10 Powerful Buzzsumo Alternative Tools For Your Business in 2019

by Wasiq Naeem
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10 Buzzsumo Alternatives

Pretty much everyone needs to manage their social media channels and profiles these days. All companies, businesses, and brands rely on creating, distributing and promoting trending content relevant to their industry to keep their audience engaged and educated.

Each day we see thousands of articles being published on the web. It’s your job as a successful marketer to dig out the most trending and vial ones of the lot.

This would be a hard job if done manually which is why most marketing professionals use some kind of content management tool. There’s a popular tool for this need, goes by the name Buzzsumo.

Undoubtedly, it is a handy tool for discovering content on blogs and social media so you can pick up on what’s trending in your niche. If you want inspiration for blog ideas or content you can visit Buzzsumo and search for keywords to get trending articles.

However, some people find its search results a bit too superficial and the tool itself is pretty overpriced. This gives a chance for its competitor solutions to shine. So, let’s not limit ourselves and look at other possibilities.

In this article, we present a list of 6 Buzzsumo alternative tools that you must try. Some of these tools will have more features, some will have less, but all are worthy opponents to Buzzsumo.  Let’s analyze them one by one in detail.

Here is the list of 10 Buzzsumo Alternative tools for kick-ass Content Marketing in 2019:

  1. ContentStudio
  2. Ahrefs Content Explorer
  3. Social Animal
  4. Feedly
  5. Sprout Social
  6. Scoop.it
  7. Inoreader
  8. Cronycle
  9. ContentGems
  10. AndersPink


ContentStudio is a powerful and complete content discovery, curation, distribution, analysis, and social media management platform. It monitors the content from over 5 Million domains daily from different verticals and niches every 30 minutes giving it global coverage. ContentStudio is a comprehensive solution for digital marketers to seamlessly perform their daily activities.

Furthermore, you can also create highly customized and targeted news feed by discovering content w.r.t keywords, topics, and trends. This tool comprises of amazing features to help its clientele dominate their content marketing and social media management. Here are some of its key modules.

Buzzsumo Alternative
Via ContentStudio


Workspace refers to well-defined groups or working spaces. Forget the hassle of tracking folders, drives, messy files, and endless email threads. Group people, social media accounts, and content calendars into separate and unique workspaces and see how managing multiple brands becomes simpler.

Content Discovery

The content discovery engine keeps you updated with highly relevant and trending content suggestions pulled from our massive database of sources or your custom collection of sources. Get deep and actionable insights for any topic to optimize your content marketing strategy.


ContentStudio has an intuitive editor for composing social and blog posts. Not only can you create awesome content at a faster pace, but also distribute it to all of your social media and blogging channels.

Content Planner and Scheduler

No more clunky spreadsheets with disconnected workflows. Increase your productivity by running your entire marketing content from a single interface that connects all the moving pieces.

Content Automation

This module allows you to conceive, plan, and automate content to grow your blog and social media engagement on complete autopilot

Content Insights

ContentStudio not only provides you the top content, but it also gives you the important relevant data to see what’s working well for any topic, domain, industry or competitor. Identify opportunities and optimize your content marketing by creating content that resonates with your audience

Content Analytics

Measuring the ROI from social media could prove to be a challenge especially with the stack of insights and metrics provided by the networks. The analytics section in ContentStudio is segregated w.r.t individual social media channels for better debunking how each one is performing using parameters such as Impression, Engagement, Post Rate, Fans identification w.r.t age and sex, Demography and many more.

All this has been carefully and meticulously designed to build an elegant tool for enriched user experience (enhancing the user experience). The question you all might be asking now is how much does it cost? The pro plan for solo marketers costs a mere 49 USD/ month compared to 79/month charged by Buzzsumo. These facts force us to believe that ContentStudio is a perfect Buzzsumo alternative.

Ahrefs Content Explorer

When it comes to content discovery and processing, there are only a handful of tools that beat Buzzsumo. One of them is Ahref. It is a great tool for marketers who want to monitor their keywords ranking and backlinks while monitoring content mentions. It is used by content strategists to analyze content using backlinks and indexes of keywords.

As opposed to Buzzsumo which fetches content against backlinks and social shares, Ahref uses page visits and traffic to determine virality. There is a sea of information provided by Ahref for each article e.g. keywords, ranking, and traffic.  It not only shows you links where backlinks have been made but potential opportunities where links have not been made as of yet.

It is clear that competitors are the best teachers. Whenever you need inspiration, you can check what your competitors are doing and one-up them. Ahref can show you where your competitors are link building. So you can track and place your brand wherever the competition is.

Ahrefs Content Explorer
Via Ahrefs Content Explorer

All these features make Ahref a heavyweight in content analysis and a strong contender for the Buzzsumo alternative.

Social Animal

Social Animal is another great tool for content discovery and a choice for Buzzsumo. Though it is a little less priced than Buzzsumo, it does not offer a free plan. However, a 15 day free trial period is enough to get you started.

In contrast to the content discovery of Buzzsumo, with Social Animal, you can search for keywords in the title as well as the body of the content. In addition to that, you also see the number of shares for a particular article, the keywords it was constructed around, and the number of words it has.

Moreover, the content curation module in this tool is also very effective. It recommends to you the optimal title, the length of the post and the ideal time to post content for your audience.

If you are starting your social media marketing campaign, Social Animal will help you analyze your competitor’s pages highlighting their posts and engagement on Facebook helping you create a working Facebook marketing strategy.

Social Animal
Via Social Animal


Getting your hands on the right content can be challenging at times and once you find a good source it is extremely tough to track when fresh content is posted on it. This is where the concept of RSS comes in handy. Feedly is RSS on steroids.

Feedly lets you discover, read and share trending content, much like Buzzsumo. But it has a great trick up its sleeve. You can take the content you like, remove ads, pop-ups and other bits you don’t like. All you are left with is the textual content and the media supporting it.  You can then reshare it with your audience.

It is one of the few free Buzzsumo alternatives. The great thing about Feedly is that it offers over 200 integrations with other tools in the same category, one of which is ContentStudio. Combine the two and we guarantee you a solid content marketing and social media management tool. You can upgrade to a pro-plan for as low as $5/ month which is great value for money.

Via Feedly

Sprout Social

Sprout social is more inclined towards social media management rather than a content discovery tool like Buzzsumo but is a noteworthy mention.  Most of its core features are centered around social media management and are a great help if your company relies on social channels for brand marketing.

It allows you to manage your social media accounts through a central dashboard without the hassle of logging into each one individually. Thus, it is a great Buzzsumo alternative for digital marketers, social media managers, and digital agencies since it allows multiple users to monitor and run social campaigns. You can create teams and assign different roles to each one.

The great thing about sprout social is that you can curate content, share it and analyze its performance. This gives marketers the power to create actionable items and alter their social marketing strategy to achieve better results.

A plus point of this tool is the integration it has with social media platforms, which gives account handlers the unique ability to view and reply to messages from a unified tool. It also enables to route direct messages from social accounts to its dashboard where authorized users can entertain them instantly.

Although it is a cool Buzzsumo alternative, it is quite expensive with a total cost of $99/ month.

Via sproutsocial


Scoop.it is a handy content discovery tool that is both easy to use and easy on the pocket. Each day it crawls millions of websites gathering articles that are most relevant to your topics. This allows you to sustain a healthy flow of trending content towards your audience.

It is a great content curation tool. You can look for relevant content by searching with keywords. It offers a lot of smart filters that help you segregate good content. Sort your suggestions by relevance, popularity or prioritize freshness to get recent content. Additionally, you can also shortlist content based on its nature e.g. text pictures, videos, etc.

You can also use its editor for content creation. All these features are accessible in an elegant design for only $ 11/ month. Scoop.it is one of the few platforms which offers a free plan.

Via Scoop.it


Here’s another great content curation tool that you could safely categorize as a powerful competitor to Buzzsumo. It’s easy to use, user-friendly with an awesome user interface, and great automation packages that help you keep up with the current news and information.

Based on the RSS feed aggregator technology, it helps you find the latest content which you can organize by tagging it into different categories. The best thing about it is that you can create a free account to discover valuable content. The mobile apps are available for android, iOS, and Windows which adds to your convenience.

Via Inoreader


A tool enriched with functionalities of content curation and team collaboration, Cronycle, provides your team with a single platform to monitor all your content.

With its various integrations, you can involve your team & clients within the platform as well as externally like Zapier. Moreover, you can share all the aggregated content onto your social channels or other communication channels like WordPress blog, Slack, Newsletters, etc.

Check out their packages for each user type. Select the package that suits you the best and start utilizing your content libraries in a better way.

Via Cronycle


ContentGems is a gem of a content discovery engine that you could use to curate the most wanted content by filtering it out based on the required sources and domains. Based on the filters, you can bring in a stream of content that’s most likely to resonate with your interests too.

It also allows you to plug your discovered content onto your integrated channels like social media channels, newsletters, websites, or apps like Zapier, Slack, etc.

Via ContentGems

Anders Pink

Last but not least!

AndersPink is a powerful content curation tool that helps find the content according to the reader’s choice. You can create custom topics that will filter the content according to keywords, domains, RSS feeds and Twitter influencers. It connects you with your friends and colleagues by recommending and commenting on the best content for them.

It also has the Chrome Extension functionality which increases its accessibility. You can use the Anders Pink Extension to drop your content into your relevant topics. In addition to that, you can also integrate your external channels like Slack, WordPress, etc. This will help you power up your content sharing.

Anders Pink
Via AnderPink

Over to you

If you have used any other tool which has a strong potential of becoming a great Buzzsumo alternative, do share with us in the comment section.


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