an Email Strategist at Highmark Health, leading the Email Marketing Program at the company. Be it mobile apps, website design, or email marketing; Amanda advocates simple, integrated, and elegant user experiences.

Connect with Amanda on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Millie Bartlett

Millie Bartlett- Email Influencer

Millie Bartlett is a marketing strategist at Action Rocket, an email design agency based in East London.

She has experience of over 4 years in the digital marketing industry and at Action Rocket, she looks after the email design platform, Taxi for Email; and the overall marketing plans.

Millie is an intelligent, diligent, and dedicated email marketer with concrete and strategic ideas on her mind.

Connect with her on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Jacques Corby-Tuech

Jacques Corby-Tuech-Email Influencer

Jacques is an Email Marketing Manager at Paymentsense and also runs a side project, The No-BS Guide to Email Marketing.

He is an email marketer who helps client-side email marketers to make connections in the email marketing fields. During his 5 years of experience in E-marketing, he has helped many of his clients improve the management and strategies of their marketing campaigns.

Follow him on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Alex Kelly

Alex Kelly- Email Influencer

Alex Kelly is a frontend developer at Mailchimp with over 10 years of experience in the Digital Marketing industry. She is a certified member of the #emailgeeks and Litmus community.

Her main goal at Mailchimp is to build solid templates for their clients and to steer product development for email and other marketing tools (like landing pages).

Alex makes her email design responsive by using the magic of HTML and CSS in her templates. She believes that good design is as important as good code.

She recently spoke at a conference held by Litmus Live to empower email marketers across the world to develop the notion of better email design and strategies.

Find her on LinkedIn and Twitter and connect with her to hear her wisdom.

Glenn Smith

Glenn Smith- Email Influencer

Glenn is an Email Marketing expert at Arthur J. Gallagher International and does HTML Email development for his private clients. He has over 6 years of experience playing with different aspects of email development and is focused on his work.

Glenn creates high-quality and multifunctional email templates and has a great fondness for his work.

Connect with Glenn on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Tink Taylor

Tink Taylor- Email Influencer

Tink Taylor is the Founder and President of dotmailer, a company that provides high-end marketing systems with an intuitive interface.

Tink is an experienced email marketer who has helped many companies grow by brightening their email campaigns. Some of his notable client companies are BBC, Shell, HP, IBM, and Dell; giving him over 17 years of experience in the digital world.

He has been an active associated member of DMA and has established consistent email marketing Guidelines.

Tink has also co-founded an event, ‘Ready Steady Email’, which has set Email Marketing Automation benchmarks for several digital marketers out there.

Let me share some of the tips given by Tink himself.

Mark Robbins

Mark Robbins- Email Influencer

Mark Robbins is an experimental email developer and passionate about playing around with different technologies.

He has created many complex interactive email template designs that have generically been helpful to many of his clients.

Mark has also instructed many of the novice email marketers and has mentored them about email development.

He has also globally spoken about email development at many conferences and events.

Mark has been interviewed to share his views on Interactive Email Design and this is what he has to say.

Connect with Mark on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Annett Forcier

Annett Forcier- Email Influencer

Annett is a freelance email developer and designer currently working for lululemon, a company that makes technical yoga clothes for exercising.

Annett has been focused on creating interactive and responsive email designs since 2007. She is an active part of #emailgeeks and the Women of Email community.

She is a passionate learner and a mentor who never stops helping the email marketing association. Annett has created a well-earned niche in email marketing on Twitter and LinkedIn communities.

Connect with her on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Jody Gibbons

Jody Gibbons- Email Influencer

Jody is an Email Marketing Executive at Notcutts Ltd. and a very passionate email geek. His inquisitive nature compels him to stay on the learning reel.

Jody has dedicatedly contributed towards building email strategies and communicates the concepts via the latest communication channels and techniques. He’s an Email marketing thought leader who has been building and designing for the past 4 years. Having worked with several ESPs; he has delivered intuitive solutions to gain exponential ROI.

Connect with Jody on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Jonathan Pay

Jonathan Pay- Email Influencer

Jonathan is a Holistic Email Marketing advocate and consultant and freelance digital marketer. He has over 12 years of experience in marketing and has worked with many Email Service Providers, agencies, and brands.

Jonathan alloys code with design and beautifully creates an amazing customer experience and an unsurpassable strategy.

He is the world’s first second-generation email marketer and you could learn a great deal from him.

Connect with him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Dan Oshinsky

Dan Oshinsky- Email Marketer

Dan is the director of Newsletters at The New Yorker and is the intellect behind the amazing messages crafted for your inbox.

While being the director of Newsletters at Buzzfeed, he has managed to circulate weekly newsletters to hundreds and thousands of subscribers and successfully drove 250 million referrals to Buzzfeed.

Dan is an acclaimed email marketing speaker who has been featured at many conferences like Email Marketing Summit Australia (Brisbane, 2017), DigiPublish(New York, 2018),  Inbox Awesome (New York, 2016),  the Email Insider Summit (Key Largo, FL, 2014), Association of Alternative Newsweeklies Convention (Detroit, 2012), and Email Design Conference (London and Boston, 2013).

Connect with him on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Matthew Slaymaker

Matt Slymaker- Email Influencer

Matt is a Lead Email Developer at CACI Ltd.

He is an exceptional person and even a better Email developer. He specializes in designing and developing responsive cross-platform HTML emails. He has created tremendous email template patterns for many of his clients including Aviva, Tommy Hilfiger, and Sky Bet.

Matt is a great mentor and teaches HTML for Email to different teams, junior staff, and anyone who is willing to learn it from him.

Let’s see what Matt has to say about Email Design and Dynamic Content.

Connect with Matt on LinkedIn and Twitter.

John Bonini

John Bonini- Email Influencer

John is a true growth professional and conversion copywriter who creates effective marketing for actual humans. The human effect created in his designs converts strangers into friends.

The companies John has worked in, have witnessed his remarkable approach. He is proven to have successfully increased the annual subscriptions for Litmus by >200%.

John has written many blogs on Email and Content Marketing. I’ve chosen the best for you.

Connect with John on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Fabio Carneiro

Fabio Carneiro- Email Influencer

Fabio is an email and user experience designer and loves to help others conquer email design.

He worked for Mailchimp for seven years and designed extraordinary emails, helping more than 15 million users across the world send intriguing emails.

He is a recognized speaker and has delivered talks at many platforms such as The Email Design Conference, Smashing Conference, and ConvergeSE. Fabio has also contributed to publications like Smashing Magazine and Smashing Book.

You can find his courses regarding email development at Skillshare and Treehouse.

Connect with Fabio on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Ted Goas

Ted Goas- Email Influencer

Ted is a Senior Product Designer at Stack Overflow and loves working on websites, applications, and HTML emails.

Ted is a believer that responsive and intuitive design can enhance conversion and build die-hard fandom. He takes complex and chaotic ideas and makes them accessible to people by making things readable, understandable, responsive, and fast. Ted’s creativity has won him a lot of fans who have acquired a great deal of knowledge from him.

Connect with him on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Andrew Bonar

Andrew bonar- Email Influencer

Andrew is an Email and Marketing expert at email expert with almost 20+ years of experience in the tech industry. His specialties are email delivery and deliverability and have enabled many companies and clients to run smooth email marketing campaigns.

He has been working on emails since 2003 and joined the management team of @POBox UK, the first ESP that provided free email addresses. He has gained priceless experience working with companies like UK Tax Office, Microsoft, Rockwell, Lotusnotes, EmailVision, and more.

He is also a great consultant and a public speaker who has globally performed at many conferences.

Connect with Andrew on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Joi Tamber Brooks

Joi Tamber Brooks- Email Influencer

Joi is an email marketing geek who is currently an Email Marketing Campaign Manager at InboxArmy. Joi specializes in deliverability, email metrics, and email marketing strategy.

Joi has helped many of her clients gain a responsive and seamless email experience.

Connect with her on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Lee Munroe

Lee Munroe- Email Influencer

Lee Munroe is a Product Design Manager at Mesosphere.

Lee integrates UI/UX concepts into email design and development and has successfully created great email design templates for his associates.

Lee has been an industry speaker at many conferences including Fluent Developer Conference, Litmus Email Design Conference, Web Unleashed Developer Conference, Future of Web Design in San Francisco.

Find him on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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