Why Facebook Logged Me Out?

by Khadija Anwar
3 minutes
Why Facebook Logged Me Out

Everyone visits Facebook multiple times a day, and some people don’t bother to log out of the app on their gadget, but there are times when Facebook automatically logs you out. 

You pause and think, “I didn’t log out from my Facebook account, so how did this happen.” There are possible scenarios that are messing up your active status on Facebook. 

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7 ways to fix getting logged out of Facebook issue

Check cookies

Corrupted cookies may keep logging you out from Facebook. Your internet browser uses cookies to track sites you visit, including Facebook. Your setting might end up a session after a certain period. To solve this, you should clear browser cookies. 

If you are using Chrome:

  • Step 1: Click Settings


  • Step 2: Click privacy and security, 


  • Step 3: Click the first option, “clear browsing data.”


  • Step 4: Apply settings and click on clear


In case you are using Microsoft Edge or any other web-browser the steps are almost more of the same.

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Avoid multiple users on a single account

You may have shared your Facebook account credentials with your friends for marketing campaigns or personal reasons. And the account is open on multiple devices simultaneously. If it is often happening, it might be a good idea to change the password. 

Click “remember me” to fix the time limit issue


Why did my session expired on Facebook?

Facebook has a time limit from when you sign in. If you click “Remember Me” when you sign in, the problem should be solved. 

Ensure Facebook keep me logged-in box is ticked


When you sign in, you are given the option to allow the Facebook site to automatically log you in when you arrive at the website. Make sure the box is ticked.

Clear Facebook cache

If Facebook keeps logging you from the app, clear the app cache. 

  • Step 1: Tap and hold the Facebook icon, then click on the “i” symbol to go in the “App Info”


  • Step 2: Go storage cache


  • Step 5: Click clear cache


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AntivirusYour device could be infected with the virus. This is often happens with users when they try to download something from a browser.  It is safe to install anti-virus software for the regular function of your electronic gadgets. 

Facebook logout glitch

Sometimes, it could be a simple glitch from the Facebook end and everyone is logged out of Facebook.

While you wonder why was everyone logged out of Facebook?

It could be a temporary problem. Restart your device and log in again. Another reason could be that Facebook servers can go down for upgrades and updates.

The above mentioned tricks would help you fix the Facebook log-out problem. If you want further assistance, we are always here for extra help.

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