How to Remove Background From Image?

by Khadija Anwar
3 minutes

Ever wanted to change the background of your pictures and found yourself in trouble? Well, good news – it’s easier than you think! Today, let’s see how to remove backgrounds from images. No fancy tech talk, just simple steps to make your photos look awesome. 

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Steps to remove background from images

Removing backgrounds from images with any free online tool is a breeze. Let’s have a look at three tools that can remove the background from images. All three have pretty much the same process!

1. Removebg:

Step 1:

Head over to the website. You can use your preferred web browser, and there’s no need to download any software. Click on the big, friendly “Upload Image” button.

Step 2:

Select the image you want to edit from your computer or device.


Step 3:

Watch as automatically detects and removes the background. After refining the background removal, click “Download” when satisfied. Now your image is background-free. 

2. Retoucher:

Retoucher swiftly removes backgrounds from images, enhancing headshots or creating striking digital ads with three background options.

3. Slazzer:

Slazzer employs AI for efficient background removal in images, featuring an online tool for single-image use and a desktop application capable of processing thousands simultaneously. Its compatibility with Windows, Mac, and Linux allows seamless integration for handling large volumes of images.

Remember, there are multiple online tools to remove image backgrounds. Each tool has its advantages, so feel free to experiment and find the one that suits you best.


How do I remove a background from an image?

You can use online tools like, professional software like Adobe Photoshop, or mobile apps like Snapseed for background removal.

How do I make an image have a transparent background?

To make an image have a transparent background, use a photo editing tool like Photoshop to manually remove the background or an online tool like for automatic removal.

How do I remove the background from a picture in Canva for free?

In Canva for free, click on your image, choose “Effects,” then “Background Remover” to remove the background automatically.

Can I remove a background using Canva?

Yes, you can remove a background using Canva’s “Background Remover” feature, available in both free and paid versions.

Is there a background remover in Canva?

Yes, Canva offers a “Background Remover” feature to remove backgrounds from images.

Khadija Anwar

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