Best Time to Post Videos on YouTube

by Hassaan Khan
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Best Time To Post Videos On YouTube

In 2020, billions of people joined YouTube to share skills, and use the platform to launch their businesses. It helped create 394,000 jobs in one year alone and that’s how Youtube influencers mushroomed.

According to Youtube, around 80% of small to medium businesses agree that Youtube content helped them grow their customer base. Now, YouTube marketing requires a strategy.

YouTube influencers mostly upload at a specific time and they stick to their schedule. The reason is that they figure out the best time to post on YouTube and then they stick to that time and day.

Most creators don’t put a lot of effort into understanding this stuff and they keep uploading marketing content without worrying about the details. As a result, the majority of them fail to pop up on the platform except for a handful.

So if you haven’t paid much attention to the best time to post videos on the giant video-sharing platform, then this article might change your mind.

Let’s understand what it means to post on Youtube at the best time.

How to Determine the Best Time to Upload on YouTube

You may have been putting out videos on YouTube or want to get into it. Some of you might be wondering about the best time to post videos on YouTube. Here’s how you can determine the best time to upload content on YouTube:

I. Viewers’ Activity

There is a section in the Audience tab of your YouTube analytics section called “When you viewers are on YouTube.” This analytical tool tells you when your YouTube viewers are more active.

Youtube Viewers statistics

It shows you the data based on the last 28 days. Plus, you get a chance to look through the day and time when your viewers are most active. Isn’t it fascinating to understand the activeness of your viewers regardless of their subscription or affiliation with you?

II. Audience retention patterns

The “key moments for audience retention” is a section in the Engagement section of the YouTube analytics. It tells you the interest graph of your viewers throughout the course of the video.Youtube audience engagement patterns

It’s vital to understand how your video content is retaining the audience or what in the video is keeping the audience engaged. It’d eventually help you comprehend what you is liking and how you can bring that part more often, for instance, it could be a slo-mo or timelapse or humor.

III. Hit and Trial method

Experimentation is the key to innovation. When you’re open to experimenting with your upload time, you get a chance to test out how subscribers and viewers take your video. Even though, the thumbnail and title do matter in the response a video gets on YouTube, the timing matters too.

Suppose you have been uploading videos at 6 pm for years, but suddenly you switch to 10 am — you’d see a decline in the views because subscribers aren’t used to watching your video that time.

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When is the Best Time to Post a Video to YouTube

There are several opinions on the optimum time to upload to YouTube. Perhaps, your target audience determines the best time to publish content on any platform.

Let’s try to comprehend what different sources have to say about the best time to publish content to YouTube:

A. Optimal Time During the Weekdays

According to SociallyPowerful, the best time to post videos to YouTube during the weekdays is between 2 and 4 pm in the afternoon.

Let’s not forget that in most workplaces, job persons often take a lunch break around 2 pm or leave the workplace around 4 or 5.

Therefore, It does seem like a perfect time to catch up on the latest happenings on social media.

B. The Best Time on Weekends

Weekends are quite interesting if you study engagement patterns from different sources. The best time to upload videos to YouTube during the weekends is between 9 and 11 am.

However, Thursday and Friday are the most significant days of the week to publish video content because it’s the end of the week and people have a lot of things planned for the weekends.

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Why Post a Video Before the Peak Time?

While it may be tempting to upload videos at the busiest hours of the day, this is not the ideal practice for two reasons:

      • Allow time for YouTube to process and evaluate the video to recommend it to the right audience.
      • It must have started gaining some traction before it enters the peak time.

When it comes to uploading videos to our YouTube channel, it’s been learned that the first two hours are critical to the overall performance of the video.

The ideal course of action is to publish them up to two hours before the peak time, allowing for a good build-up.

3 Reasons To Understand the Best Time to Publish Youtube Videos

Here are three reasons why should dig deeper into your YouTube channel details to find the best time to upload videos:

1. To gain an insight on audience behavior

7 out of 10 people use Youtube to seek content that helps them with their work, studies or entertainment. When you look into the statistics, you start to discover the audience’s behavior. Not only does it help you understand when your audience likes to watch your videos, but it also assists you in reading what your audience is liking from you.

2. To pre-schedule content

Upload time matters on YouTube. If you stick to a specific time and keep training your audience to check out your new video on a specific day and time, they’d expect you to release the video on the given time and day.

Similarly, if you break the sequence or randomly upload a video, it doesn’t get that much traction. Try experimenting with uploading at a different time and day — you’ll notice there would be fewer comments, likes, and views on the video. Now when you have decided a time you can easily plan and¬†schedule your content with a Social Media Management tool.

3. To plan interaction with the audience

Once you figure out the best time to upload videos to YouTube, it massively impacts your videos’ performance. You would know when there would be higher engagement and attention on your video. So opting for a specific time might turn things around for your channel.

Furthermore, when you have a set time to upload videos to YouTube and your audience is trained to stop by on a specific time or day, it creates an opportunity for you to interact with your audience.

Does your brand have a YouTube channel?

We can always talk about tactics, metrics, and strategies, but the fact of the matter is that your content must be useful or entertaining. Otherwise, you don’t stand a chance in the fiercely competitive world of YouTube.

It’s true that finding the best time to post videos to YouTube could be the X-factor to your YouTube campaign, but it won’t matter if your content isn’t worth consuming.

So try to come up with high-quality and relevant content for your brand on YouTube that entices your audience to take action. Keeping an eye on the numbers is crucial to determining the strategies, but it isn’t the only factor in attracting YouTube viewers’ attention.

While many studies indicate the ideal time to publish on YouTube, the ideal method to identify the optimal time is to understand your audience’s demand.

Don’t hesitate to ask your audience about what they want or how they want you to do certain things, for instance, you can create a YouTube poll in the community section about the video uploading time.

Not only would you get some engagement and activity on the channel, but it would also enable you to interact with the audience. Communication with your YouTube subscribers develops a connection with your audience.

YouTube success isn’t just about the number of subscribers and views, but instead, the influence matters too, which develops when you listen to your audience even once in a while.

So let us know something about this topic.

What else would you do to find out the best time to upload videos to YouTube?

Hassaan Khan

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