12 Social Media Posts To Inspire You This Holiday Season

by Farwa Anees
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Social Media Post Ideas

Social media has been playing an astonishingly important role in marketing for brands during the holiday season. According to research, 28% of shoppers use social media to search for or purchase holiday season deals. Such deals are an opportunity for businesses to increase their sales and build brand awareness. Almost 80% of consumers use social media for buying holiday gifts.

People make more purchases during the holiday season, which is why you should market well during this time. According to a study, holiday season sales constitute 20% of the annual revenue.

social media holiday season

Before you start creating content for social media, identify your niche, develop a strategy for what people actually want to know, and then design posts accordingly. For greater reach on your social media, your posts should be creative, realistic, and artistic.

Getting your posts noticed by your audience and receiving responses is crucial.  In order to get noticed,  plan your marketing strategy at least 3 months prior to the holiday season and create a content calendar. Did you know that most brands create a hip before their sale is going live by texting or emailing potential customers about their sales to build excitement and spread awareness? 

This is the time to find new customers and build relationships with them, which will help you convert them into loyal customers aiding you in future sales.

Social Media Posts By Popular Brands: Holiday Season Special


Curio markets the COVID’s newest variant research in a way that depicts some emotions associated with the Christmas event, and the caption piques the audience’s interest, prompting them to open the research and read the article.

It also uses unique and trending #hashtags to expand its reach.

Curio Christmas 2021



Dell promoted its Black Friday deal right before Black Friday so that people would know when the deal went live and could take advantage of the discounted price. The brand used trending #hashtags of the time to expand the post’s reach, which helped them increase their sales. 

Dell holiday season post  Christmas 2021



Mulberry has created a cute advertisement video for Christmas in order to build a relationship with their audience by stirring up their emotions. If you market your product based on seasons and events, it will show your customers that your brand values their preferences and events, allowing you to build a healthy relationship with them, which is very beneficial for any brand.


Radio Shack created a unique and beautiful way to disclose their sale. Using memes to market products is trending these days because people are drawn to creative ideas and therefore, memes have a higher chance of going viral. They not only created a meme to convey their Black Friday Sale but also used branded and trending hashtags to reach a wider audience.

RadioShack Holiday season deal


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Discord is promoting its holiday Steals and Deals, by creating surprises every day for the holiday season till 13th December! This is a gesture that can easily be a source of excitement for your audience and it shows that you care about your customer’s emotions. Do you like Discord’s holiday post? 

Discord holiday season deal



Mcdonald’s celebrated Cyber Monday with its unique hashtag i.e. #McDonaldsMonday. The food chain provided discounts for everyone using this hashtag. This helped McDonald’s increase its sales and the number of users in the application. This holiday season marketing idea has become commonplace and works like a charm.

McDonalds Cyber Monday 2021



SHEIN is using Influencer Marketing to promote SHEIN Black Friday Sale. The influencer has used a hashtag approach to reach her targeted audience. SHEIN mostly uses this strategy to promote their new arrivals and sales. Through the influencer approach, their followers get inspired by their dressing style and try to copy it which is brings them to shop from that brand.

SHEIN holiday season Deal



Host256 offered great deals in November! While other brands promoted their sales with the tag link Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales, Host256 created something different but they have added the hashtag “#BLACKFRIDAYDEALS” which will helped them target the audience searching for Black Friday sales.

Host256 Black Friday deals



Bouclair offered a giveaway to engage their audience in Black Friday Week and it helped them increase their followers which raised their chances of converting those followers into customers. Most of the influencers collaborate with brands to increase their followers in a similar manner.

Bouclair Black Friday



BMW created a heartwarming ad that narrates the story of a father who shows trust in his little daughter for driving so she can grow. This idea is amazing that you are promoting your product by sharing the solution to the social challenges anyone might face. This will emotionally appeal to the audience and they will surely appreciate such an idea which may lead them to buy your product.
In this advertisement, BMW is actually promoting 30% OFF on its safety products (BMW brake pads, brake discs, air filters, spark plugs, and selected original BMW parts) with a beautiful message.

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DVD Netflix

Netflix is using cause marketing during the holiday season to sell their product as people invest more in charity during Christmas to bring happiness to the lives of the less privileged. This holiday post by them is really something. 

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is offering 50% off on Christmas, creating a connection with the holiday event by displaying a picture of a decorated Christmas tree. This is a very inspiring idea because their target audience can relate to it and will appreciate that the brand giving value to Christmas by offering discounts so people can buy gifts for their loved ones.

Urbanoutfitters Holiday Season

What’s your idea of a perfect Holiday Season post? 

The holiday season provides an opportunity for brands to capitalise on. I have discussed some inspiring ideas which you can use to influence your audience. If you participate in different deal activities like Black Friday and Cyber Monday or the Holiday Season Deals, you have a great chance to expand your reach and make some loyal customers. Always remember to create something unique. If you choose to go with any of the ideas above, use them in such a way that your social media holiday posts inspire others,  giving you a competitive advantage over other brands. Create a unique hashtag for your brand and also use some trending hashtags for a wider reach.

Do share your unique idea about a holiday post for your social media and if we like it, we’ll post it on our blog!

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