ContentStudio 2.0 – Product Updates: January 2021

by Mariyum Noor
9 minutes
Content Studio Product updates

Happy new year! Let’s take a moment to appreciate ourselves. Despite the difficult times, we have all made it through! Consider the new world your oyster, and you’ll be ready to achieve anything! ????

This year, our goal at ContentStudio is to make it the ultimate digital marketing platform. That’s why we are so excited to introduce all these new updates that we have released this month!

Let’s dive in…

New Features

ContentStudio’s Brand New Design!

First of all, let me introduce you to the New ContentStudio Design outlook!

Here at ContentStudio, we’re striving to make our tool user-friendly, intuitive, and fun. We have released an overview redesign, new authorization screens, and UI improvements.

Let’s get into it!

Authorization Screens

We have revamped our existing front-end design with the new design for the following pages:

  1. Welcome Back/ Log in
  2. Sign Up
  3. Verifying Email
  4. Forgot Password
  5. Joining Team Members!


  • Bringing a brand new design for the Overview of AnalyticsAnalytics Reports, and Curated Topics.


Evergreen Automation

  • You can now preview your video uploads. With tool-tips for switch and drag buttons, you can also change up the sequencing of your posts!


Discover Feeds

Introducing you to the new design of Cover Stories

Untitled (16).png

and Grid, and List View to view articles as you prefer:

Untitled (17).png

I hope you’re as excited about the new design as we are! Let us know what you think. As always, we are open to suggestions and feedback!

Validation Checks on Social Posting

Sometimes errors happen, posts fail. ????

It’s okay though, don’t worry, as we have introduced validation checks at Social Composer so you can avoid (publishing) errors altogether!

As you know, ContentStudio offers two different types of option to compose a message: Social and Blog Composer.

???? Up until now, our Social Composer module lacked a validation process. This resulted in a lot of “failed” posts.

???? Social media networks are like apples and oranges ????????. They’re each fundamentally different. You can’t just post the same image or video everywhere since each platform has its own limits!

???? To optimize your social experience, we enforced the text-limit restriction, video/image size restriction, and aspect ratio check while publishing.

These errors will look like this:


We also have made a list of all the optimal social media image sizesvideos, and gifs supported by each platform for your ease! ????

While the error is still unresolved, you will not be allowed to publish to your social media network!


(Bonus: With these checks, you won’t feel like throwing away your computer when the posts don’t publish! ???? Hurray for that!)

Bold/Italic for Social Post

ContentStudio now enables you to change the text font to Bold or Italic while composing a post in Social Composer if you want to, and it works for all the social media networks! How cool is that? ????

Select Between Zapier and Mobile Notification Method for Instagram

We now give you more control over the Instagram publishing method.

We have added the option to choose between ‘Zapier’ and ‘Mobile Notification’ where you can set and prioritize the way you want to publish posts through the Instagram publishing method.

insta publishing.png

Social Inbox Re-design To Improve UX

We’ve made the inbox module smarter for you to monitor and engage with your audience queries more effectively using ContentStudio.

By Minimise toolbar

Now, it’s more manageable for you to minimize the side menu to avoid cluttering information shown on the left side and manage your social media activities widely. By clicking on this icon you can minimize your sidebar.

mini 3.png

On another side, click on ‘‘ to enable you to maximize the sidebar.

max 2.png

Select all social channels with a single click

You asked for it – you got it. ContentStudio enables you to select all of your social media channels with a single click.


Select an individual social account – fast

In the recent improvements, ContentStudio not only allows you to select all social accounts at once but you can also select an individual account by hovering over the social account and clicking on the “Only” action.

only 2.png


Youtube Video Automation – Add YouTube API to fetch Content

As YouTube continues to dominate to be the most popular video-sharing platform, the need for integrations of cutting-edge features and functionalities have become relentless!

With this new feature, the integration method has changed from global API to user’s individual APIs. That means users can add their own Youtube API key to run YouTube Automations.

But wait.. what exactly is an API?

API is the interface for programmers. It is a set of protocols, codes, and functions that programmers use to interact and work with on other software applications.

How does this help me?

Initially, there was difficulty to plan content from YouTube due to API quota restrictions.

But with this recent release, YouTube API can be added on the ‘Other Integrations’ page.

Here’s how to create your own Youtube API Key.


This API Key will help to fetch the required content from YouTube for ‘Videos to Blog’ and ‘Videos to Social Media’ automation!

TL;DR: Post away your favorite videos from YouTube at a click of a button! Of course, adding in a mixture of content for your socials (that means article links, graphics, infographics, videos, gifs, memes) will increase the engagement rate overall! ????

Design Upgrade: “Settings”

This one is highly requested! ????

When it comes to managing your account, Design is everything.

We give you a chance to try our new design for Setting pages. Experience a unified design with a focus on ease of access. We have rolled an exciting update for you where the Settings page is newly designed. (1).gif

UTM Settings

ContentStudio always creates ease for their customers. Now, we have made it so much easier to manage your social media activities with our UTM tool. ????

Now, ContentStudio added a Default UTM to the UTM list to track your traffic.


UTM is a code that is added to the links when shared allows you to track the traffic and social engagement. We enable you to create customize UTM for each social channel.

Campaign Name: Contains campaign name which you have created already to track the performance of it.

Campaign Medium: It is based on the medium which you want to select for presenting your campaign or product to the audience such as email, newsletter, social and etc.

Campaign Source: You need to identify the source like Facebook, Twitter, etc. which shows you that from which source you are receiving more traffic or leads.

P.S: You can disable the default UTM, which is added when you share links to your social media channels by turning it off.


Bulk Upload for CSV improvement

Looking for a better way to upload CSV file for mac users? ????

You ask, and we deliver. ✌️

We have improved CSV formatting for Bulk Upload to CSV and Evergreen Recipe. Now the users do not have to convert their CSV file in the correct format to upload it to ContentStudio.

All you have to do is to make a file from MAC, then follow the following instructions given in this article:

YouTube Automation Recipes Improvements

Previously, campaigns were using the global API for Youtube that was causing the interruptions as we were hitting the rate-limits.

But now with the recent release, you can use Video Automation Recipe for YouTube but first, you need to add your API Key. You can add the API key by going to **Settings > Other integrations. **

This guideline helps you to get the Youtube API key.

Bugs ????

Following bug fixes and UI improvements have been made with the latest release:

Let’s dive in!


  • We have changed the API for Instagram Notifications.
  • Composer code improvements. While posting to Instagram, a caption is no longer mandatory. Let pictures tell your story! ????
  • Instagram Notification/Push Notification: We have added a logo to clarify if the post type is video or image.

Web Application

  • You can now see AM/PM placed alongside the timezones in Automation.
  • Composer sidebar width has been improved for Mac Safari.
  • We have fixed Composer text-area re-rendering issue after image “drag and drop”.
  • Discover Navigation issue has been fixed.
  • We have fixed the cross-browser OMPL drop-down button style issue.
  • The design has been improved, we now show Upload Now in case if the user has not uploaded their image.
  • Overview Analytics tables’ alignment has been fixed for small screens.
  • Feeds: Loader placement fixed
  • There was a fetching issue from Article Automation. That has been fixed.
  • Discovery: Twitter content issue for topics has been fixed.
  • Social Post: Preview Issue fixed
  • Implementation of SEO Italic Tags score
  • There has been an improvement on selection for Blog Post of Primary/Secondary.
  • Order change for RSS history
  • There is a redirect back to Planner after Edit Draft post from Planner.
  • Composer and Planner listing: loader issue has been fixed
  • Proxies have been added for RSS automation
  • Media Library Improvements
  • We have fixed domain link for Shopify
  • Fixed the error of invalid files upload in Media Library. Invalid files like pdfs are not uploaded and an error is shown before it gets uploaded:

Screenshot_from_2021-01-20_17-26-24 (1).png

  • Social Validations have been added on Repeat Posting as well!
  • Fixed the issue of content removal from the social box
  • Evergreen automation: The video posting issue has been fixed
  • Extra space and side scroller has been removed on Canva dropdown


  • Influencers‘ Details: Twitter feed alignment has been fixed.
  • Social Composer: Input type number field alignment was fixed.
  • Shopify: Connect Page Alert no longer overlaps with the Connect button.


  • In some cases, tags were overlapping on Engagement, trending score & Set Time Area. This has been fixed.


  • Calendar UI Issue has been fixed.
  • UI issue on preview images in the planner and composer area for MAC OS was fixed
    • Safari Datepicker Issue in Blog Posts
    • Inbox Resync details fixed
    • Backlog issues
    • When deleting a Campaign from Composer, it will move that campaign to Default Folder.)
    • We now display AM/PM with timezone while creating a Social Post.
  • Clipboard_2021-05-01_at_9.36.52_AM.png
    • In the Social Inbox, Facebook’s view replies now show all the replies.
    • Font size has been increased to 1px on laptop screenshot for Social Connect.
    • Invited button fixed on Manage Team & Client Roles.

    Untitled (21).png

    • We have capitalized P in WordPress throughout the app! (To all the folks with OCD out there. ???? [Myself included!])
    • Search icon alignment fixed on the Discovery Search bar

    Untitled (18).png

    • Message field disabled while attaching a file

    Untitled (19).png

    • Buttons improvements for Manage Sources & Compose
    • Tooltip width was increased on social accounts connect modal
    • Safari hover overlay on feeds items fixed
    • Image used to be squished for the Instagram post, but it does not get squished now.
    • Drag and Drop from Assistant Improved.
    • Login Feature improved on Safari.
    • In Articles to Social Media Automation recipe, while planning content, broken links will not consume any slots and your next refill time for automation recipe will not be consuming any wasted slots.
    • The hashtags issue has been fixed for Tumblr. Now, when you publish content to Tumblr using hashtags, they will be added to the Tumblr hashtags area, and also clickable too.
    • We have fixed content alignment in the “Dashboard” for the laptop and similar screens.
    • Fixed edit tooltip in a planner as it used to be misplaced.
    • Daylight saving timezone issue fixed. If you are in a day-light saving time zone, you will see the content planned according to your time zone.
    • Disabled Message area when there is attachment. (Social Inbox)
    • Evergreen: Clicking on Add Another Post in Evergreen opens the new message box with previously added posts.
    • Zapier icon has been fixed (Prior to this, it was visible even after the dropdown is closed.)
    • Proper Image alignment in the planner screen
    • The Archived Posts issue from Discovery has been fixed
    • Multiple Post published/failed notification issues fixed (Publishing)
    • Workflow approval: the issue where the email was redirected to the dashboard issue has been fixed.
    • New (Content Category) post slots are fetched in case of failed, missed review, and rejected posts
    • A scroll has been added within the “Automation History” table.
    • Different post preview in list and feed view
    • Twitter Post Media Failures have been catered to.
    • Fixes in Evergreen post creations
    • No more multiple notifications
    • RSS automation version history fixes

UI Improvements

  • We have updated Email field placeholders on Login/Sign-up pages.
  • We have added a tool-tip on the toggle button in all automatons.
  • Filename, size, and extension have been added when you attach a file in Composer:

Untitled (22).png

  • The alignment issue on Feed’s ListView and Add new Favorites field on the Topic page has been fixed.


  • “2 minutes read” text was overlapping on article tags. This has now been fixed.

Screenshot_from_2021-01-21_10-09-13 (1).png

Looking forward

Not bad for a month’s worth of work, eh?

Still haven’t seen the update or feature of your dreams? Let us know in the comments!


Mariyum Noor

Mariyum Noor is a content marketer who is passionate about learning new things! She writes research-based blog posts for SaaS platforms that are seeking better ways to delight and engage their readers.

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