Ideas to Run Successful Black Friday Campaigns

by Hamna Ghufran
11 minutes
Ideas to Run Successful Black Friday Campaigns

Holiday shopping days like Black Friday have become a worldwide phenomenon and some of the busiest times to shop both in-person and online. The innovative and exciting Black Friday campaigns are the best part of festivals and holidays.

Online sales on Black Friday reached $8.9 billion in 2021. Making a statement amid a sea of advertising requires careful planning for Black Friday.

So how can you get their attention? By being ready and employing certain lethal strategies. On a hectic shopping day, standing out from the crowd is simpler than you might imagine. In this article, I will provide you with tried-and-true marketing tactics to attempt on Black Friday.

So, let’s get started!

When is Black Friday?

Black Friday is a term used to describe a significant sales event that occurs at the end of November and is among the most acceptable times of the year to receive discounts. This marks a shopping and sales bonanza as most outlets and retailers provide very attractive discounts. 

Do you know when Black Friday is this year?

Black Friday this year will take place on November 25, 2022. Following Thanksgiving, Black Friday always falls on a Friday. Cyber Monday will occur on November 28, 2022.

What are the Pros of Black Friday?

Unquestionably, Black Friday is the busiest shopping day of the year. Utilizing social media, customer communications, and marketing for your company allows you to capitalize on the excitement around this widely recognized shopping day and attract more people to your goods and services.

Instead of merely opening their doors an hour or two early on Thanksgiving Day, many retailers stay open all day or well into the evening to begin releasing offers before Friday even arrives. Having trouble deciding whether to take part this year? We’ve assembled a list of experts to assist you. 

Take a look, and then you may choose whether you want to participate this year.

  • Enhanced Online Traffic

During and before the holiday season, people are shopping for Christmas and are looking for deals. Black Friday and Cyber Monday concentrate a lot of traffic and sales into a brief window. One of the finest days of the year for e-commerce sales is today. Sales volumes on Black Friday were significantly higher than those of an average day last year. 

Retailers have a clear chance to take advantage of consumer demand and increase traffic to their websites. Demand is the biggest benefit of the Black Friday weekend discounts. Customers are more open to new goods and subscriptions on Black Friday. Your Black Friday sale might succeed if you take advantage of the demand. 

You may increase traffic to your website by using the buzz that all this awareness of Black Friday will generate. To be able to ride the buzz wave, ensure that you plan your social media or promotional outputs in advance! Ensure that potential clients can find you one method to achieve this is by researching trending hashtags.

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  • Job Creation

While some individuals find it bothersome that many retail workers work on Thanksgiving to prepare for Black Friday, it gives them a job and an income to support themselves and their families. Most firms must provide their workers extra pay if they work on a holiday or Black Friday.

Job Creation

  • Customer Connection

Although acquiring new clients might be expensive, Black Friday gives merchants a chance to do so during a crucial period of the year. A solid post-purchase email plan can help you drive repeat business during the Christmas season and beyond if you can attract clients around Black Friday and keep them satisfied. 

Discounting around Black Friday is OK if clients can be kept over the long term and later purchased at full price. You have a fantastic opportunity to attract new clients on Black Friday. Some of these might potentially generate income past holiday sales. For instance, members who purchased them at a discount will renew them at a higher price, ensuring recurrent revenue.

  • Brand Advertisement

Black Friday is a chance for your company to get notoriety. Customers are actively exploring brands throughout the weekend. Customers will undoubtedly take notice of you if your brand sticks out. Yes, advertising your participation in the Black Friday sales may aid in the growth of your business. There are a lot of obsessive shoppers out there who want to take advantage of any opportunity for a discount.

  • Easier Online Customer Management

When you can stop throngs of people from pouring into the store, Black Friday will be much easier to handle and less stressful. By keeping everything online, you can avoid dealing with the overpowering attitudes of people who have a strong emotional attachment to Black Friday deals. In any case, this is undoubtedly among the best things to do on Black Friday.

  • Old Inventory Clearance

Many shops view black Friday as a chance to get rid of old goods so they can introduce newer merchandise in time for Christmas. Given that novel models will soon be available, electronics stores may also give discounts on products like TVs and laptops. 

Of course, this also applies to dealers of clothing. This is the ideal time to eliminate outdated inventory and learn what clients want to purchase in the lead-up to Christmas.

Best Black Friday Campaign Ideas and Examples 

I’ll give you some of the most creative Black Friday promotion ideas you may use this year. Each of these has been used by small firms with great success, and I have no doubt you will gain a lot from them.

  • Collaborate with Influencers

In recent years, businesses have largely improved their online presence and increased sales thanks to influencer marketing. While engaging with influencers and identifying them can be done at any time of the year, the holiday shopping season and days like Black Friday are ideal times to seize the moment and market your goods.

  • Reward Customer Spending

By offering incentives, you can persuade your clients to spend a specific sum of money. The advantage of using this Black Friday marketing strategy is that you can forecast your income based on the minimal amount of money you anticipate your clients will spend. You can also create reward levels if this is a method you want to attempt. Customers who make larger purchases receive greater benefits. Just be sure to keep making money.

Here is how Sephora is rewarding its customers:

Reward Customer Spending

  • Introduce Something Novel

People adore new and exciting things. Because of this, you ought to make the most of the unique chance you’ll have on Black Friday to advertise a brand-new item that will only be offered on that day. This might advance your Black Friday advertising. Even if a prior client just made a single purchase from you, they can become intrigued enough by your new offering to make a purchase. 

There are primarily 2 approaches to introducing a new product. It can first be added a few days before the important event. Who knows, this might even increase sales before Black Friday itself. Adding merchandise on Black Friday is the second option. Additionally, a countdown timer can add to the excitement. You might determine that this item will only be available on Black Friday. That instills a sense of urgency, which prompts movement.

Have a look at how Channel is carrying this out: 


  • Create A Promotional Video

Making a promo with a countdown timer is an additional cool idea you can implement. This movie will showcase every item you’ll be selling, but one week beforehand. This might create additional excitement, resulting in people lining up on Black Friday to make purchases. 

Promote your excellent promotional video on your Instagram page as soon as you finish it. I enjoy how Chubbies used Black Friday’s setting to subversively create their own sales holiday, which they humorously called “Thighber Monday” (formulated on Cyber Monday), to sell their products.

  • Award Free Gifts

Who doesn’t enjoy free things? People are more likely to purchase your products on Black Friday if you offer a free present with every purchase. Giving away anything with a value of under $2 is a frequent small business strategy. Include a link to your freebie giveaway on your store’s homepage to help promote it. 

This makes it as visible as possible. You can set an ordering threshold so recipients must spend $75 or more to receive the gift. If your margins are tight, you may perhaps just offer a free gift with every order.

Award Free Gifts

  • Buy More-Get More Is a Great Idea

Buy one, get one 50% off is another effective Black Friday marketing strategy. Essentially, this upselling is to get customers to buy more than they originally planned. A version of this could be to offer everything at a 50% discount on Black Friday morning and then buy one, get one 50% off in the afternoon.

Below is an example of Bath & Body Works:

Buy More-Get More Is a Great Idea

  • Hourly Sales Will Pay

If your internet business has a more significant following, you can leverage the power of an exciting, quick-paced strategy that involves running a fresh sale every hour. Black Friday deals can begin at midnight and last 24 hours. Your sales could potentially soar, especially if some of your products won’t even be available until a specific period.

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Hourly Sales Will Pay

  • Discount Coupons And Codes

Traditionally, one of the better ways to increase sales during a time like Black Friday is by creating discount coupons and codes. You’re doing Black Friday right if you can lower your prices while maintaining the quality of your goods. Additionally, you can use discount codes to raise your conversion rates. 

You may stop cart abandonment and thus enhance your sales by making them available when visitors are more likely to leave your website. Discount codes may be an obvious solution for your Black Friday marketing strategy. Simply decide which outlets will best help you spread the word about your offers, then sit back and take pleasure in the results.

Discount Coupons And Codes

  • Free Shipping is a Big Yes

If you are unable to give savings in money, consider offering free delivery instead. One of the most influential Black Friday marketing strategies is free shipping. When free shipping and same-day delivery are combined, Black Friday marketing can be somewhat effective. Nearly 50% of consumers responded that same-day shipping would motivate them to purchase, and about 85% have utilized two-day shipping.

Free Shipping Is A Big Yes

  • Black Friday Page For the Whole Year

The statistics for Black Friday show that consumers typically look for discounts and deals the week before the holiday. Having a landing page that is just focused on Black Friday all year long is, therefore, a fantastic idea.

As the page will be a regular on your website rather than just a one-time deal, you’ll have greater SEO that way. This will increase your visibility in Black Friday search results. You won’t appear in the top results if you make a landing page specifically for that one day each year because the page will be completely fresh. 

And what exactly are landing pages? In marketing, landing pages are used for advertising your bargains, products, and offers. On a landing page, keeping other distractions to a minimum is recommended. This means that there should be no navigation or other features that can divert visitors’ attention from the main attraction. 

Because the page is active all year long, it can help you grow your email list when someone visits your dedicated landing page, which lets you know they are interested in your offers.

  • Email Campaign Will be Great

This one is for Black Friday and Cyber Monday because you can make a lot of money. Still, one of the best methods for promoting your offerings is email marketing. Segment your user base because no two users are the same. 

Organize your categories depending on your customers’ demographics, location, and previous purchases. Asking users to complete their profiles or having them sign up for additional information can help you segment users more easily. Because you will speak more directly to your target audience, doing that will give you a much clearer voice. Make your emails more unique.

Although receiving Christmas wishes is great, they sound artificial. Use their name, such as “Happy Holidays, John.” Maybe instead of saying “Hi,” you should say “Hi, John.” 

Additionally, you can include offers in your emails that are tailored to the recipient or the area in which they reside. You can include a call to action in your email asking recipients to mark the day on their calendars, which will alert them when you have bargains available. When sending emails, take into account different time zones. 

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Make sure to write a compelling subject line for your email to get recipients to open it. Be honest, though, not dishonest.


compelling subject line for your email

  • Social Media Promotions are a Key

Advertise your offerings on your social media pages, forums, and groups. Take the necessary time to gather the information you will share with your followers. Therefore, you publish pieces that discuss the trades before, during, and after the event has ended. The same should hold true on Cyber Monday. 

This is where you can see how crucial it is to build a following because it will enable you to be active and interact with your followers. If someone comments, respond to the comments. This will give them the finest experience possible and persuade them to purchase from you. 

Stay human. Use more hashtags, such as #blackfriday, #blackfridaysale, #blackfridaydeals, #blackfridayyear, #smallbusinesssaturday, #cybermonday, #sale, and #specialoffer.

  • Start Promoting Earlier than Others

That’s accurate. Start ahead of everyone else. Encourage individuals to join your email list. Share discount codes that are only valid on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Doing so may broaden your audience and boost conversion rates because you’ll have already given them something they can use to their advantage. 


Start Promoting Earlier than Others

  • Create An Attractive Return Policy

People frequently regret their purchases when searching for the best deals, so why not put on a human face and offer them a 30-day, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee? They’ll be more inclined to return if you demonstrate that you genuinely care about them and aren’t just after their money.

How to Track Black Friday Campaigns Using Replug?

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Your brand becomes more well-known and recognizable as you post more content. Additionally, you benefit from improved email deliverability, a greater CTR, and increased social media exposure.

Here I’ll tell you how you can track your Black Friday campaign using Replug:

  • Obtain the website’s URL so you can share it with your audience. You don’t have to be affiliated with the website; it might be a blog post, a news piece, or anything else.
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What is the main idea of Black Friday?

The word “Black Friday” was first used by Philadelphia police officers to describe the turmoil that occurred when a significant number of suburban tourists arrived in the city to start their holiday shopping and, in some years, to attend the annual Army-Navy football game on Saturday in the early 1960s. The large crowds caused the police to work longer shifts than normal as they dealt with shoplifting, traffic bottlenecks, accidents, and other problems. Black Friday has historically been a holiday in and of itself for many workers. It is generally a day chock full of exclusive sales and deep discounts and is regarded as the start of the Christmas shopping season.

How do businesses benefit from Black Friday?

Many shops view black Friday as a chance to get rid of old goods so they can launch up-to-date merchandise in time for Christmas. Since newer stuff will soon be available, electronics stores may also give discounts on products like TVs and laptops. Of course, this also applies to dealers of clothing.

How long should your Black Friday sale last?

It depends upon your marketing strategy. If it pays dividends, you may start sales earlier and go late after the big day is gone.

Hamna Ghufran

Hamna is always searching for new things to learn as a freelance content writer. Through that curiosity, she combines her experiences with topics pertinent to small businesses. As a result, she has worked with many B2B and B2C businesses providing them with high-quality content that ranks.

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