How To Create TikTok Collections?

by Khadija Anwar
2 minutes
TikTok Collections

In case, you have saved too many TikTok videos, and now you want to organize them category-wise? Well, here is a way to create TikTok collections and easily manage your saved videos in separate folders.

What are collections on TikTok?

TikTok collections are a way to organize your favorite TikTok videos in folders.

Steps To Create Collections On TikTok

Method 1: By Favoriting The TikTok Video

Step 1:

Tap the TikTok favorites bookmark icon on a video you like. Then a notification will appear “added to your favorite”. Alongside this notification, you will see a text i.e. “Manage”.

So when it appears Tap “Manage”

tap manage

Step 3:

Next you need to tap on the “Create New Collection” or add the video in an existing folder. 

Add to collection

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Step 4: 

Name your video and tap Save”

Tap save

Step 5:

Your video will be added to the collections.

video added to collection
Method 2: By Navigating To Your Profile
Here’s a preview of the steps

Step 1: Tap the profile icon
Step 2: Tap “Create A New Collection”
Step 3: Name Your Collection
Step 4: Add your Favorite TikTok’s to the collections and tap “Add videos”
Step 5: Go back to your profile, and your new collections folder will be created.


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