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Twitter has recently announced the release of a new tool for its users, Scheduled Tweets.  It helps you run a dynamic campaign,  write tweets to be sent out at a late point in time.

Twitter is the ideal microblogging platform for users who want to engage with all kinds of professionals. Gina Mueller says that Twitter is like a bar, where you could talk to strangers, no strings attached. It is the bar-like atmosphere that makes the customers and the vendors engage freely without any restricted lines.

This adds to the efficiency of Twitter for marketing.

Now comes the point, where you have to strategize your marketing on Twitter.

We are all aware of one simple social media marketing tip; find a peak time of the day for your marketing campaign. Find out when will your targeted audience be online and show them your ads.

Does that mean to stay awake till 2 am in the morning because that’s when your targeted audience comes online? The answer is NO.

This is why you should schedule your tweets for all such campaigns.

Monotasking vs Multitasking

Professionals are always looking for productivity tips. The catch towards working productively is to get organized and keep things simple.

How many tweets do you do in a single day? And how many times do you have to stop what you’re doing your work to tweet? If you’re heading online brand marketing campaigns, your answer must be of some significant figures.

You must be aware of the fact that multitasking doesn’t let you focus on any of your tasks and doesn’t produce effective results. Once your temperament is broken, your thought process gets disturbed. And when that gets disturbed, your mind takes 10 to 20 minutes to resume its engine. And, stats show that multitasking lowers productivity by 40%

So, we suggest that working smartly can get more things done in a lesser amount of time.

Do not let your mind get diverted and pre-schedule your tweets.

Not only will that save your time but also let your time be useful in the end.

Productivity- ContentStudio


Content writers or bloggers must be aware of the need for being creative and free minded when writing something. You can’t create impressive content if you are overlapped between different tasks.

You shall dedicate a specific time slot for planning and scheduling your posts for a day or a week (depending upon the nature of your business). So, during that time, let your creative juices flow.

You can create contextual tweets when scheduling them and not just write random tweets to get over with it. That will sound more natural and seamless; that is how it really hits the audience.

Brand Personality

Similar to humans, every brand should have a unique personality, that is how a brand is made to stand out. Each and every aspect of your brand should depict that personality. If you want your brand to become the heartbeat of your audience, you need to go into details.

The quality of your content and the way you deliver it is dependant on a vigilant brand awareness strategy. Since you can’t be available and energetic 24/7, your pre-designed tweets will give you a safe margin to improve your tweets and make it harmonize with the language your brand speaks.

Consistent feed

No matter how much you root for multitasking and you practice it, you’re still human and you might forget to tweet sometime.  

When you’ll have a whole batch of tweets scheduled to get posted on Twitter automatically, you will not have a bell constantly chiming above your head.

Calculate effective time

If you are new to brand marketing and don’t know what is the most effective time to tweet. You can do that with your scheduled posts.

Schedule your posts for the anticipated time and view the customer engagement with your tweets.

This will help you schedule your future tweets more precisely.

You must have fallen in love with the idea of scheduled tweets. Now you just need to figure out the way.

We’ll walk you through a step-by-step journey of scheduling your tweets in ContentStudio.

Schedule your tweets via Contentstudio

With ContentStudio, you can schedule your tweets in very easy steps. You can follow our demonstration below



The first thing you need to do is sign-in to your Contentstudio account. If you don’t have an account, sign-up for the trial version.

The dashboard of Contentstudio will open up for you after successfully logging into the account. Here, you can connect your twitter account with your Contentstudio account. You can connect multiple Twitter accounts for multiple purposes.

Here is how the dashboard will look like

Dashboard- ContentStudio

Compose your Tweet

The next step is to compose your tweet via the Composer module. After entering into the composer module, you will be asked to create a social media or a blog post. Select social media post.

This is where the magic happens.

You have four options to post or schedule your content.

Social Media posting-ContentStudio


You can either craft your tweet and post it on the run. You can design something of your own or utilize ContentStudio’s search engine to retrieve the latest content in your niche. Preview your post before publishing it and you are good to go.

Schedule the post

Select the date and time of your choice while scheduling your tweets.

Add it to the queue

You can add a tweet to your queue. That will enter your planned tweet in the line to get posted next to the last one.

Twitter and LinkedIn have restricted duplicate and spam sharing policies for the platform. You can’t run an Evergreen campaign on Twitter considering the changes made by them at the beginning of 2018. The details of which can be read here

But, the good thing is. That there is a workaround solution for an evergreen campaign on Twitter and LinkedIn. In that solution, you can’t post the same thing twice but you can post the same thing with a little variation in it.

Using Variations for your Campaigns

Variation feature is the initial idea of a social media management platform known by the name of MeetEdgar.

Edgar introduced this feature to keep your content fresh and exciting. It also satiates the marketer’s need to keep their content unique.

You must be keenly waiting for this feature to be explained.

What does Variation feature do?

MeetEdgar lets you repeat the same content but by tweaking it a little. When you want to share something, again and again, you can add as many variations as you want as shown in the example below


You can see that all the variations promote the same link but with different captions.

This solves your problem.

It keeps your content fresh and your campaign doesn’t look repetitive. And above all, this kind of campaigning is allowed in all kinds of social media platforms.

Schedule your Variations

Using this feature, you can automate all your posts. Just like in an Evergreen campaign, you select the date and time to share the post and create a cycle. Here, you have to create the variations of the same post and schedule it by indicating the date and time for the post to be shared. All the variations are kept in a library and each post is fetched from the library when its time comes.

While setting up your posts, the last variation added will be published at that time and the remaining of the posts will be added in the rotation cycle.

You can’t just set the time of publishing for your posts. Using this feature, you can also set an expiration time for your variations. At your specified date and time, your schedule will retire and the cycle will not repeat even if you have some of the unpublished posts remaining in your queue.

Edit your Variations

In MeetEdgar, you can edit your variations later after scheduling them. You can narrow down your posts scheduled for different accounts and see if there are any variations left for Edgar to post. You can then edit and beautify your posts.

If you run out of posts for your campaign, but you don’t want your campaign to stop you can always add more variations. There is no limit to the number of variations you can create.


Sometimes you’re just lazy, you run out of creativity, be busy or you simply can’t think of some witty text for your variations. This is a solid problem which all the content writers understand.

The text phrase you have written in your post is the first thing that your audience will look at or read. If it fails to gain their attention, then it’s highly likely that they will ignore your post. But you don’t want that, considering you have spent so much time creating your content.

With Auto-Variations feature, you can just add the link that you want to share and MeetEdgar will create up to 4 quotes from the text of your link. You can then plus or minus a few things from your caption as you like.

Variations vs Evergreen

There isn’t really a competition between these two categories. Both of these strategies have their own pros and cons.

On one side, variation camouflages your repetitive content.

This lets your viewers see your posts from a new angle each time and it doesn’t bore them by showing the same content with the same quote again and again. This may be helpful in some of your marketing campaigns.

But, Evergreen sharing can be reinforced by the fact that only 10% of people will see your post once you’ve shared. You have to upscale by re-sharing your content again to maximize the reach of your posts.

With the help of both features, you can easily multiply your social efforts. So, it depends upon you to pursue a strategy to keep your audience viewing your content.

The good news for all the ContentStudio users is that we are adding this feature in our upcoming release. Stay tuned with us to check out the newer version and get benefited by all the new variations along with the Variation feature.



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