How To Build Facebook Marketing Strategy For Your Business

by Mustafa Niazi
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Building a Facebook marketing strategy is not as easy as using a Facebook individual’s account. Even most of us, face issues to perform certain actions using our individual account. While running a business on Facebook is a different ball game.

If are you taking advantage of what it offers to businesses then by the end of this article, you will definitely change your mind.

Why is Facebook Essential in Marketing Your Business?

Global Reach:

Comparatively to all other social networks, Facebook provides a global exposure to businesses and offers the most comprehensive set of business tools to its users. Tools such as FB ads, FB groups, and FB pages.

The Facebook page is the ideal marketing funnel for individuals and companies to connect with the target audience and enhance awareness. 

Along with FB pages, Facebook ads can’t be overlooked when growing your business. According to Facebook statistics for 2022, the total advertising audience is 2.11 billion people, which is 72.5% of their total monthly active users. 

No matter what your business is, Facebook is a powerful advertising tool that can lead your business to the global level. 

Alliance With B2B and B2C:

Facebook can do wonders in the case of both B2B and B2C companies. Imagine the massive community your business can connect with, if you effectively market your brand on Facebook. B2B businesses can build new and sustain relationships they already have as they don’t require a massive number of followers. However, B2C companies can drive huge leads from scratch through FB advertisements. 

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Build Brand Loyalty: 

Facebook provides a quick base of interaction between clients and brands. Responding to clients’ queries through Facebook is straightforward and naturally promotes brand loyalty. Remember, immediate customer interaction makes your audience feel that you care about their concerns. 

Boost Your Web Traffic:

Sharing your website link on your FB profile can bring massive leads to your website page. Such leads are likely to be more receptive as they willingly visit your site by clicking on links. Therefore, it is essential to fill your info section on the FB page, such as name, logo, contact, and address, to show your customer you are serious about what you do. 

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Gain In-Depth Audience Insights:

On the FB page overview, you can look at key data insights such as Pageviews, page likes, and post reach. You can further drill down to find out how specific posts are performing. FB in-depth insights help you design your content better and ultimately lead to better marketing. 

How to Build an Effective Facebook Marketing Strategy?

Determine Your Target Audience

Facebook- Monthly- active-users

Facebook having 2.936 billion monthly active users in April 2022, placing it first as the world’s most active social media platform.

So that being said, Facebook’s business strategy is useless if you aren’t reaching the right people. For that, you need to determine your target audience. When you identify your target audience’s age, gender, interest, behavior, and other key data and insights, then you will be able to develop a sound Facebook marketing strategy.

As we know, Facebook is the second largest website on the internet after Google. Therefore, having a presence on Facebook has become a must for businesses if they want to expand their online market share. Here are some tips to get your target market on Facebook.

  • Use tools like social media analytics and Facebook audience insights.
  • Open a business page if you haven’t already.
  • Engage in Conversation
  • Track on Competitors’ Facebook account
  • Post regular on your account
  • Create FB group
  • Offer exclusive deals
  • Advertise on Facebook by customizing your audience.

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Set Goals

The mandatory step for Facebook’s marketing strategy is to set clear goals. This roadmap is an essential reference to measure the success of your Facebook business plan. Sprout Social Index has found that marketers have the following primary goals on Facebook: 

  • 21% wanted to increase audience engagements
  • 34% wanted to raise brand awareness
  • 17 % wanted to increase leads and sales generation

Once you have determined your goals, you can accordingly build a Facebook marketing strategy

So, where do you start?

When choosing goals for your marketing effort, a SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely) strategy may help out. 

For example, instead of stating your goal as brand awareness, you can go for 3000 followers in three months. 

This is a SMART goal because it is specific, quickly tracked, and measured; it is realistic and has a time factor. 

Similarly, if you are looking to increase sales and leads, your goals could be to have 25 leads and a CPC of less than $5 at the end of the month. 

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Choose Content Formats

Content creation is another integral part of building Facebook’s business strategy. It helps in attracting your audience and winning leads and sales. 

According to CMI (Content Marketing Institute), content generation is the most cost-effective technique. It delivers more leads at a lower cost (except for email marketing). Content is also the main SEO ranking factor. If you get your content right, people are likely to visit your website, stick around, and ultimately become your customer.

But the thing is, one type of content is never appealing to customers. So here are some content formats that will help you get started. 

Content formats are important to answer your audience’s questions, build trust, develop relationships and generate leads. In today’s age, clients expect high-quality content from their favorite brands. Therefore, multiple content formats are suggested if you want your audience’s attention. 

Select the Right Tools

Marketing tools can be techniques, software, or the strategy used for building a Facebook marketing plan. All with the intent to boost sales. The right tools and techniques are essential for improving brand image, gathering potential clients, generating revenue, and marketing valuable data. 

Companies have a range of marketing tools at their disposal. Some specifically enhance the leads, while others focus on gathering consumer data. 

Here are some marketing tools that will help in building your Facebook marketing strategy:

  • Classified adverts
  • Social Media
  • Google Analytics
  • Surveys
  • Direct mail
  • Media monitoring tools
  • Automation
  • Customer loyalty programs

It is important to know which tools are best for your business, in other words, which tools are essential for achieving your objectives and goals. 

If you are looking for a multi-purpose marketing tool, Contetstudio is your answer. It is a powerful platform for content marketing and social media management. In addition, it helps brands to reach their target audience by generating content consistently. 

Create a Content Calendar

The content you share will tell the audience what your brand stands for. Posting frequently keeps you connected with your audience. A content calendar will plan your posts and highlights moments, dates, and events that matter to you. Your Facebook content calendar will tell what, when, and how you will share it on Facebook. 

As you create a content calendar, ask;

  • When are my clients most likely to be online?
  • When am I available to post content and monitor responses?
  • What days and times are effective for me to post on FB?
  • What significant events, like Election Day, should I consider when planning my posts?

A content calendar will help you organize and post content consistently. Think about how you can post content that will engage, excites, and educates your community. In addition, a content calendar will help in building brand credibility. 

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Optimize Your Content for Engagement

Content and optimization have become integral buzzwords in online marketing. Optimized content will target your market by appearing in search engines and driving the potential audience on your website. 

Briefly, here are three pillars of content to do so. 

  1. Engaging content: well-written context that is laser-focused on your desired audience
  2. Timing: When does the post publish, and when your community sees it.
  3. Social Media Optimization: Do your tagging, hashtags, keywords, and more that can get your content seen by greater numbers of your community. 

Facebook has multiple quirks that stop many newbies from genuinely being capable of realizing the full potential of engaging the target audience. This is because of their consistently changing algorithm, which seems to be moving ahead towards a more “pay-per-view” advertising model. 

Don’t be anxious! Here are some ways you can still optimize your content on Facebook. 

Every Post Needs Graphics: Visuals are king on Facebook. Pictures have been said to drive engagement more than posts without images, so start designing your own images or find pictures online to increase post engagement. 

Longer Posts: Longer posts on Facebook experience higher engagement than shorter posts. It has been stated that 80+ words get twice the level of engagement. 

Hashtags: Your keywords should be hashtagged for complete optimization. Hashtags will increase engagements by 60% in multiple cases. 

Tagging: Do you mention another page in your post? If No, then tag them! Even if you are using material from a local newspaper, it is a good rule of thumb to tag as much as possible. This will increase engagement in your Facebook post. 

Create Your Facebook Ads Strategy


If you are new to advertising on Facebook, ads may look like a frightening new frontier where no business has gone before, but it is not. Average click through rate (CTR) is 0.90% while cost per click (CPC) rate across all industries is $1.92 and conversion rate of 9.21%. This shows there is something for everyone to be successful on Facebook across the majority of the industries if they have a successful strategy. Many have failed to understand who their ideal client is and how to target the right audience they want to sell to. So as a final word, the query isn’t whether you should advertise on Facebook. The question is, how do you advertise so that the ROI is with your money and time. 

Here are things you should know before you create your Facebook ads strategy:

First, you need to understand who your client is.

  • Who are they?
  • What does their family situation look like?
  • What could be their income?
  • Where do they live?
  • Where do they work?
  • How do they spend their free time?

In the next step, you will walk through your client’s journey. What steps do they take as they:

  • Recognize that they have a problem
  • Identify problem
  • Propose solutions
  • Acknowledge you as an option
  • Choose to purchase your product/ service

When it comes to making your Facebook ad strategy, the most important thing you can do is understand your clients. Facebook may have changed, but the value of understanding your clients will never change. 

Analyze Your Facebook Marketing Efforts

Tracking, analyzing, and measuring Facebook marketing efforts are essential. You can understand better what worked and what didn’t. You can learn and try again, so your Facebook marketing strategy constantly improves. Furthermore, you are able to track audience engagement directly through Facebook insights which measure metrics such as 

  • Reach
  • Likes
  • Engagement
  • Which segment of the audience does not like your posts? 

Moreover, Facebook insights will help you decide which posts worked best in the past and what to design in the future. 

Facebook Marketing Tips

Here are some Facebook marketing tips that are impactful for any brand looking for appreciation from existing fans and new followers alike. 

  • Perfect your logo/ profile picture
  • Make your cover photo colorful & interesting
  • Remember to upload introductory videos
  • Post more than just links
  • Be careful with image size
  • Schedule your post
  • Be fast in your response time
  • Track your analytics
  • Experiments with a new ad and content formats
  • Optimize your ads

Over To You

Undoubtedly, there is a lot when it comes to Facebook marketing. Other social media platforms may have different purposes. For example, Twitter lets businesses share short-written blurbs or headlines of up to 240 characters. However, Facebook has developed the broadest set of networking features. These features facilitate businesses to a massive community of consumers and allow brands to engage with shoppers in unique ways. 

Hurry up!!! 

Keep this guide and tools in mind to develop a solid Facebook marketing strategy so you can drive benefits as much as you can.

Mustafa Niazi

Mustafa Niazi is a blogging addict, a tech fanatic, and a social media marketer.

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