15 Linkedin Influencers Every Content Marketer Should Follow

by Wasiq Naeem
9 minutes

“Building a successful  brand isn’t just about ROI, Its about building authentic relationship with people”

Ryan Holmes

The quote above tells exactly how important ‘marketing’ plays its role in promoting something. In the world of business; business isn’t business without marketing. So if you’re a marketer, every day you need to come up with new ideas and techniques.

The thing is that you won’t even have time to read books about marketing and entrepreneurship. But trust me; books aren’t even necessary to keep up. Following some people who share good knowledge is enough to learn from.

We’re going to discuss the 15 LinkedIn influencers in which each one has its own flavor of knowledge in entrepreneurship and marketing that you’ll love to follow them.

Josh Fechter


LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/joshuafechter/

Why Should You Follow Him?

Josh Fechter is leading now in terms of growth marketing and growth hacking tactics as he helps the companies to boost up their ROIs. The man behind BAMF Media has made it now to the LinkedIn influencers list at the 4th rank. He is an amazing mind, full of amazing tactics about the marketing and management as well. If you want to learn about the growth marketing and its hacking techniques, he is the man you shouldn’t forget to follow as he keeps sharing his knowledge and experience with his followers. He is one of the guys who start a #letsgethonest campaign where people started sharing their personal and professionals struggle and it got viral.

Sramana Mitra


Founder, One Million By One Million

LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sramana

Why Should You Follow Her?

She is passionate to write about the tactics and strategies to help marketers and new startups in entrepreneurship. Her philosophical approach towards entrepreneurship and marketing can help you to explore and discover typical marketing strategies. Since she founded One Million by One Million in 2010, it has created millions of extra jobs, helped entrepreneurs to boost their turnover to $1 Million per annum as it worked as a virtual accelerator. She has an amazing experience in entrepreneurship and strategy consultancy since 1994 and that is what insisted LinkedIn make her one of their top influencers in 2015.

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Ryan Holmes

CEO, HootSuite

LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rholmes/

Why Should You Follow Him?

He loves to share his thoughts about marketing and startups, but also about the emerging new moves in the tech and social world. He founded HootSuite in 2008, making it easier for people to manage their social media approach all-at-one place. He is been in business since his school life and has serial of different business flavors – from a pizza restaurant to the digital media agency even before he launched HootSuite as one of his top successes. Ryan Holmes believes that there are many ways that could lead to success in business, besides the option of ‘expensive education’ that may work well but it is not the only option.

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Sallie Krawcheck

CEO and Co-Founder, Ellevest

LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/salliekrawcheck/

Why Should You Follow Her?

She is a woman who has a brilliant mind towards career development, marketing strategies, financial advice, and entrepreneurship. She is a professional woman who has the passion to write about creative ideas that come to her mind regarding everything that she is good with as aforementioned. She has a history of growing typical business and apparently, that is what made her powerful in her career. As a CEO and Co-Founder of Ellevest, she has made a move to bring the women to the world’s best platform built for their successful career. She doesn’t even miss an opportunity on social media; sharing something new to her followers that caught her mind.

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Bernard Marr

Author & Business Expert

LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bernardmarr/

Why Should You Follow Him?

A highly respected expert, who knows how to work around with the intelligent use of data in business and the strategies to enhance the performance of the business. He has also been one of the bestselling authors internationally who has written 15 successful books, hundreds of high-demanding articles and reports. He owns a company known as Bernard Marr and Co; an independent think tank that provides services such as writing, speaking, consultancy, training and research with strategies, management, leadership etc. He has also worked with the world’s most leading companies. As a data expert, he knows what is changing our lives.

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James Altucher


LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jamesaltucher/

Why Should You Follow Him?

As his title says it all, he is the man who believes not to give up ever and that is how he motivated himself and became successful. Now he motivates those who wish to become entrepreneurs. According to Altucher, he founded or co-founded more than 20 companies; out of which he failed approximately 17. So, after going through consistent failures; taking it as a challenge could change your life. He loves to write about the reasons for our failures that people sometimes neglect while startups. He discovered the gems inside those typical situations through which he has gone himself. So, his ideas for successful entrepreneurship, marketing strategies and startups will help you to move forward without giving up in order succeeding.

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Mohamed-El Erian

Chief Economic Advisor, Allianz

LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mohamedelerian/

Why Should You Follow Him?

He loves to write the analysis of the economic and financial trends globally. But he also loves to keep in touch with his own businesses and the strategies that he applies himself. Besides being a Chief Economic Advisor at Allianz, he is also a well known American businessman. With his experiences in career, the man knows about the global economic and financial levels more than anyone else. So, for you as a marketer, it is important to learn about how marketing and financial trends are going on globally. As aforementioned, he leads in the knowledge of economics and finance.

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Shane Snow

Founder and CCO, Contently

LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/shanedsnow/

Why Should You Follow Him?

Content marketing is the focus that mainly a marketer looks for. In that case, he is the man you’re looking for. He is the man behind Contently, which is a platform to help you with your content management strategy. So, if he could establish such a platform, it shows how influential and powerful this man can be in terms of content marketing that his thoughts and opinion will help you to move to the next level.

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Tara Hunt

Digital Marketing Executive, Truly Social

LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/missrogue/

Why Should You Follow Her?

She is the combination of being a social media expert, data expert, marketing researcher and entrepreneurship. Tara Hunt’s professional experience of approximately 18 years can tell what she is capable of. She has written dozens of articles about to help you become social and content marketer to get the most response out from your customers. She is the whole package from which you can learn to become the best strategy-maker in marketing. She founded Truly Social, a platform that could help people to create content that connects to the customers without even worrying about the SEO services that it provides as well. So the idea and the platform have helped many in the world of marketing. Following her would enhance and strengthen your marketing skills. One more thing! She is a brilliant storyteller as well.

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Aaron Orendorff

Content Marketer, Shopify

LinkedIn Profile: linkedin.com/in/aaronorendorff

Why Should You Follow Him?

His specialty lies in content marketing that makes him the best guy if you want to learn about making a marketing strategy to hit buyer’s psychology. He is better known as a content marketing expert at Shopify, but also he owns his own content marketing agency “iConiContent”. You’re good to go if you want to learn about the buyer’s psychology, connecting with them emotionally and successfully marketing your content. The tactics that he shares with the audience made him one of the LinkedIn Influencers to-must-be followed by the marketers. Undoubtedly, he is an iconic mind!

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Goldie Chan

Head Of Content & Creative, Confirm/Deny

LinkedIn Profile: linkedin.com/in/goldie

Why Should You Follow Her?

She is the one behind the exposure of LinkedIn movements through the top-notch videos that she created by herself creatively. When it comes to learning the creativity of content marketing, she is good to go for. Her expertise also lies in the creation of social media strategy to help you boost up and promote your content or brand on social media. Her opinion in terms of marketing and strategy-making is something that is the first priority of a marketer to learn about. She also holds the top hand as a Head of Content at boutique branding agency known as “Confirm/Deny”.

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Dennis Williams II

Content Marketer, SkillShare

LinkedIn Profile: linkedin.com/in/denniswilliamsii

Why Should You Follow Him?

The master blaster when it comes to the all-in-one package of tech, social media, marketing and the young generation’s psychology. Do you know where your marketing strategy will stand in future? No? Follow Dennis on LinkedIn and as a marketer, you’ll get to know about many things in strategy making and management in order to get going towards successful demands. He is currently holding a successful position at SkillShare as a Content Marketer. He researches around the digital marketing base and comes up with creative ideas to implement that you’ll surely love not to miss as a marketer.

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Glenn Leibowitz

Group Head, External Relations at McKinsey & Company

LinkedIn Profile: linkedin.com/in/glennleibowitz

Why Should You Follow Him?

Do you know how to write something in creativity to attract the attention of the audience at first place? If not, then Glenn Leibowitz is the person you’re looking for to learn from. He holds the whole amazing perspective of marketing with the writing. No doubt, if a story is looking good, you won’t miss it. So, transforming the complexities of business, economics, and marketing into a good story is something he is expert at. As a marketer, it is important to learn how writing could attract the eye of the audience. You shouldn’t miss to follow him if you’re looking to make writing your main perspective in marketing.

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Carsten Pleiser

Growth Marketer, Event Tech

LinkedIn Profile: linkedin.com/in/carstenpleiser

Why Should You Follow Him?

When it comes to growth marketing and event marketing, he is the best advisor because he is good at it. If you’re looking to learn about how growth marketing could make you a lead, then you shouldn’t miss to follow him. He runs Event Tech that provides best solutions for the event marketers and the ones who’re trying to level up in leadership. He comes up with creative and unique ideas in combination with tech and marketing.

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Harsh Jani

CEO, CryptoFyre

LinkedIn Profile: linkedin.com/in/janiharsh

Why Should You Follow Him?

He can better advise the new startups to transform into full-time investment ventures and move to the next stage. But not just that, he is also the one who helps the blockchain companies to grow their markets and build communities through ICOs. Even the man behind CryptoFyres shares the knowledge of growth hacking on LinkedIn in which he is the best so far.

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Being a marketer is never easy and if you follow top performers in your field it gives you an edge over other amateurs out there because you have wisdom and knowledge of best in the field and making a good strategy and planning everything correctly helps you build an empire with future success. You see all those people above; their experience tells how long it could be for a marketer to grow-up well. But if you do it smartly with good planning, you won’t even regret if you’ll fall down or face a failure. Never give up! So, if you’re sure about what you’re going to do in marketing, where you’re going to lead, then follow the ones who’re going to help you with the best marketing tactics. The list above is the world of marketing! Don’t miss to follow them.

Ask yourself “Who are you going to follow?” Good luck!

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Wasiq Naeem is a content and digital marketing veteran who is passionate about his writing. Extensive research and producing high-quality content is just another day at the office for him.

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