How To Post A Video On Facebook?

by Khadija Anwar
3 minutes
Post-Video on Facebook
Quick steps to post a videos on Facebook:

Tap “what’s on your mind” > tap “photo/video” to upload > tap “post”

Facebook videos undeniably and immediately grab attention. Facebook is the second biggest video-sharing platform after YouTube. Videos and photos are a great way to share your success stories on Facebook?

Well, give this blog a quick read to learn how to upload videos/photos on Facebook that can help in keeping your audience engaged. 

Steps to upload video/photo on Facebook:

Here’s a short preview of uploading a video or a photo on Facebook.

Post Video on Facebook

Step 1:

Open Facebook and tap “What’s on your mind?”


Step 2:

Tap “Photo/video”


Step 3:

Upload your video from the gallery. You can tag friends, enter your location or add emojis in your description.

On the top left corner, tap “Edit”


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Step 4:

You can add music, text, trim video, or put effects and stickers.

Once editing is complete, tap “DONE”


Step 5:

Add a description and tap “POST” in the right-hand top corner.


Your video will start posting.


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Why can’t I upload video to Facebook?

If you can’t upload a video on Facebook, you might have a problem with your phone setting. Otherwise, it is unlikely for Facebook to cause problems in content publication.

How can I upload a full-length video?

You can upload a video of 60 min max on Facebook. But it might affect the quality of your video. You go to the “what is a new tab,” upload your video and publish it with a catchy description.

Can I upload a large video to Facebook?

Yes, you can upload a large file, but the video must be less than 60 min long.

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