50 Useful Content Marketing Tools to Skyrocket Your Website Conversions

by Wasiq Naeem
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Most of the content that is now freely walking on the network is informational garbage. And it is very difficult to find something that really deserves attention. Modern companies know and understand the value of really useful content. In its turn,  technology also does not stand still. Smart developers come up with more and more programs that help work with content as efficiently as possible. Below we have selected the most top-end content marketing tools, using which you have every chance to become the King of Content.

Content Creation

Best Tools for Research

Google Trends

This tool has great potential for content marketing, and it can also be used to generate new ideas and huge traffic to the site. Moreover, this tool is an indispensable complement when researching and looking for new keywords with high frequency and low competition at the top.


The essence of the functional lies in the possibility of researching content on the Internet that is suitable for your audience.


This is a multifunctional platform that helps to solve a number of tasks related to content marketing. In particular, with its help, you can determine what your customers are looking for and what search queries they are currently using, create content with monitored performance indicators, improve the efficiency of using social media content channels, etc.


In addition to a huge range of functions for working with a reference mass, analytics of competitors and traffic, this service is an excellent tool for working with keywords. To create truly high-quality optimized content, use such functions as the definition of the competition of keywords, the frequency of the desired region, related keywords, search analogs.

Create the Greatest Text with the Following Apps

Google Docs

This is the best alternative to Microsoft Word. The most useful features for creating textual content are grammar proofreader, co-editing, the ability to offer your edits and leave comments, and convenient access to the document for all team members via an open link.


This plugin has only one drawback – it only works with the English language. But it knows how to check the text sometimes even better than any proofreader, so try checking your English text by installing this extension.

Google Translate

The only thing you definitely should not do is to translate whole text fragments using this service. Although Google introduced machine learning into it, the Translator is still far from understanding all the linguistic subtleties of every available language. When you need a professional translation, it is better to turn to professionals, for example, to Pick Writers. However, Google Translator is convenient to quickly look at a forgotten word in a foreign language and search for its synonyms.

Services to Create a Killer Infographic


The tool, created by Quartz, allows you to create great graphics, charts, tables and any other types of images needed to visualize data. This is great for collecting and organizing basic information and presenting it to readers.


This is one of the newest and most powerful services. It has very strong functionality, among which is the conversion of streaming data in real time. It can work with large data arrays, build graphs of any complexity and create a visualization of the resulting information.


This is a very convenient service for composing a cloud from the text. This technique has become very popular among users recently. The service works with any text.


Many content creation specialists already know this service, because it is really very simple and convenient when creating infographics. As with the services we reviewed earlier, there are many ready-made infographic templates that can be taken as a basis. To add a new item to the workspace, you just drag it. It is highly recommended to use this service, especially for beginners who are just learning to create infographics. In addition, it is a great tool for creating any other graphic information.

Time graphics

This is an online service for creating a temporary infographic tape and showing chronology. The program is suitable for generating infographics of historical events and dates, comparing processes and results, creating analytics for forecasting. Can be used in resumes, in working with historical facts, for planning work. There is a choice of ready-made themes, individual design, text color.

Intuitive Services for Video Creation


WeVideo is a video recorder in the cloud. The main advantages are a very user-friendly interface and the ability to work as a team. There are many free templates, themes, and effects. For editing, there are applications for Android and iOS.


In this program, you can make drawn videos. The whole plot will be drawn by hand. The program does not work online, you need to install it on your computer. A free trial will be available for 7 days. If you have a talent of an artist, this is what you need to save a budget.


To use the GoAnimate service you do not need special knowledge and skills. Create vivid animated videos with the help of scripts present in the program. You will even have the opportunity to synchronize your speech and character articulation. After registration, you will have 14 days to use the service for free.


This is a curious program that allows you to mount your own movies. Your task is to create a script, and the idea will be realized by virtual actors. There are two modes: educational videos and history format.


This is a famous service for creating presentations, with which you can create video presentations. You will have access to a large number of templates and scripts. Once created, you can convert the presentation to a convenient format using video capture. If you agree to leave your work in the public domain – use the free version.


Google Webmaster Tools

This is an indispensable tool for every optimizer. In the Google Webmaster Tools panel you will find useful tips and tools for successful website promotion:

  • accelerating the indexing of a new site or pages of a site;
  • checking the site for potential problems detected by Google;
  • analyze search traffic data to understand how users find your site;
  • recommendations for site optimization;
  • analysis of the effectiveness of the site, checking the download speed from the point of view of Google;
  • browsing through Google’s “eyes”;
  • detection of duplicate pages within the site;
  • prohibition of indexing unwanted pages;
  • removing unwanted pages from Google index;
  • viewing external sources that link to your site;
  • and much more.


It is a tool that analyzes your existing content and identifies “gaps” in it, showing keywords that were not used but which could be used for better optimization. In other words, the service allows you to determine which keywords you have missed and which you can use to improve rankings.


This is a commercial product for analyzing external site optimization. After registration, some of its features are available for free. The main features are:

  • search for backward sources;
  • view and export anchor list;
  • search for the most frequently referenced site pages;
  • analysis of links to subdomains;
  • search for the most frequently referenced domains;
  • recent backlinks found;
  • Frequently referring countries and domain zones


Competent sorting according to different indicators reveals many problems and shortcomings in site optimization: duplicate pages, not unique Title and Description, broken links, external desirable and unwanted links, etc. The program can generate a convenient report that can be passed to programmers to troubleshoot problems.

Majestic SEO

This is a service with a large database of sites for analyzing competitors and studying reference masses. A useful feature is viewing the history of the increase in the reference mass for a fairly long period. Uploading anchor links, donor pages and even more are also available.


Pingdom is a service for monitoring the stability of your site, downtime, and performance of the server hosting the site. The system informs when the site is in inoperable condition. It has a very convenient and pleasant interface and allows you to add one site to the system for free.

CS Yazzle

This program for the promotion of sites is designed to facilitate the work of SEO-specialists on the analysis (accounting) of reference mass for a particular project or request being promoted, for the primary analysis of the textual component of the pages, as well as for assessing the competitiveness of queries.


This service allows you to effectively increase the reference mass, shorten and arrange links in such a way as to encourage users to navigate through them, as well as set retargeting pixels and analyze the results.


JetOctopus is a toolkit designed to make technical SEO more manageable for marketers of all levels. It enables you to monitor and improve your site’s SEO health, streamlining everything from crawling to logs analysis.

Visually learn about your website’s SEO issues, such as duplicate content, 404 errors, keyword cannibalization, etc., and easily prioritize them for quicker resolution. JetOctopus also helps identify fake bots, optimize your crawl budget, and improve your site’s indexation.

All in all, it is one of the fastest, most affordable, and easy-to-use site crawler and logs analyzer tools available today.


Google Cloud Platform

To analyze and transform data arrays, as well as support the infrastructure of the site, you can use the additional cloud functionality of the Google Cloud Platform. This platform greatly simplifies the work, allowing you to transfer a number of tasks and minimize time to work with databases and flows.


This service allows you to conduct a more in-depth analysis of the resource, monitor advertising campaigns, conversions, keywords and user actions in real time.


This program provides an opportunity to collect statistical data of the resource, analyze the behavioral characteristics of the audience, conversions and transitions. The functionality is very similar to Analytics so it will be much easier for beginners to get comfortable with it in the initial stages.


This is a good alternative for analytics from Google. This service allows you to save all the information locally or in cloud storage. To assess the functionality of the system, it will be correct to get acquainted with its demo version. The functionality of the system allows for analyzing sales funnels and conversion rates, analyzing visitors’ actions in real time, the user’s journey from the time of the initial site visit to the target action, probable audience routes, cohort analytics, etc.


This is the best option for owners of online stores. In addition to the main functionality, which includes tracking user activity and collecting basic statistics, it allows you to calculate ROI and performance of key performance indicators, track the effectiveness of used keywords and user actions on the site.


Often there is a need to work with multiple data warehouses and data transfer. To perform these tasks, you can independently develop the necessary scripts, but you can use ready-made solutions implemented in this platform. The service provides the ability to work with more than 80 sources.

IBM Watson Analytics

Working with web analytics, it may be necessary to track certain patterns among the data array. For this, it is necessary to carefully analyze this data, process the information for each of the fields, determine the interrelation of different data, and only then come to certain conclusions. Solving all these tasks is greatly simplified with IBM Watson Analytics.

Social Networking

Giveaway Insta

Giveaway is the best and one-of-a-kind service that allows you to effectively conduct contests and pranks on Instagram. This is a paid service, but the amount of time you save thanks to it is worth the most! So, Giveaway Insta allows you to hold contests on Instagram almost without your participation. Service 100% honestly and transparently check the fulfillment of all conditions.


This is an all-inclusive social network management tool, which has planning, monitoring, and analytics functions. The service collects all references to your business in social networks, and the tracking option allows you to search for keywords, URLs and process Twitter. In Agorapulse, you can view comments on your posts on Facebook and Instagram.


This is a cool service for creating interactive publications based on live broadcasts. GoUpLive offers several unique templates that have not yet tired the users on Facebook and can cause great interest among the audience.

Workflow Planning


This tool is good at organizing and managing a content project. It is especially useful if you have more than one project performer. The difference between Trello and other similar services due to the fact that this application focuses on the visual organization of the process. This tool allows you to:

  • Invite members of your team to the discussion;
  • Upload files, share links, create lists and leave comments;
  • Establish deadlines, connect emails, use stickers and labels for classification.

The service is free (its basic version). But you can use a more advanced account of the program – Trello Gold.


This is the coolest service that allows you to save and quickly find any important information. In addition, here you can add audio notes, tables, lists, links to notes, as well as work with content remotely.


This application makes it possible to read the only useful text. It cleans the web page of unnecessary stuff, so you only read the text from the web page and you do not see the advertising banners and other uninteresting things. Clearly is also easy to use. In addition, you can save the text of the article in Evernote directly from the browser, and Evernote will automatically determine which notepad to save the note to.


This is a browser extension that allows you to postpone a useful reading for later. This is almost the same as Evernote, only for web pages. With one click you save a web page that you are not ready to see now, but you definitely want to read in the future. When you write content, you read a lot, and therefore saving articles is useful for you. If you read the stored materials inside the pocket, you will also appreciate the function of cleaning the material from all the excess.


The following functions are implemented in this multitasking service.

  • Content strategy: a tool that allows you to independently create a content strategy tailored to the user’s needs. More than 2 thousand strategy options are available. The service also helps in creating unique text and graphics content for your post;
  • Smart Calendar. This is an intelligent message planner that helps to track the schedule of posts. Includes ready-made ideas for each day;
  • Design editor: a set of responsive design templates for styling pages and posts – cover, image, and avatar;
  • Custom tabs: a set of advertising mechanisms for social networks in the form of a mini-application designer.

Content Marketing Tasks Automatization


This is almost a universal tool that allows its users to perform the main tasks of content management using a single application. With this solution, you can effectively search and analyze current trends, schedule the publication of content on various social networks and other platforms, analyze the effectiveness of your content marketing companies and do it all together with your team.


Everypost is a very good service that will help save a lot of time publishing content in social networks. Its main task is automatic repost or, as it is also called, cross-posting from Instagram to other social networks.


In order not to create a publication every few hours, use a professional service of delayed publication. Bootup provides an opportunity for a paid basis to plan publications in your Insta account in advance, analyze the effectiveness of publications, like and comment on posts.

Some More Useful Instruments

Content Marketing Tools to Increase the Speed of Your Site Loading

Google PageSpeed Insights

This is a tool from Google. After you enter the address of your site, the system automatically:

  • analyze all the positive and negative aspects of your site;
  • give two ratings from 0 to 100 for computers and for mobile devices;
  • will give clear tips on optimizing your online resource.

In addition, the service will advise you on how to improve your content. For example, how to choose the optimal font size, whether you need to reduce photos and images so that they load quickly and display well on mobile devices.


Pingdom tools

Pingdom Tools is a more professional tool. It will also show you the negative and positive aspects of your site, separately analyze each request to the server and offer options for simplifying them.

The advantage of Pingdom Tools is flexibility, a pleasant and clear interface, as well as a large number of functions. For more in-depth analysis, Pingdom Tools highlights each element with multi-colored icons and analyzes it in milliseconds – for example, it estimates the time to get information about the domain, to connect to the server and so on.

Monitis Tools

With the help of the Monitis Tools, you can analyze the download speed of your website from anywhere in the world. That is, you can see how quickly your site loads for visitors from other countries and even continents. Servers of this resource are located in the USA, Asia, and Europe. For each test, you will receive clear statistics with which you can continue to work.


Special WordPress Plugins for Content Marketing

Simple Author Box

Simple Author Box allows you to add an elegant adaptive author block at the end of each blog entry. This author’s block includes the author’s name, avatar, description, and links to the author’s page on social networks. This plugin adds 30 social media profile fields to the WordPress user profile section, so you can easily display your social network profile on the site. Simple Author Box also has RTL support.

SEO Internal Links

Linking blog entries is a very important parameter for search engine optimization. The SEO Internal Links plugin automatically links keywords and phrases in posts and also allows you to set the nofollow attribute and allows you to open a link in a new window.


This is a modern, very flexible and customizable plugin. With it, you can add any type of post, as well as custom fields (text fields, radio buttons, drop-down menus). Each of these fields can be arranged separately.

CustomPress has an intuitive and modern interface that allows you to customize new custom post types in minutes. Working with custom fields is also very easy and convenient. CustomPress is truly a worthy option.

WP Smush

Any blog post is not complete without images. Images are a proven way to grab the attention of your audience by making your blog entry more interactive. But large image files can slow down your site so it would be nice to reduce the size of the images. This will improve the performance of the site. ‘WP Smush’ is the best free image optimization plugin. It changes the size of your images by group action and compresses them without losing quality.


Of course, these are not all the content marketing tools that the modern software market can offer to marketers, PR managers, copywriters, analysts, and SEO specialists. But start using at least some of them, and you will notice that your approach to the content strategy will become more conscious, and therefore more effective.

Here are a few bonus content marketing tools.


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