How To Get Rid Of Shadowban On TikTok?

by Khadija Anwar
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Worried about how to get rid of shadowban on Tiktok?

Nothing serious to fret about. This TikTok shadowban help guide has all the fixes for you.

What is a TikTok shadowban?

If your content is getting limited views, shares, and reach, then your account is under a TikTok shadowban.

Are you even facing a TikTok shadowban?

Popular TikToker “CoachStone” mentions that most of us are not facing a shadowban at all. Usually, our videos are presented to a different group of audiences due to the TikTok algorithm the audience might not like our videos. This could be a reason for less engagement than before.

Here’s what Coach Stone had to say:

@coach.stone Reply to @jorgeallende0 this will get you “unshadowbanned” lol. #tiktokforcreators #shadowbanned #shadowbannedtiktok #tiktoktips #tiktokalgorithm ♬ Paris – Else

Secondly, check your TikTok analytics. If you see a pattern of zero engagement, then you are under a shadowban.

How to fix shadowban on TikTok?

The common ways to lift your ban.

If none of the above works then here are some more ways to get rid of shadowban on TikTok.

1. Do not spam

New Tiktokers usually go on a spree and send follow requests to everyone in order to get more connections.

However, this can also get you shadow-banned. So avoid such practices; otherwise, your account will be considered a bot.

Therefore, build your account gradually and save your TikTok account from such restrictions.

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2. Unfollow banned accounts

According to famous TikToker @HazelLuve, if you are following a banned account, then that could be another reason for facing a TikTok shadowban.

Just unfollow such users from time to time.

Check out her tip in the video as well.

@hazelluve Hope this helps and this vid doesn’t flop ???? #hazelluve #tiktoktipsandtricks #shadowbannedcheck #tiktoktip ♬ original sound – HAZELLUVE

3. Keep following community guidelines after getting rid of the shadowban on TikTok

When you manage to lift the ban, make sure to post creative and original content and follow the rules and community guidelines. 

Make your content with new and unique ideas to avoid copyright infringement laws on TikTok.  However, if you post the same material repeatedly, you will be booted off the stage and get in trouble again.

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4. Clear cache

The clear cache can also get rid of shadowban on TikTok or any relevant bugs.


First, Tap on the TikTok icon for 2 to 3 seconds till multiple options appear



Press the power icon on the right above the side



Navigate to app information and tap “Storage.”




The next step is to Tap “clear cache.”


Misconceptions regarding the TikTok shadowban

Unfortunately, there is a misguidance on the internet when it comes to lifting the shadowban. Here are some fixes worth avoiding.

  • Uninstall and Reinstall
  • Login/Logout TikTok
  • Download Anti-ShadowBan App
  • Hiring a ShadowBan Professional

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How long does a shadowban last on TikTok?

Shadowban on Tiktok is different from a ban on other social media platforms. There are no specific days to get back to your account. However, if you have recently posted aggressive, unethical, and spam content, then delete the post. Overview of all your account activity. As soon as you find the solution among the above-mentioned six fixes, you will be successful in ending the shadowban.

How do I know if I’m shadowbanned on TikTok?

The Shadowban algorithm is unclear. You can only guess if your account is shadowbanned or not by observing the following: 

  • You will get fewer engagements.
  • Your post reach and likes will drop down 
  • You won’t get more audience on your recent content than you used to have. 

Can you permanently get shadowbanned on TikTok?

No, your account can’t be shadowbanned permanently unless you keep violating the TikTok community guidelines.

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