Top 20 TikTok Video Ideas to Boost Your Engagement

by Hassaan Khan
13 minutes
Tiktok Video Ideas

The popularity of TikTok has already soared around the world. The vertical short-form video app has over one billion monthly active users. No wonder every kid knows about TikTok now.

Many of you don’t want to put yourself out there, meaning you’re camera shy or think you’re not confident enough to do this. Well, most of you are wrong about this. But, it’s the debate for another day.

The agenda is to share a heap of TikTok video ideas to help TikTokers pump out videos consistently. Most of us just want to hop on TikTok to watch funny and entertaining videos.

Maybe you want to start creating videos on TikTok and wonder what type of TikTok content you should make. 
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Well, you’re surely in good hands because I have been paying close attention to social media platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram for quite some time.

Do you know how to make money on TikTok?

Perhaps, most of you don’t know that you could monetize your TikTok accounts now. Let’s not get carried away. I’m about to share the top 20 TikTok video ideas that aren’t just great niches to get started but also great for boosting your TikTok engagement. Without any further ado, let’s get right into it.

20 TikTok Video Ideas to Boost Your Engagement

Here we go:

1. List of Apps or Websites

Have you ever seen TikTok videos about the top 10 or 10 best apps or websites? These videos are a compilation of apps or websites. People find such videos quite helpful because they get to discover new websites and apps through them.

Make sure that the apps, websites, or tools you choose for the TikTok video must be outstanding to impact the audience. If the audience finds the video helpful, most of them will likely follow you on TikTok.

A few might thank you in the comments section, while others may only like the video. Thus, it’ll help increase the engagement on TikTok, which is the key to growing on this vertical video platform.

@setupspawn What would you use this for? #technology #texttospeech #youshouldknow ♬ original sound – Matty McTech

2. Brief Tutorials

Tutorials or educational videos get some attention on TikTok and YouTube, but it depends on the genre and quality of the videos. Also, every tutorial niche is different from the others. For instance, cooking tutorials might be more popular than AC repairing tutorials.

You could choose a specific niche for creating tutorial videos, but it has to be something you’re good at or passionate about. The reason is that you’ll have to upload tutorial videos to build an audience consistently.

Moreover, you could infuse the tutorial videos in your TikTok content strategy and upload short tutorials in your niche to boost your engagement and experiment with a different content type.

Anyway, most video makers who upload tutorials on TikTok give up after 10 to 20 videos – it’s too early to give up. So instead, try uploading at least 50 to 60 videos before you think about changing your genre or starting a different TikTok account.

@kashifawandesigns #answer to @fortnite..xp_glitches Perspectives warp tool. #foryou #foryoupage #viral #design #tips#tricks #fyp #designer #photoshoptutorial #illustrator #kashifawandesigns #safertogether ♬ original sound – Kashifawandesigns

3. Popular Recipes

Recipes are pretty popular on the internet regardless of the platform; you could search for favorite recipes on Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok.
It doesn’t matter if you’re creating content for organic traffic from search engines or social media sharing – the demand for recipes will be there. So crafting content with the demand is the secret sauce to winning on social media.

Regarding TikTok video ideas, your favorite cuisine or continental recipes might come in handy on TikTok. Foodies are everywhere on social media – And TikTok is no exception.

All you have to put out an attractive video with all the ingredients, such as good-quality editing, helpful information, suitable music or voiceover, and the right hashtags. Then, your TikTok engagement can skyrocket within a few days.

@jalalsamfit Healthy Low Calorie Creamy Chicken, one of the best recipes i’ve ever made! #healthyrecipes #easyrecipe #chicken #lowcalorie #highprotein #mealprep #recipes #tiktokfood ♬ Clouds – Kayne

4. Productivity Hacks

When you’re stuck due to creative block and unable to post a video on TikTok, you could post a productivity hack video. You don’t have to look out for the productivity hack sounds on TikTok to make this type of video. The “message” would matter more than anything else.

Productivity tips and motivational quotes are huge on Instagram and Pinterest. However, you could create TikTok videos around productivity hacks, and they’ll work fine.

The best thing about these videos is that you don’t have to be in front of the camera. Instead, you could use an online video tool such as Canva or Invideo to create these videos for TikTok.

Furthermore, if you’re not camera shy, you could shoot a TikTok video and quickly explain a specific productivity hack within 15 to 30 seconds. Shoot an explicit video withf proper lighting and sound, use beautiful transitions if possible, and edit it well – it could be a fantastic video. Welcome to motivational tiktok— interact to stay 🙂 #productivityhacks #motivationspeaker83 #trending #foryou ♬ original sound – tiloom

5. Viral TikTok Sounds

If you want eyeballs around or boost your engagement on TikTok, you got to try one of those viral TikTok sounds – you’ll know the hottest TikTok sounds. Just tap on the “For You Page” and scroll through for five minutes. Usually, viral TikTok sounds repeatedly come on the “for you” page.

Furthermore, don’t hesitate to go to the search page and see what’s hot these days. Many users use hashtags such as #viral, #viralsound, #viralvideo, and #foryou – indicating that it’s a famous sound.

If you consume a lot of TikTok videos, you’d know the latest TikTok trends that you need to pay close attention to get noticed.

Furthermore, you could also tap on the sound button to see how many people are using that sound. So it also gives you an idea about the popularity of the TikTok sound.

Viral TikTok Sounds

6. Wild Life or Exotic Birds

Showcasing wildlife in the videos could attract eyeballs. Have you ever seen pet lions videos on TikTok? I have seen dozens of videos about pet lions. It’s crazy how people raise and keep wild animals as pets.

Plus, if you could create videos around exotic birds, you’d attract much attention to TikTok. Since TikTok is a bite-sized video format, people want more in a short period. So if you have a passion for wildlife or exotic birds, you could post videos about them.

It’s challenging to come up with TikTok videos about wildlife now and then. So you have to work around this by visiting the zoo or finding people in the city that keep wildlife animals or exotic birds at home.

If visiting the zoo or other places to make videos around wildlife doesn’t work out for you, then you could create informative videos around your pet, whether it’s a parrot or cat. But, again, the success lies in consistently publishing exciting content on TikTok.



♬ Oh No – Kreepa

7. Collaborate with TikTokers

TikTok content creation is no easy game – sometimes, you overthink too much or fall into the creative block. You crave video ideas to work on when any of these things happen.

One of the TikTok video ideas is to collaborate – you could collaborate with fellow TikTokers, especially the ones you know well or are friends with. Sometimes, collaborations make the audience so excited. Perhaps, they like to see two different content creators appear in the same video. You might come across so many examples of TikTokers collaboration.

@stargaming_pubgm The best collaboration ever happened ????❤️#pubgmobile #pubg #pubglover #pubgm #trending #viral #foryou #srilanka ♬ 74_…_Elleen – hadeel .

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8. Solve Computer Problems

We all run into computer problems at some point, and then we google the situation and try to find a possible solution.

What if I told you that you could make TikTok videos on the solutions to various computer problems? It’s only possible if you’re the PC geek who knows how to fix the computer hardware or operating system.

Content creators have been doing this on YouTube for a while, and you could do it on TikTok. The only condition is that you must be passionate about PC or operating system repairing. You may not have come across such TikTok accounts that have been doing this.

@nitro_tech0 Make your pc faster instantly???? #fasterpc #pcfaster #fixmypc #slowpc #pcslow #viral #goviral #pcfix #pchelp #tipsandtricks #4upage #hacks #pc #tips #pctricks #4u #techtok ♬ hotel r a s p u t i n service – veggibeats

9. Software Training

Speaking of computers, software training could be a great niche. For example, software experts make a ton of money on YouTube by uploading tutorial videos on the second-largest search engine.

Hundreds of thousands of people out there want to learn how to use Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, MS Excel, AutoCAD, etc.

There are so many options to choose from. All you need is to figure out what software you know the best, and you could make TikTok videos around that software. Voila!

Regarding TikTok video ideas, you must be creative and well-informed about the idea you’re picking. The software training niche works best for someone who already teaches software on YouTube or SkillShare. Anyway, you’d find experts teaching computer hacks and tips on TikTok, so you could also teach how to use specific software.

@eravfx Since you’ve been asking for a step by step guide ???? #behindthescenes #tutorial #edit #vfx ♬ She Share Story (for Vlog) – 山口夕依

10. TikTok Challenges

Have you had a chance to come across any TikTok challenges? It’s usually a challenge video that famous TikTokers do, and it goes viral on the TikTok.

If you have been struggling to find TikTok video ideas to spice your TikTok engagement, try one of those prevalent TikTok challenges.

It could be anything from doing a specific exercise, tasting a soaring food, or anything crazier. I don’t personally recommend doing any unsafe TikTok challenges, but there are some funny TikTok challenges out there to check out.


kurt will do this dance 10 times – current count: 2

♬ cat dance – Kayden

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11. Make Duets or Stitches

You could make duets or stitches if you’re going through a rough patch and have no ideas to create TikTok videos. Duets allow you to collaborate with any TikToker using their videos, whereas stitches will enable you to reach their TikTok videos.

The best part is that you could create your TikTok brand around duets or stitches. You may have seen YouTube reaction channels; they’re widely popular on YouTube. You can do this on TikTok using the available options such as duets or stitches.

Just remember that duets and stitches are distinct features of TikTok. You can try both but stick around with just one so that people can recognize your brand proposition.

@brodywellmaker #duet with @kaandrra07 its random things like this that are the best to duet ???? #fyp #fypシ #foryoupage #comedy #upperhalfduets #weloveamber ♬ original sound – kassandra andrade

12. Beauty or Fashion Tips

The beauty and fashion niches are generally considered for female demographics. However, these aren’t gender-oriented niches, especially fashion.
Interestingly, you could go either way – beauty or fashion. Do whatever comes naturally to you. You’ve heard it right.

A beauty-related TikTok account is a game-changer if you belong to the industry. However, if you are interested in fashion, you could start talking about fashion and share your experiences with the audience.

You never know what people start liking about you. Some men’s YouTube channels talk about men’s fashion, dressing, and color combinations.

Perhaps you could do the same thing for your audience: teach them how to wear makeup, get your tuxedo stitched, or know how to tie. You got my point!

@daisy_tsaryk ???? #fyp ♬ sonido original – ???????????????? ᰔᩚ

13. Funny Skits

Have you ever come across those funny skits that make you laugh? If you have a bone for comedy, then you should try funny skits on TikTok. It could be a fantastic TikTok video idea. Moreover, you could create a TikTok account around jokes or funny skits.

The truth is that funny skits or comedy on social media isn’t everyone’s cup of tea – you have to be good at it to get the viewers’ attention.

Furthermore, you could try to make a funny skit once in a while if you create similar content on TikTok and run out of content ideas. However, don’t start posting funny skits if you have built an audience in a serious niche like medical, religion, etc.

Anyway, funny skits could be so much fun. You might stumble upon so many people that make funny videos on TikTok.

@keith_the_cat_cow I can hear that sound from a mile away!! #keiththecatcow #catsoftiktok #chonky #cowcat #comedy #funnyvideos #funnypets #pets ♬ 20th Century Fox Fanfare – Geek Music

14. Pets Videos

Who doesn’t like pets? If you’re a pet person, you may have a pet at home. If so, you could create informative videos about the pets or the specific pet.

However, ensure you know about the specific pet bird or animal inside-out because half-cooked information won’t work on social media.

Pet parents usually don’t know much about their pet birds or animals – so they opt to share their pet’s funny or interesting videos on YouTube or TikTok. That might work, but only if one of those videos goes viral for a reason.

Otherwise, you must be an expert on the subject matter to attract the masses. So make sure that you share your experience or knowledge about keeping your pet so that people can benefit from it.

@nooraqueenofffical #k9securitydog #mylovemypets #garmanshepherd_lover???? #k9 #Traning_video #longcoatgsd #viral #k9units #GsdBeauty #foryou #foryoupage #petslovers ♬ original sound – Arooba

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15. Cooking Lessons

The idea of finding TikTok content ideas shouldn’t be scary. It shouldn’t be difficult for anyone. Instead, you need to look for your strengths and utilize them to create TikTok content.

Cooking or baking is massive on YouTube. So if you’re interested in cooking, you must come up with your best recipes or secret ingredients to share on TikTok.

Cooking lessons could be a fantastic TikTok niche, especially if you enjoy cooking or you’re a chef. Loving the niche is a prerequisite in the TikTok content creation process.

You’ll come across so many chefs that use the TikTok platform.

@naomieats Day 25: making red velvet cake ❣️ The more advanced we get in class the harder it is to take nice footage but i have been so proud of my final products lately! #cookingschool #pastry #redvelvet #culinaryarts #cake ♬ It Never Rains in Southern California – Albert Hammond

16. Workout Hacks

Love working out or taking selfies in the gym? You should make a TikTok account around gym guidelines, workout tips, and fitness tricks – make sure you know what you’re talking about.

You don’t have to be a gym instructor to make fitness or gym-related TikTok accounts – all you need is to be well aware of the workout tactics. However, the workout TikTok content would only make sense if you have developed your TikTok brand persona around working out and fitness tips.

Posting gym and fitness tips videos out of the blue might not work. Gym or fitness is one of those areas that requires the person to be qualified in the subject matter.

@tombaileypt BRAIN GAINS!???????? Make your gym life EASIER with these HACKS!???? #fyp #gymhacks #fitnesstips #fittok #exercisetips #gymtips #gymhumor ♬ original sound – tombaileypt

17. Gardening Tips

Gardening is an excellent niche whether you’re doing Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok. If you’re planning to start TikTok and are interested in gardening, I’d suggest looking into this niche for TikTok videos.

However, one of this article’s core aspects is boosting your TikTok engagement. So you could use entice your audience with some gardening tips videos if you think they might be interested in it.

Knowing your audience is essential; for instance, if your TikTok account is about outdoor activities, gardening videos could be a good fit. So you have to be rational about your TikTok video ideas.

Furthermore, you’d find a ton of TikTok accounts talking about gardening. Let me share just one example account: #successionplanting is a great way to extend your harvest ???? #gardeningtip #gardening101 #beginnergardener #garden #gardeninghacks #vegetablegarden #ecotok #growfood #gardening ♬ original sound – darcy stokes


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18. Satisfying Slo-mo Videos

Have you ever seen those satisfying slo-mo videos on the internet? They have been all over YouTube. Anyway, if you’re into video-making, it makes sense to get into this video niche.

I assume you are interested in video-making and have already been making video editing or shooting tutorial videos on TikTok. Why not give satisfying slo-mo videos a try? It could be a different TikTok video idea to freshen things up. Who doesn’t like something different and creative?

The only caveat is that make sure your audience on TikTok is about video shooting, editing, and improving. Otherwise, you will fail to get the attention that your slo-mo videos deserve.

@simon.gmr Ty for 30 followers #tramp#trampoline#song#4k#quality#sunset#slowmotion ♬ Originalton – ᥫ᭡

19. TikTok Viral Dance

Did you ever see a viral TikTok dance? It’s usually a specific sound/music that goes viral, and people dance to that music. The purpose of this viral TikTok dance is to showcase their dance talent. Plus, they have to take advantage of the TikTok song virality.

So you might be wondering whether or not you should make such a dance TikTok video, then here’s the answer. This might be beneficial for you if you don’t have a very niche TikTok account, meaning you upload generic videos on your TikTok account.

Furthermore, if you upload dance TikTok videos, then it makes sense for your TikTok account. Go for it. There are hundreds of thousands of such TikTok statements out there, but I’ll show you one:

@adrien_nunez best tiktok dance of all time @carson.roney ♬ original sound – Adrien Nunez

20. Drawing or Sketching

Like most of the TikTok video ideas mentioned in this article, this one also looks pretty nice from the content creation context.

I usually recommend sticking to your niche or creating content related to your niche, for instance, if you’re in the cameras niche, you could talk about gimbals or drone cameras. However, it would be weird to start talking about vegetables out of the blue.

Similarly, if you think drawing or sketching aligns with your TikTok niche, you could try out this TikTok video idea to spice things up for your audience. You’d find artists and drawing enthusiasts using TikTok to share their talent.

@kaledoodles &lt3 @robin????‍♀️ @soleil ???? @&lt3 #drawing #draw #fyp #foryou #sketch #art #artist #arttok #UltaBeautyatTarget #TalkCurlyToMe ♬ Right Side of My Neck – Faye Webster


Many people seek permission to validate their ideas when it comes to social media content creation. However, most social media influencers do the opposite; they come up with ideas, make a plan, and execute it.

TikTok is a fast-paced social media platform. You have a short period for attracting, engaging, and converting the audience. So make sure that you keep your videos short and sweet.

The purpose of sharing a handful of TikTok video ideas for boosting engagement is to give you a push. I believe that some of you might be looking for TikTok video ideas to make the next video or even to start on TikTok from scratch.

When creating social media content, remember that the best content comes out when you enjoy the process or believe in the idea. You can’t make cat videos if you aren’t obsessed with cats, so keep this in mind.

Furthermore, the camera gear, lighting conditions, shooting skills, video editing, script, and voiceovers also matter in creating a polished end product. You might come across many more TikTok video ideas when you start moving forward. So all you need is to start!

FAQs About TikTok Viral Videos

Let’s answer some of the burning TikTok questions:

What type of videos are popular on TikTok?
There aren’t any specific types of videos that go viral on TikTok. Sometimes, it’s a fun challenge trend or a new song that becomes trendy – it leads creators to create popular TikTok videos. However, every popular video has a great sound, music, voiceover, or performance that makes it popular.

What is a good idea for a TikTok video?
No specific TikTok video idea could be considered a good idea – it depends on various factors such as personal choice, video genre, TikToker’s personality, etc. For example, a sports video idea might be best for a sportsman or an athlete, but it may not be great for a housewife. So a good video for TikTok varies from person to person.

How can you viral your TikTok video?
Try out the TikTok video ideas mentioned above and post TikTok videos consistently. Keep improving with each video and stick to regular uploads. Keep an eye on TikTok trends, and don’t hesitate to try out a few. Moreover, successful TikTokers collaborate and create a community around their fans. You should apply all these tactics to go viral on TikTok.

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