How To Upload YouTube Shorts?

by Khadija Anwar
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How to Upload Youtube Short

Similar to TikTok videos, YouTube recently introduced a new update called “YouTube shorts”. You are in the right place if you want to take your brand to a new level with YouTube shorts.

You can upload the videos you created with or without YouTube short creation tool from:

  • PC
  • Mobile

Upload YouTube short from PC

Google owns Youtube. So, when you are logged in to Google, your Google account can be directly linked with YouTube. 

Step 1:

Either from the YouTube homepage or by navigate to YouTube studio, click “Create” alongside your profile.

tap create

Step 2: 

Further, click “Upload Video”


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Step 3:

Click “Select Files” to upload your content. Ensure your video content is equal or less than 60 seconds, as it automatically falls in the YouTube Shorts category. 

Select files

Step 4:

Once uploaded, you will get the option to enter and select necessary details, set video elements, checks and visibility preferences.

Once you complete all the tabs, click “Next.”



Step 5:

Preview the video you uploaded. Once all things are ready, click on “Publish”.

Tap Publish

Note: Mention #short in your description or title to help the YouTube system recommend your short videos across YouTube channels.

Here’s a recap of the above steps:

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How to create & upload YouTube shorts from Smartphones?

Here are the steps you need to take.


Step 1:

Tap create “+” icon

tap create icon

Step 2:

Select “Create a Short”

tap create a short

Step 3:

You will get an editing option before/after recording 

Tap “Checkmark”

tap checkmark

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Step 4:

You will get again editing options at the bottom and tap “Next.”

tap next after editing

Step 5:

Add captions and title 

Tap “Upload Short”

upload shorts

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How can smartphone users upload pre-existing videos as short?

The only difference in uploading pre-existing videos from the above is that you have to select “upload a video” after tapping on the create “+” icon.

Follow the steps given as under to upload an existing video as a short.


Note: You can check the first 3 steps that are similar to ones mentioned in the above case.

Step 1:

Tap create “+” icon and select “Upload a video”

tap upload a video

Note: The rest of the steps are also the same as discussed above.

Step 2:

Upload your content from the gallery and clip the content or select the targeted part.

tap crop edit video


Step 3:

Tap “Next”

tap next

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Step 4:

You will get the editing tab; once you complete editing, tap “Next.”

tap next when you done editing

Step 5:

Tap “Upload Short”

upload shorts

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How schedule Youtube shorts?


Can you upload a short on PC?

Yes, you can upload from your PC, click the create icon, upload the video, fill out all details, and tap publish.

How do I upload 30 seconds to YouTube shorts?

Youtube shorts can be 60 seconds continuous videos or several videos of 15 seconds. You can upload two videos of 15 seconds to make it 30 seconds short.

How can I upload only 15 seconds shorts?

Yes, you can record a 15-second video and upload it.

How do you upload from the gallery?

Tap create the icon, select upload, then select a pre-recorded video from the gallery. After editing, publish a video. 

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