How to Sell More Through Social Media During the Holiday Season

by Hassaan Khan
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How to sell more on social media in holiday season

The holiday season couldn’t be more fun when your family and friends are healthy and new customers are coming in regularly. Those sales notifications that pop up on the phone even when you’re away from work shows that your social media sales strategy is spot on.

Does selling through social media during the holiday season mean you have to work when others are having fun? Of course, no. It won’t be fair to you and your loved ones. I’m not sure what holiday rules you have, but a lot of families have no-social media rule during the holiday seasons.

Every household holiday traditions/rules are different, for instance, matching Pajamas for the whole gang, family dinners, sleepovers, Bar be cues, and the list goes on.

Since the holiday season is all about spending time with family and friends, so it usually means taking some off from work and relax, which also means leaving money on the table.

What if I told you that you can sell more through social media during the holiday season without working?

Don’t get me wrong, selling through social media during the holiday season doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be active on social media to post content and track the sales. Instead, if you’re educated on social media automation and building a social media marketing strategy, then you may not have to worry about it.

It’s a no-brainer that now social media management tools, online tools and digital products are available that help you send automated emails, track sales, generate reports, and much more. Therefore, selling during the holiday season isn’t the same anymore.

Since consumers’ behaviours are changing amid the pandemic and it’s requiring the businesses to knit new rules for doing business, it’s necessary to keep an eye on the insights. This article also emphasized understanding and adopting the new normal.

Not only do businesses need to conform to the regulations and SOPs, but they also need to step up and capitalize on the opportunities. Therefore, selling through social media during the holidays turns out to be a doorway to making more money during this strange time.

You’re about to learn:

  • How to leverage the holiday season to make money even when you’re away
  • A number of tactics to apply for selling through social media
  • Why social media posting won’t be enough for getting sales
  • How to bring the aww-factor to entice the audience

So businesses that aren’t cashing in on the holiday season, it’s time for them to make a deliberate effort to turn things around.

There are a handful of strategies out there that brands can apply and make the most of the opportunities available at their disposal.

However, we’ll shed some light on the 100% working social media tactics so that you could sell more through social media without wandering from one place to another.

Before we move on to the tactics on how to sell during the holiday season through social media, here are three key social media success elements that often go unnoticed:

I. Value-driven content

You must have heard that content is king. What it means is that if you crack the code of content creation, you’d fall in love with the strategy. No wonder loads of brands are doubling down on content marketing these days. Pay close attention to creating valuable content that helps the prospective audience in solving real-world problems.

Build Trust with Curated Content

Discover, brand, and share the best content with your audience. Establish yourself as an authority and turn leads into loyal customers.

II. Organic reach

Organic reach means how well social media platforms promote your content without playing cheap tricks or spending money on social media ads. However, social media ads are vital to a social media campaign, but they are completely a different vertical.

III. Social media engagement

Social media engagement refers to the interaction between a brand and followers through comments, shares, DMs, and likes. All these communication activities on the social media platforms signal the platforms about the popularity and effectiveness of the content. When content is being widely appreciated or hated, it usually goes viral on the internet. The same phenomenon of social media engagement makes that happen.

So these were social media success elements that you should keep in mind while trying to sell through social media.

Let’s head over to the cream of this article.

5 Ways to Sell More Through Social Media During the Holiday Season

Let’s dive deep into simple yet meaningful tactics to sell more through social media during the holiday season:

  1. Limited-time discount

    The holiday season won’t be the same without lots of shopping, and discounts on your favourite products make it even better. Don’t you wait for the holiday season to buy stuff? I think we all do. On the flip side, we can leverage this time of the year to sell more through social media. I have seen dozens of companies that pay close attention to limited-time discounts during the holiday season. They use various channels to offer limited-time discounts, but the most common ones are:
    Sales PagesSome brands set up their limited-time discount sales pages during the holiday season and offer products and services at discounted prices. We at ContentStudio have also set up a sales page for a limited-time discount that does quite well during the holiday season.

    Online Ads
    One of the best ways to spread the word about limited-time discounts on social media is through Facebook and YouTube ads. As the number of social media consumers are growing, the opportunities to acquire customers through social media are also popping up.

    Content Marketing  Content marketing is a marketing strategy of publishing useful content for the audience and making money by product placement in the content. There are several types of content you can try out such as articles, podcasts, videos, and images. Put out useful content and inject your limited-time discount offer into it. The key to winning at content marketing is effective content.

    Giveaway & Contests

    You may or may not agree with me, but giveaways and contests get so much attention. People don’t want to let go of the free stuff, which makes it easier for the companies to give away a few products or subscriptions and get a ton of website visitors or social media followers.

    The team at ContentStudio knew this all along, and that’s why they have been offering limited-time discounts for the past few years.

    Take a look at the limited-time discount sales pages of ContentStudio:

    discount offer contentsudio
    You’d find a lot of companies that offer limited-time discounts during the holiday season.

    WPS is also offering a holiday season discount. Not only are they offering a limited-time discount, but they also established a special sales page for the Christmas offer:

    The point is that if you haven’t created such a sales strategy before, then it’s time to make it happen now. You don’t need to spend a whole lot of money to offer a limited-time discount. You might as well end up making more money.

    So come up with a discount offer to sell more through social media and you’re off to the races.

  2. Spreading the word

    Don’t just sit back and wait for the magic to happen. Be ready to work your butt off to sell more through social media. Besides optimizing your social media profiles which include updating covers, bio, and display pictures, you should also be active on social media.
    The best way to spread the word about your product or services on social media is by:

    I. Participating in the discussions
    II. Answering queries
    III. Leaving useful comments
    IV. Starting conversations

    Selling through social media doesn’t work only if you have an advertising budget, but instead, you can leverage helpful content, organic reach, and engagement tactics to get the attention of the prospects.

  3. Social media advertisingIt’ll be unfair to completely write off the paid social media advertising for selling more during the holiday season.
    When it comes to social media marketing, some choose the viral content route and never look beyond putting out content, while others test out both organic reach and paid social media ads.When it comes to selling during the holiday season, it’s hard to dominate when competitors might also be offering discounts and trying to capture as much attention as possible. Therefore, besides making attractive discount offers, it’s also necessary to advertise through social media.
    However, you can’t randomly make an ad campaign on Facebook or YouTube and start selling like crazy. You have to think this through to make it happen.Here are top social media ad platforms:

    Instagram ads: Best for photography, graphics designing, and creative agencies

    YouTube ads: Suitable for a wide range of audiences due to the huge user base

    Facebook ads: Work for almost every type of business due to better ad targeting

    Quora ads: Effective for reaching out to a niche audience

    LinkedIn ads: Perfect for hiring new employees or acquiring new customers

    TikTok ads: Number one ad platform for selling to younger

    Some of you might think that you can pull this off without spending money on social media ads. Sometimes, it happens for business, but there is a slim chance it would happen to you. Do you want to bet against the odds and let the competitors take away the business? If social media ads weren’t so important, then a lot of popular companies wouldn’t have been spending money on social media advertising.

    Namecheap has been running social media ads throughout the holiday season. Look at their Christmas ad on YouTube:

    youtube ad social media ads
    is also trying to milk the holiday season by running an ad campaign on Twitter. This Twitter ad was seen during the Christmas holidays and you can see the “Big Sale” text on the ad image:

    alibaba sale holiday season

    Elo is a Pakistani garments e-store that is famous for selling export-quality clothing at affordable prices. Take a look at their Facebook ad as it states “Year-End Deals” right on the image:

    elo year end sale ad on social media

    You might stumble upon dozens of ads during the holiday season that would be trying to cash in on the holiday season. It teaches us that it’s important to spend some money on social media ads to catapult the sales process through social media.

  4. Influencer marketing

    Social media ads aren’t paid advertising on social media. Brands keep on looking for underpriced marketing tactics to sell more. Therefore, influencer marketing has rapidly gained momentum in the digital marketing realm. Simply put, brands work with social media influencers to reach more audiences and improve their brand positioning. You may have seen your favourite YouTubers talk about the companies they’re working with or products they have received from; that’s basically influencer marketing.You might wonder, does influencer marketing increase sales? The answer to that question is that if it doesn’t work for brands, they won’t be spending millions of dollars every year.

    An article quoted a report from Mediakix, which said that influencer marketing spending was projected to reach between $5 to $10 billion in 2020. It is also predicted that it may cross $15 billion by 2022.

    If you start following social media influencers on any social media platform, you might find these influencers closely work with brands.

    Zoe Sugg is a British YouTuber; she has over 10 million subscribers on her main YouTube channel.

    Take a look at Sugg‘s videos that contain paid advertorials:
    sponsored videos influencer
    There are influencer marketing platforms out there that work with different social media influencers across multiple social media platforms. Brands don’t always chase the numbers, but instead, they also look out for how much attention and engagement the influencers are getting.

    It won’t hurt to try out influencer marketing in the bid to sell more through social media during the holiday season. Some of the popular influencer marketing platforms are Ifluenz, TapInfluence, Upfluence, and Gleam.

  5. Social media content scheduling

    If you have been figuring out social media, you may have already understood that social media is crowded, and when you put your message out, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’d reach the audience.

    Since brands, individuals, and agencies continuously pump out content to keep up with the competition so much so that sometimes it becomes overwhelming for the audience to consume.

    What it does is that it often hurts the organic reach of the content. Therefore, influencers, social media experts, and pro-bloggers use social media management tools to schedule and repeat their social media posts for better reach and engagement.

    As a result, more followers get to see their social media content as well as new audiences to discover their content.ContentStudio is my go-to social media scheduling tool. I have been using it for a while, and it has done wonders for me. Not only does it help in social media automation, but it also makes social media posting easier for multiple brands through the Workplaces feature.

    A fantastic social media scheduling tool comes in handy when you’re trying to sell through social media. Here’s how: if you post your offer on your social channels once a day, it might go unnoticed and if you post twice a day, the followers might find it a bit salesy.

    Master Social Customer Care and Support

    Manage your brand’s social presence by monitoring and managing incoming messages and comments across your social networks.

    On the other hand, if you mix things up and create five engaging yet helpful social media posts every day and maybe keep two of them as your product offers, it could make a difference. So when you need to post multiple times a day, it may start to look like a lot of work, then social media management like ContentStudio works like a charm.

    The point is that every business that uses social media wants to sell more, but does it mean every business pulls it off? The answer is no and the reason is that they simply push the offers instead of providing something useful or fun or both. Here are a few social media post ideas for more engagement during the holiday season:

I. Post an inspirational quote image

II. Ask what book followers are reading

III. Inquire your followers about their favourite Christmas gift

IV. Tell your friends to tag a friend they’re hoping to meet during the holidays

Publish your favourite holiday meal picture and ask everyone to share their favourite food in the comments

This way, you’d be able to engage the audience, and the followers won’t get frustrated with your posts. Furthermore, you can share your holiday season offer every once in a while; I’m sure it won’t look salesy.

How Would You Sell Through Social Media During the Holiday Season?

We all know that social media isn’t the same as it was 10 years ago. Today, you got more competition, wider reach, and bigger opportunities to tap on.

Does it mean you can’t dominate social media? No, you can still do a lot better if you know how to do it.

If you haven’t had a chance to sell through social media at all, then perhaps it’s time to make a change. The methods I just shared are my favourite ways to sell more through social media, especially during the holiday season. However, these aren’t the only ways you could try out.

I’m curious what you’d be doing to capitalize on the sales opportunities during this time of year. I’ve shown you some examples of brands that have strategies in place for every holiday season. Now it’s your turn to start crushing with your social media sales.

What’s your takeaway from this blog post?

Let me know in the comments.

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