How to Post a Picture on Facebook?

by Khadija Anwar
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How to post a picture on Facebook

Facebook is an essential asset for any business. From a Facebook page to Facebook groups, pictures to videos, and reels to Facebook live, they all are networking tools to connect with potential customers and reels around the world.

Whether you want to upload brand updates or cruise party pictures, posting takes a few seconds. 

Here is a complete guide on how to post a picture on Facebook from mobile, PC, and using a social media management tool. 

Post Picture On Facebook Using Mobile

Step 1:

Open the Facebook app and tap “what’s on your mind.”

tap on what's on your mind


Tap “Photo/Video”

tap photo video

Step 3:

Upload your picture from the mobile gallery 

You will have options to add captions, emojis, locations or activities

editing options

Step 4:

Once editing is complete, tap “Post.”

tap post

Post Picture On Facebook Using PC

Step 1:

Open Facebook on the browser

Click the “photo/video” icon just below what’s on your mind

Step 2:

Add photo/video from the device gallery

click add photo video

Step 3:

Once uploading and editing are complete

Click “Post”

click post

Post Pictures using a social media management tool helps to create, schedule, and publish content on all social networking sites. Inbuilt Canva features to real-time analytics, content calendar to competitor’s analytics are designed to make your Facebook strategy more profitable and practical.


Sign in ContentStudio; on the dashboard, click “Compose.”

click composer

Step 2:

Multiple options will appear in the column; click “Social Post.”

click social post

Step 3:

Checkmark your Facebook account you want to publish a post on

You can also upload the same picture on multiple accounts at the same time.

select group

Step 4:

You will have the post preview in the top right-hand corner

preview of devices

Step 5:

Upload post, add elements (emoji, caption, hashtags)

upload post and add elements

Step 6:

Once editing is complete, click “Post Now.”


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How do you post something on Facebook?

Click what’s on your mind and add text, pictures, videos, or any fun activity you want to post on Facebook. 

How do I post a photo?

Open the Facebook app on your phone or browser, click the photo icon, add a picture from the gallery and post it.

How do I put photos from my gallery on Facebook?

Go on the Facebook app, click on what’s on your mind and add a picture from the gallery. 

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