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Karan Mahendroo
Karan Mahendroo
4 years ago

Hi Hassaan!
I came across this list of conferences that you recommend to your audience and wanted to let you know that Spredfast has a series of Smart Social Conferences hosted in New York City, London, and Austin in 2018.

Smart Social NYC is April 17, 2018. It is a day long event that draws 250+ of the city’s leading social marketers. To register for Smart Social NYC, visit: https://www.spredfast.com/smart-social-new-york

Smart Social London is June 5, 2018. It is a day long event that draws 250+ of EMEA’s leading social and digital marketers. To register for Smart Social London, visit: https://www.spredfast.com/smart-social-london

Smart Social Summit is Spredfast’s premiere event, hosted in Austin, Texas on Nov. 5-7, 2018. It is a 3-day long event for 750+ of the world’s leading marketers. Its program consists of workshops, breakout sessions, and keynotes focused on the future of social media marketing. To register for Smart Social Summit, visit: https://www.spredfast.com/summit

We would love to be featured on your list. Please let me know how this is possible!

Thank you.

Hassaan Khan
4 years ago

Hello Karan,

Thanks for stopping by.

It’s good to know about Smart Social Conference. I’ll see what I can do, for sure.

Thanks, again.


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