Top AI Tools and Strategies for SEO in 2024

by Hareem Malik
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AI tools and strategies for SEO

AI-driven SEO (Search Engine Optimization) refers to the use of artificial intelligence technologies. It enhances and automates the optimization of a website for search engines. The objective of AI SEO tools is to improve visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs). Further, it drives organic traffic, and enhances the quality of the traffic to a site. 

According to Hubspot, 54% of marketers and SEO specialists use artificial intelligence in their work. And the boost of AI tools this year indicates that this tendency is here to stay. In the article, we will explore all the ways businesses may improve SEO with the help of AI and provide the best AI top tools to enhance SEO.

How AI can be used for SEO?

Artificial intelligence goes far beyond keyword analysis when it comes to search engine optimization. So, if you still don’t use the technology, it’s high time to start using one. Let’s have a closer look at all the possibilities it opens.

Content creation

AI-powered content creation tools can generate blog posts, articles, and website copy that are not only well-written but also optimized for search engines. These tools can suggest relevant topics, create outlines, and even write full drafts that align with SEO best practices. They can ensure the use of relevant keywords, appropriate keyword density, and readability. Moreover, AI can analyze successful content to identify patterns and suggest improvements for new content.

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Content Discovery

Keyword research and analysis

The most obvious but still very important point. AI tools can analyze huge amounts of data to identify the best keywords for a particular niche or content piece. They take into account search volume, competition, relevance, and the potential for ranking. AI can also track and predict keyword trends, giving insights into which keywords might be more important. This enables businesses to stay ahead of the curve.

Link building

While AI isn’t directly involved in the relationship-building aspect required for link acquisition, it can help identify potential link-building opportunities. It analyzes competing website’s link profiles and highlights gaps in a site’s link profiles. AI can assess the quality and relevance of potential linking domains and automate outreach efforts through personalized emails.

Monitoring rankings

AI tools monitor search rankings for various keywords across different search engines and provide insights into ranking fluctuations. They can alert you when significant changes occur and can also correlate ranking changes with algorithm updates. Eventually, helping you to understand what influences search positions.

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Social Media Analytics

Website structure optimization

AI can evaluate a website’s structure and suggest optimizations for improved user experience and SEO. This includes internal link suggestions, page hierarchy, navigation, and more. AI can also help identify technical issues that could hamper search engine crawlers, like broken links or improper use of tags.

Creating and optimizing metadata

Metadata like title tags and meta descriptions play a crucial role in SEO. AI can generate and suggest accurate meta tags based on the content of the page. Hence, ensuring that they are optimized for target keywords and user engagement. This can improve click-through rates from search engine results pages (SERPs).

Improving website loading speed

AI can help identify bottlenecks that are causing a website to load slowly. These can be large images, inefficient code, or server configuration issues. Some AI tools can even automate the process of image optimization and code minification. It improves loading speeds without much human intervention.
Keep in mind that the use of AI does not replace the need for human oversight or the creative and strategic input that SEO experts provide. AI tools offer recommendations and can execute tasks, but they require SEO professionals to interpret data. They are the ultimate decisions makers and implement strategies properly.

AI used for SEO

11 best AI SEO tools in 2024

When we talk about AI used for SEO, we naturally refer to specialized AI tools. To make the most of these tools, you need to choose the right ones. The decision will depend on your requirements, needs, team, and budget. We’ve created a list of the best solutions to give you an idea about their capabilities, benefits, and limitations.

1. Surfer SEO

The tool focuses on on-page SEO. It simplifies tasks like authoring, content auditing, keyword optimization, and competition research.

By offering real-time quality and keyword use analysis, this tool improves the productivity of the SEO content production process. It also connects with Jasper and Google Docs, enabling a smooth workflow across several programs.

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Other Surfer SEO features include outline builder, topic discovery, internal content structure, AI writing, AI content, and plagiarism checker.

Grow Flow, one of the tool’s features, offers weekly SEO tips for locating pertinent internal connections, researching specialty subjects, and identifying high-ranking keywords.

Minimal pricing for the tool usage is $119/month.

2. Frase – AI SEO tool

Frase is an excellent AI SEO tool for content optimization on pieces you’ve already written, as well as for producing new content (using the integrated AI content writer). With the use of proprietary algorithms, this program finds information that is relevant to its users depending on their location and keywords.

Finding precisely what you’re looking for without spending hours manually browsing through results is now easier than ever, thanks to the acquired data’s natural language processing (NLP).

Among the other capabilities of the tool are competitor analysis and a content briefing that directs the generation of content.

The monthly payment ranges from $14.99 to $114.99

Frase an AI SEO tool

3. SE Ranking

Numerous tools included in SE Ranking will help you increase your website’s organic traffic. Their rank tracker allows you to monitor competitors’ keyword success on search engine results pages (SERPs) in addition to tracking the effectiveness of your own keywords.

Its keyword research tool provides comprehensive information on every keyword, including search volume, trend, and difficulty. Additionally, a backlink checker tool aids in analyzing a website’s backlink profile and identifying the finest prospects.

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social media management platform

The audit tool provides you with a comprehensive analysis of any website, including traffic statistics and ranking keywords, among other information.

Additionally, it provides some incredible tools that agencies can use to analyze SEO, generate reports, and increase website traffic for their clients.

The price of essential plan starts from $55/monthly .

SE Ranking tool

4. Outranking – AI SEO tool

Outranking provides customized briefs, automatic adjustments, and skillfully placed internal links. It uses AI to go beyond NLP optimization and guarantee the greatest performance among search engine results.

To ensure originality and prevent fines, its plagiarism checker and fixer finds and automatically resolves plagiarism concerns, including duplicated and paraphrased content.

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The keyword clustering and grouping tool finds the highest-ranking probability keywords in each group by using up to 100,000 keywords based on comparable intent.

Additionally, Outranking provides a content planner and inventory that enables calendar planning based on company objectives, ROI, and priority, allowing for the strategic execution of content for the best outcomes.

Outranking charges a minimum of $25 per month.

outranking ai driven seo tools

5. Alli AI

Alli AI significantly expedites the process if you’re aiming to make significant, site-wide SEO changes. You may implement dozens or even millions of OnPage code improvements with a few clicks. 

It analyzes your website and produces recommendations to help you with overall SEO. It’s then only a matter of clicking a button to put the results into practice. Moreover, you may A/B test keywords on pages with the tool. It can even automatically keep the version that performs the best after testing.

Other capabilities include competition analysis, tracking, and reporting to help you assess the results of your work and make wise decisions.

The tool charges from $299 to $1199 monthly.

alli ai seo tool

6. Semrush

Semrush SEO tools are tailored to assist you in identifying keywords, comprehending search intent, monitoring your search engine position in results pages, and examining the backlinks of your competitors to identify areas where you may develop connections on your own.

It offers resources to assist you in conducting comprehensive website audits. In addition to utilizing, it to support your SEO efforts, you can generate and plan social media content, keep an eye on online and social media mentions of your competitors, and more.

The pricing for various plans varies from $129.95 to $499.95 per month.

semrushh seo tool

7. Jasper – AI SEO tool

With Jasper, an effective AI writing tool, you can produce long texts quickly. Jasper starts by taking the seed words you provide and analyzes them to create phrases, paragraphs, or papers depending on the topic and voice.

In addition to over 50 AI content-generating templates, the tool is capable of creating blog posts, emails, marketing text, Facebook and Google ad generators, meta titles and descriptions, press releases, and much more.

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In addition, it supports over 25 languages, provides over 11,000 free typefaces, and highlights important textual components (pronouns, verbs, names, etc.).

The monthly charge starts from $39.

jasper ai seo tool

Screenshot taken on the official Jasper website

8. MarketMuse

It’s an AI-powered content monitoring and analysis tool that searches through millions of online content to find any possible flaws in your content strategy

It leverages an internal knowledge base with millions of data points to provide suggestions on subjects, titles, and keywords that are currently trending well online and bring even more customers to your website.

Furthermore, as time passes and an increasing quantity of data is gathered, the tool improves the algorithm’s ability to produce the initial draft content for your company’s requirements entirely without the need for human participation.

MarketMuse has a free plan; however, advanced features are available at a minimum of $149/month.

marketmuse seo

9. HubSpot

The outstanding capabilities of the HubSpot Market automation allow customers to generate content of the highest quality. HubSpot powers marketing campaigns using email, paid advertising, chats, and more by facilitating a whole automated process. Furthermore, a comprehensive range of integration options are available to you to further enhance workflow.

HubSpot offers several essential capabilities for search engine optimization, including reporting, content planning, on-page optimization, and keyword research.

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Social Media Content Calendar

SEO recommendation engines are able to automatically analyze your website and identify areas that may require improvement. Moreover, users may switch between creating content manually and using AI content helper to create text for landing sites, blog posts, marketing emails, and other purposes.

Minimum monthly payment starts from $800. 

hubspot market automation

10. Scalenut

Scalenut is an all-in-one solution for SEO marketing with features including a keyword planner, SERP analyzer, SEO article writer, and content optimizer. 

You may use Scalenut’s AI to examine possible keywords’ volume and relevancy. Additionally, Scalenut enables the most sophisticated NLP and NLU (Natural Language Processing and Natural Language Understanding) to be used while writing SEO content. On the basis of SERP information, it also provides real-time optimization.

There are over forty AI copywriting templates in the solution. This covers email and frameworks copyrighting, as well as product descriptions and website text creation.

Minimal monthly payment for the solutions is $19.

scalenut seo marketing

11. CanIRank

CanIRank is an artificial intelligence search engine optimization tool that uses advanced algorithms to provide consumers with suggestions. The tool provides information on what modifications will have the largest effects and why pages rank where they do. 

CanIRank searches through hundreds of thousands of websites, evaluating their positioning and tactics before making recommendations. It then goes on to create a path that you may take to quicken the natural growth of your blog.

In addition, CanIRank provides a keyword difficulty score to help you decide which keywords are most appropriate for your website. It’s interesting to note that advanced machine learning algorithms handle the entire study and provide you with a detailed action plan on what has to be adjusted.

CanIRank has a free plan with advanced features starting from $49/month.

CanIRank AI seo tool

Final Word

As this guide has outlined, AI tools can tremendously enhance various aspects of SEO, from content creation and keyword research to link building, ranking monitoring, and website optimization. These tools offer a level of efficiency, accuracy, and insight that was previously unattainable, enabling businesses to fine-tune their online presence and stay ahead in the ever-competitive digital landscape.

While AI provides powerful capabilities, it’s crucial to remember that it doesn’t entirely replace the human touch. Successful SEO still requires the strategic and creative input of skilled professionals who can interpret AI-generated data and insights and make informed decisions. The combination of AI technology and human expertise can yield the best results.

Anyway, whether it’s enhancing content quality, improving website performance, or staying on top of SEO trends, there is an AI tool available to assist. This guide has highlighted several leading AI SEO tools, each offering unique features and benefits.

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  1. What is AI-based SEO, and how does it differ from traditional SEO?

AI-based SEO refers to the use of artificial intelligence technologies to enhance and automate the optimization of a website for search engines. Unlike traditional SEO, AI in SEO involves the use of advanced algorithms and machine learning to analyze data and provide insights for improving search engine visibility.

2. Why is AI considered beneficial for SEO?

AI offers benefits in various aspects of SEO, such as content creation, keyword research, link building, monitoring rankings, website structure optimization, metadata optimization, and improving website loading speed. AI tools provide efficiency, accuracy, and insights that were previously hard to achieve.

3. How do I choose the right AI SEO tool for my business?

The decision on the right AI SEO tool depends on your specific requirements, team, and budget. The guide provides information on each tool’s capabilities, benefits, and limitations, helping you make an informed choice for your SEO needs.

4. Can AI assist in creating and optimizing metadata for SEO?

Yes, AI can generate and suggest accurate meta tags, including title tags and meta descriptions, based on the content of a page.

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