ContentStudio 2.0 – Product Updates: May & June 2020

by Mariyum Noor
7 minutes

Hi, people of the world! We are back with exciting features! Let’s walk you through the latest ContentStudio product updates released in May and June! We have a lot of interesting features and improvements to cover today, so let’s jump right in!

What’s New?

ContentStudio Mobile App Updates

In this latest release, we have made exciting improvements and squashed bugs so ContentStudio can be even better for you.

Sooo … let’s dive in!

Instagram Pending Posts:

Faster Load Time with Pagination

Pagination is the process of displaying fetched results in multiple pages instead of showing them all on one page. This is to avoid having a page so long that it takes excess load time.

How does it help?

Having more than 100 posts would usually cause the API to crash. There were delays- and eventually causing a timeout. When a user fetched these posts, it would result in an increase in RAM usage, in order to maintain the data.

With the magic of pagination, we have removed these limitations. Now posts are fetched with an increment of 20 posts! Say goodbye to lags. 😉

Help section

We realized that many of our clients were facing difficulties while connecting their Instagram account to ContentStudio.  To assist them through a smooth process of connection, we have also added a Help Section.

Image from iOS (2).png
Help Section for Connecting Instagram to ContentStudio – IOS


Change in URL Preview

Image from iOS (1).png
URL preview in Composer – IOS App

With this new update, URL preview is visible while composing a post.

Disable notification/reminder for a specific device

On a beautiful sunny morning, you’re having coffee with your long-lost best friend, catching up, and talking about the amazing dress you saw!

But right then… there’s a buzzing sound, then notice a pulsing notification alert on your phone. What if it’s something urgent? You wouldn’t want to ignore it….

You pick up your phone, and it turns out it was just some random reminder from an app. At that moment, you want to delete that app – or turn notifications off for EVERYTHING!

Believe me, we have all been there.

In this world of tech, it’s important to appreciate the existence of real-life people. Don’t want you to become too dependent on machines! (We have all watched the Terminator, robot apocalypse is not going to turn out well for any of us!)

But hey, jokes aside, with this update, we hope to give you an option to disable notifications from your phone for our app. If you have an Instagram Business account with multiple people having access to it, we understand that you don’t need spam notifications.

You can enable/disable notifications for a device directly from the web ContentStudio!

image (26).png
Enable or Disable Reminders from ContentStudio Web

Lastly, there have been Code improvements!

We have made the application leaner and have updated all third party libraries.

I hope you enjoy all these new features! Please write a review for us on the App Store, and tell your friends about this!

ContentStudio’s Google Chrome Extension

To enhance your internet experience, here are the new features that are being introduced for ContentStudio’s Google Chrome Extension.

GMB integration

Google My Business is one of the most reliable platforms for marketers to manage an online presence of their business. Google My Business is the best way to win the trust of your audience by bringing out your information to create a personalized relationship with them. This gives you an opportunity to drive more potential customers toward your business.

With this update on Google Chrome Extension, a user, upon creation of his business, can announce exciting information about it through posting: These posts can be about upcoming events, offers, or the usual marketing. It’s important to note that these posts will be available for only 7 days, and after that will be deleted automatically.

image (2).png
Integration with Tumblr


 Tumblr integration

We have enabled Tumblr integration so you can schedule posts for Tumblr through the extension. Now, whenever you’re scrolling through the internet and find a post that you would like to share on Tumblr, you can easily schedule from ContentStudio’s Google Chrome Extension.

Instagram multiple images posting

image (4).png
Instagram Multiple Image Posting through Google Chrome Extension

Have you been to a party or a holiday recently? Or perhaps, you can’t decide which picture to post? Here’s a thought: post all of them! 😉

With this update, you can post up to 10 pictures on your Instagram page!

Hold That Workspace!

A new feature has been introduced in ContentStudio called ‘Hold workspace.’

Pause Posting option visible

Users can click on the pause icon to stop all of the postings for all of the blogs and social accounts. After that Users can click on the resume icon to start posting for blogs and social accounts.

Due to uncertainty resulting from the coronavirus crisis, many users want to hold their working for the time being. While the workspace is on hold, all the automation will be paused and the posting will be moved to the draft.

Details about Pausing Posting

In this state, the user will not be able to add more posting. When he wants to resume the usual posting, he easily can by clicking on Resume Posting.

Resume Posting

His scheduled posts will be posted accordingly as the user selected them. We can also give them a different posting time option during this: by selecting the desired time interval or manually resuming the existing post.

Improvement Updates

Automation: Bulk Upload & Evergreen Special Characters Encoding Issue Resolved

Previously, when people tried to import the CSV file, whether in Bulk Upload or EverGreen Campaign they faced problems with foreign language characters or “Swedish characters” such as these:

Screenshot 2020-05-26 at 18.08.17.png
Error Image

Now it looks like this:

image (4).png
Error of Special Characters Fixed

With the recent release, you can now upload the CSV file with foreign characters’ text or emojis as well!

Global Content Categories: Slots Improvement

In global content categories, we have improved the edge-cases which include slots removal.

There were two issues with this:

1) The posts were not duplicated to all the categories even after the creation of the Global Category.

2) Slots were missed in the Global Category.

Let’s assume you have scheduled three posts at 2 pm, 4 pm, and 6 pm. You delay your 4 pm post to another time.

Then you end up scheduling another post in this category, however, it used to get skipped! Now, after this improvement, your slot time will be saved just in case you have removed some slots.

Consequently, next time you publish content to the category, the time will be picked from the slot that you removed, before adding it to the last of the category queue.

Composer: Facebook Mentions now shows followers

Previously, our Facebook mentions feature in composer was not showing Page Profile image and total no. of followers the page has.

Now, after a recent release, we show the followers and the Picture of the Page:

Clipboard 2020-16-06 at 3.39.57 PM.png

This helps to properly identify the account you’re tagging!

Planner Default Settings now set to “Select All”

Planner filters are now set to ‘Select all’ filter by default when reloading the page.

select all.png

Previously, “all” the filters were not selected by default, and the user had to do that manually. But now, they’re selected automatically.

This means when a user goes to Planner, all the accounts that he has integrated with the Workspace will be shown here!

Content Category added to Evergreen Automation

You can now select the Content Category option in the Evergreen automation campaigns!

content cat.png
Select Content Category in Evergreen Campaigns

This feature aims to make your automation campaigns more effective.

Refresh Social Inbox

Some customers were facing an issue where the conversations in Social Inbox were not updated.

With this Refresh feature located right next to Inbox on the top left corner of the screen, things are about to get a lot better!

Refresh Inbox

Upon clicking on this, all of the conversations in Social Inbox will refresh and update.

No more duplicates, no hassle, we promise! 🙂

Showing Drop-down Select Option if Accounts are Greater Than 15

If you have been an avid user of ContentStudio for a while now, you would have realized that there are two ways of previewing social media accounts while you’re creating a post.

The first one looks a bit like this:

Exhibit A:

image (6).png

The second way is a dropdown of social media accounts, much like this:

Exhibit B:

image (7).png

Why the difference?

Let me elaborate.

Previously, we used to show the dropdown menu to the user with more than 10 accounts connected. Now, we have changed this to 15.

So if you have less than fifteen accounts they will be shown like in Exhibit A, otherwise, Exhibit B will your friend!

Edit the Queued Post Time

While composing and sharing a blog and social posts, you get the option to add these posts in a queue. This queue is also represented in a calendar form for better management!

Previously, it was not possible to modify the queued post time.

But that’s what we are here for.

We want to bring more convenience & flexibility to our platform users! Now, you can modify the post that is queued via Composer as well as Planner.

image (8).png

By clicking on the edit icon, you can change the schedule for the queued time.


Easy peasy, amirite?

Before you leave…

Let me know in the comments which features you like, and if there’s any feature you would like us to add!

Until next time fellas, au revoir!

Mariyum Noor

Mariyum Noor is a content marketer who is passionate about learning new things! She writes research-based blog posts for SaaS platforms that are seeking better ways to delight and engage their readers.

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