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by Wasiq Naeem
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Buzzsumo alternative - ContentStudio

Large newspaper agencies consult me for guidance in the matters of online and digital marketing. I update them on the latest trends in Google, Facebook, SEO, Google Ads, and content marketing.

I probably buy 20 new online marketing tools every year, just to test them out. Some of them I keep, and some I don’t.

Here is why I think that ContenStudio is the ideal Buzzsumo alternative.

When I am looking for subjects to write about, either for my own blog, guest blog post or for Danish newspapers, I’ve always been using Buzzsumo to look for interesting content.

Let’s say I need to write about link building, and why you shouldn’t buy links anymore. I would look into BuzzSumo to find the most shared post online about that subject.

Looking at the headline of that article, I would figure out what made people click that article?

I also keep an eye out for the influencers that have shared this article. Establishing that this could be something my audience would like, I take what I can from the popular article, and put my spin on it.

After writing the article, I do my outreach to the influencers, journalist, blog owners and so on, and encourage them to share or acknowledge my piece.

I have got a lot of success doing just that. Thanks to Buzzsumo for helping me with that!

But I’ve got to say, goodbye dear Buzzsumo. Because I’ve fallen in love with

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Reasons why is better than Buzzsumo

The price factor

Buzzsumo is quite pricey for small businesses. It can be overwhelming to start up with. Another drawback is that the user guiding and onboarding for a new signee are not good.

It took me a long time to learn how to use it, even though I saw their videos and so on. A beginner’s guide could be helpful.

The influencer part is not that helpful in my country but you still have to pay for the influencer part in the “Agency Plan”.

If you need to see data for “Trending on Facebook within the last 8 hours” you will have to pay for their Agency Plan, which is at a super high cost. And who wants to see dying trends? Let us in on brand-new trending topics at a lower cost.

Content marketing - ContentStudio

A complete solution

It could be useful to have a complete content marketing tool in one place. When you already have the search for topics function, why not integrate a social media planner, a post composer and integrate feeds from Feedly for example? That’s where really blew my mind. They got all the same as Buzzsumo, and then a lot of extra stuff, at a much cheaper price.

If ContentStudio continue on this path it could be a game changer in the content marketing business.

I bought via Appsumo. It’s actually rare that I like an Appsumo deal 3 months after I bought it. Most of the tools are in some kind of beta and are half-baked.

But not

Maybe that’s why it had the highest rating of all the tools sold on Appsumo in 2017?

 But it doesn’t end here

I was very happy to save a lot of cash shifting from Buzzsumo to On top of that, I gained the following advantages using it.

  • A media planner to plan all my social and blog post. Pretty nifty when you have already found the topic to write about using the Discovery tool.
  • Adding RSS feed. You can add an RSS feed from Feedly (and other feed services) which means even more inspiration from content sources you like.
  • Creating a custom topic: Searching for new content and creating custom topics is easier than ever before. There are 2 main methods via which you can start creating your custom topic feed. First one lets you do that by searching for particular topics and keywords. The second one enables you to select domains first as sources for content.

Here you can see an example of how I use the same way I used Buzzsumo. Using a custom topic.

Content curation - ContentStudio


  • Automation:

Identify a good RSS feed which you can rely on quality content. You can then automate the posting so that it will automatically post to social channels whenever some quality content shows up in the feed.

  • Link shorteners. integrates with,, Bitly and cstu which is their in-built link shortener is an amazing link shortener that can install pixels in the links you share so that you can retarget anyone that clicks a link. Think about that. You don’t need to pay for a click to your site, make amazing content or SEO. Any click, anyone clicks online, you can retarget.

In addition to that, you can create branded CTA’s to drive more traffic to your websites.

  • WorkSpaces for Team/ Client Management.

Workspaces in ContentStudio is a unit for not only discovering, planning, scheduling, publishing and analyzing content for social media accounts but also grouping the people who manage those accounts together.

manage social media - ContentStudio

While making a content campaign for a client, It’s very important that the client can approve of the content. You can invite them to and show social media posts. They can voice their opinion, comments, and tasks to reduce the back and forth. Something that will create a lot of engagement, but at the same staying true to our client’s brands.

social media management - ContentStudio

  • Content Spinners and Language translators

For content curation, it is a nice feature to have a content spinner to change some of the wording, so that you are not totally copying the content.

content marketing - ContentStudio

Also, has translation tools, for clients that have businesses in other countries.

All this and many other features are available at your disposal at a lower price than Buzzsumo. With a lot more updates coming soon, And I’m not even getting paid to say this, but sometimes you just need to tell the world a good story of an up and coming new tool.

That’s what is.

It’s a keeper.

To learn more about the advantages ContentStudio has over Buzzsumo, click here.





Guest Blog Post by Jimi Hove

My name is Jimi Hove and I am the owner of an online marketing agency in Denmark, Europe. This is my story of switching from Buzzsumo to ContentStudio.

Wasiq Naeem

Wasiq Naeem is a content and digital marketing veteran who is passionate about his writing. Extensive research and producing high-quality content is just another day at the office for him.

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