How We Gained 20K+ Organic Followers on LinkedIn via Content Marketing (A Case Study)

by Samana Batool
22 minutes
LinkedIn Growth

As an executive search company geared primarily toward equipping medical units with healthcare personnel, Proactive Healthcare Recruiters is always increasing its organic growth and reach across social and digital platforms to look far and wide for the best person for the job. 

Initially, we started with about 150 followers on LinkedIn. Fortunately, we turned the tide around with an active marketing campaign integrating SEO content on our LinkedIn channel that brought us, 20K+ organic followers, in just one year.

Linkedin growth James Pemberton

This is our journey.

The vision behind Proactive Healthcare Recruiters

The human resource department is a company’s heart and drives the whole organization. They’re given the responsibility of locating and onboarding skilled and passionate people in the team. And a company’s success and long-term organic growth highly depend on its teams. 

When I stepped into the recruiting landscape 15 years ago, I realized that the process of acquiring and retaining talent is not as easy as it looks. Recruiters and hiring managers face the challenges of finding top talent congruent to the company’s culture and defining an Employee Value Proposition (EVP) to attract ideal candidates. That is just the gist of it; the issues they face behind the scenes are much more challenging.

That inspired me to connect with various talent acquisition teams, hiring experts, and brand managers to pinpoint a single cause of recruiting failure. Surprisingly, all of their troubles dialed down to one thing. They all said that recruiting and onboarding new employees is overall an arduous experience for them. And even at the end of it, they’re still not sure if the employee they hired after an exhaustive search is a perfect fit or not. 

However, the real question is, do they apply their efforts in the right direction? 

It’s not wise to stick with conventional recruiting methods and expect to find a perfect candidate. It is a candidate-driven market, so talent acquisition takes much more than just posting for a job. 

After studying and analyzing the effectiveness of traditional recruiting methods, I concluded that there is a massive gap in their recruiting processes that still needed to be filled. 

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Why Do Talent Acquisition Teams Fail?

Since my vertical is healthcare firms and facilities, I tried to reach down to the root cause of the problems experienced by healthcare recruiters. 

Healthcare recruiting is critical as medical facilities need trained and fully equipped staff to run hospitals, healthcare units, clinics, therapeutic centers, and more. 

Upon interacting with many healthcare units and organizations, I realized that their recruiting processes were not robust. They would post for a particular vacancy on a single platform and wait for the influx of talented healthcare professionals. This is a passive approach.

Job portals like Indeed, Glassdoor, ZipRecruiter are giant companies that encourage talented individuals to apply. However, this will not suffice if employers want to limit their search to targeted candidates. You can’t filter applicants based on any experience or skill set because everyone has access to your email/career site. Anyone can apply, regardless of their location, ambitions, or goals. This results in a burdensome number of resumes.

As a result, employer organizations find it difficult to scan every single resume and interview millions of applicants. This whole process is tremendously lengthy and exhausting for healthcare headhunters.

After clearly understanding the pain points of recruiting teams, I founded my healthcare executive search firm that stands on the foundation of inbound recruiting and other groundbreaking recruitment marketing techniques.

How are Proactive Healthcare Recruiters a Better Option for Recruitment?

I believe that hiring new team members and welcoming them to your team shouldn’t be a back-breaking experience. Instead, it should be an empowering process.

The idea behind creating a healthcare executive search firm was to adopt a proactive and strategic candidate search method. This method is fast, targeted, and effective for headhunting. Here is our process flow that we employ to locate talented and dedicated healthcare professionals:

  • Extensive talent pool and networks – We have deep-rooted connections in the healthcare industry that allow us to tap into various talent networks and candidate pools and pick talented candidates who have perfect resumes for various job openings. 
  • Skill and personality assessments – When an employer firm seeking a perfect candidate reaches out to us, we make sure that we screen and cherry-pick candidates at our end. We conduct interview sessions, skills, and personality assessment tests that help us narrow down the required candidates. That way, your inbox won’t be flooded with irrelevant resumes. 
  • Screening based on career goals and vision – An employee can only excel in a company where they find like-minded people who nurture and strengthen them. Keeping that in mind, we collaborate with the executive teams at the employer firms to reckon with the company’s goals and objectives. That way, it’s easier for us to align the company culture, goals, and objectives with a candidate’s personality, vision, and goals.
  • Post-offer engagement – We strive to make our client’s transition phase as smooth as possible. Therefore, we provide post-offer engagement to employees to prepare them for their role in the organization. That way, both employers and employees can pass the transition phase smoothly and efficiently.

Put simply, Proactive Healthcare Recruiters bridge the gap between employers and employees, assisting both parties even after the employee is hired. 

The Challenges I faced While Scaling My Healthcare Executive Search Firm

When I launched my agency, I got my first few clients (both employers and employees) through word-of-mouth marketing. But I knew I had to take off and discover more clients in different states and regions. 

I knew that content marketing on social media platforms (especially LinkedIn) would massively augment my digital footprint. However, I got intimidated by the thought of creating social media channels for my business, managing individual pages, finding content to share on my channels, creating content to engage my target audience, and the list goes on. Additionally, I had to take care of my newly launched business and engage with my current clients.

Nonetheless, content marketing gains weren’t veiled from me as I had experienced boosting my ROIs (return on investment) through SEO (search engine optimization). 

After endlessly scrolling through various solutions, trying and testing loads and loads of tools, I finally came across a content marketing platform that straightened everything out for me. Let me first describe how this content marketing tool helped me throughout my journey, then I’ll reveal its name. Until then, we’ll call it the mystery tool.

My Content Marketing Action Plan for Organic Growth  – LinkedIn Marketing

In this section, I am going to take you along my LinkedIn Marketing journey of Organic growth. I will break down our content marketing strategies into understandable steps so you can gauge the outcome we gained at every step.

Step 1 – Discover Engaging Content for Target Audience

To gain authority among the LinkedIn audience, it’s necessary to engage with them and consistently post relevant, informative, and attention-grabbing content. We only had 183 followers when we started posting content on our official page on LinkedIn. But over a span of a few months, we successfully grew our LinkedIn fanbase to a whopping 20K brand evangelists and supporters.

Creating a consistent content marketing plan for your LinkedIn channel is a crucial step for a successful campaign. However, it takes time to choose what content to post and what to pass. Additionally, you need a social media manager to overlook your post interactions, search appearance, profile followers, and more. 

But you can single-handedly manage your page if you are lucky to find a tool that sells itself. 

How to Find Domain Related Content

Discovering top-performing content in our domain and sharing it with our audience was a massive challenge for us. 

Sure, we could follow our favorite blog sources and industry influencers on Twitter, Linked In, or other social channels to hear about the latest trends and news. However, for me, who had just established a business, it was difficult to check social media on a regular basis.

But with Discovery, it was a piece of cake for me to discover the most recent and impactful content (with the highest shares and engagement) in a few clicks. 

discover content

The best thing about this tool is, it automatically brings content from authentic and High Domain Authority (DA) sources. 

It also allows us to organize our content in relevant folders and libraries. This feature simplified things by sorting into different topics like Healthcare technologies, telehealth news, top leaders in the industry, and more. 

I enjoy managing different topics in different folders and seamlessly traversing through different articles without bouncing to different tabs and screens. 

How to Create Custom Topics

Although the curated topics in the system were pretty extensive and covered almost every vertical in my niche, I still had to find a way to add some more domains to my topics library. Fortunately, the tool is quite intuitive, so I could easily navigate different options and features without consulting the support team and knowledge-based articles. 

Upon clicking on the Custom Topics button, I realized that this tool expands at every click to offer much more.

I was relieved to discover that filling a simple form can add my custom domains and sources to my topic library and track all the posts under a single roof. In the tool’s jargon, this feature is called the “Query Builder” and lets you include relevant domains and keywords into your query and refine your search.

rss feed reader

Another fascinating aspect of this tool was the option to add an RSS feed list to my topics’ library. 

A refined and highly targeted content discovery option is within reach, and it takes 10-15 minutes to set up your folders. The system takes full responsibility for crunching and optimizing data to regularly populate your library with impactful content.

How to Find Industry Influencers

Another attractive feature of this tool is Influencer Discovery. Using this feature, you can track down industry influencers in different regions on different platforms and follow them on your social channels to gain insights into the latest trends.

You can search for them using a relevant hashtag or their usernames and follow them directly through your screen.

Although these are enormous tasks simplified into a matter of seconds, we still must collect this content and post it on our LinkedIn profile. 

But we automated that too. Let’s see how.

Step 2 – Automate Post Scheduling on LinkedIn

As I was expanding my business, I was also expanding my team to distribute the workload I was born with. I trained my team members and asked them to manage our social media accounts on all the platforms. Since the mystery tool was so efficient, I took the opportunity to take a leap and intensify my presence on platforms other than LinkedIn, like Facebook, Twitter, WordPress blog, and more.

Our team’s next challenge was to consistently post on our social channels and keep engaging the audience in our funnel. The tool’s planner and composer feature made it a breeze for us and offered to automate our social media publishing as well.

The process was simple and quick.

All we had to do was choose a post with the highest engagement score, a positive sentiment, and highest shares and add it to our social media planner.

social media planner

I am able to easily track my weekly and monthly posts and the post’s induced engagement value. 

Furthermore, the time spent on planning and auto-scheduled post for an entire week are no more than 20 minutes. That seems too good to be true, right? But 20 minutes is all it takes. And it helped me eventually gain traction from my target audience. I started getting views and shares on my LinkedIn posts. Here’s one example where I got 26K+ views on my post about the History of Nursing.

james Permberton Linkedin posts

I have also run complete automation campaigns using these tools to publish valuable content on my channels without lifting a finger.

The tool offers various automation recipes which I used to create highly optimized campaigns for my channels. 

Caption Generator

We all know how dry and dreadful those posts without captions look! The best thing I noticed about this tool was its ability to auto-generate highlights based on the content’s text and set it as the post’s caption. 

Clearly, the team behind this magic tool is maneuvering the principles of AI well and employing them in the most efficient way. 

Using both the Discovery and Auto-publish features, I created a sound presence on my LinkedIn profile and observed a massive difference in my profile followers and post interactions. I started noticing that people would share my content, comment on it, tag their colleagues, and create opportunities for me to build authority and drive my leads.

However, I had yet to achieve the biggest content marketing milestone – content creation and managing my WordPress blog channel. 

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Step 3 – Content Creation and Publishing

Collaborating with DataSpecc got me a team of content creators to jumpstart my blog channel. We use some of the most effective tools to discover content ideas through organic keyword research and competitor analysis for the most organic growth.

To start with, our team brainstormed a blog strategy for our WordPress blog channel and started curating keyword topic ideas regularly. That helped us stick with the most recent and trending topics that our competitors used to engage with their audience. Since their audience is our potential audience, we started creating content around those topic areas to grow our reader base. 

Our favorite pick that helps us with idea generation is Ahrefs, an excellent site, and keyword explorer tool that quantifies organic keywords that we can use in our content to improve our search engine rankings that too, organically. 

ahrefs keyword explorer-organic growth

I also discovered helpful tools such as Frase and Clearscope that have become our basic necessities – even more essential than air and food. 

Frase is a vast tool that helps you optimize your content according to SERP (search engine result pages) features and creates content that ranks well in the search engine. We use this tool to generate a list of keywords (you could also say a keyword cluster) that are mostly used in other content sources with high ranks on SERPs. 

Frase is a handy tool for creating blogs and articles as it gives a general idea of how your competitors use the keywords, average word count in competitor’s blogs/articles, questions asked on SERPs, Quora, and more. Using this information, you can create competitive content that’s even better than the content published already (using the skyscraper’s technique).

Furthermore, it has a full-fledged text editor that you can use to format your content to improve its readability. 

Another tool that we mentioned was Clearscope. It is similar to Frase; however, it creates a more optimized list of keywords that help you rank your content.

Keyword Cloud in Insights

Using the right keywords can help you retain the readers of your content. One source for collecting a list of competitive keywords is through the content Insights feature in our mystery tool.

This feature allows us to weigh the keyword’s usage and engagements and generate a keyword cloud. This cloud contains impactful keywords that we can add to our content to increase our content’s reach and engagement.

organic growth keywords

Composer for Content Creation and Publishing

The treasures of our magic tool are yet to be revealed. 

Lurking through the different tabs of this tool directed me towards the Composer module. It is also one of the epic features the tool provides.

The fundamental purpose of Composer is to help you compose your (long-form and short-form) content, optimize it for the search engines, and distribute it on your social channels.

seo optimization in contentstudio

Mainly, we use Composer to create our long-form content for blog posts, articles, press releases, newsletters, and cold emails.

Its smooth process flow makes it unique and purposeful and allows our content team to easily track changes and suggestions given by their team members.

Step 4 – Analyze LinkedIn Content Marketing Campaigns 

Every content creator is well aware that if you do not measure your content marketing campaigns, all your efforts are going to waste.


Because if you do not know what you are doing wrong, how will you improve? Similarly, knowing about your content’s impact and progress on social media can efficiently channel your efforts.

Our content marketing tool includes an extensive analytics kit that provides valuable feedback about our content marketing efforts.

It measures the impact of your published posts on your social media channels and displays them in the form of graphs and other colorful visuals.

As soon as we started posting curated content from Discovery, we observed significant organic growth in our social media followers.

organic growth followers

We achieved this successful organic growth due to continuous monitoring of our post-engagement. 

We made it our practice to analyze our post engagement at the end of every week to see which posts gained the highest traction. This helped us optimize our search queries and refine content in our topic libraries. 

organic enagement and growth

This graph highlights active days for audience engagement so that we can control the frequency of our posts for the active and inactive days.

Below you will see another graph that helps us plan our posts by day/time. 

best time to post on social media for you

This graph reveals the time of every day during which our posts receive maximum engagement. Darker shades of green imply higher engagement rates.

Step 5 – Engage Audience Through Email Marketing Campaigns 

The rule of seven states that prospective buyers should hear or see the marketing message at least seven times before buying a product/service from a brand. 

That tells us that you have to try to close your prospective buyers through every medium. 

Keeping that in mind, copywriters employ the basic principles of persuasion and influence to create content that draws readers’ attention. 

We found the best method to get the readers’ attention was via email. Using Lemlist was the route we opted for and it did wonders to revitalizing forgotten client relationships.

client relationship

There are a few things you can do with this cold email tool:

  • Maximize deliverability, score 50%+ open rates, and make sure people read your emails
  • Skyrocket reply rates with their amazing personalization features
  • Automate sequences and deliver follow-ups at the right time

Ultimately, the goal of a cold email is not to sell a product, but to sell the next step. For example, if your funnel looks like this – email → demo → conversion – then your email is selling the demo.

And so, we’ve asked the Lemlist team to give us a step-by-step guide with actionable tips on how to turn cold emails into qualified meetings.

Here’s what they suggest…

2 secrets behind 50%+ open rates

You can have the best email, the most exciting subject line, and the product that’s a star on the market, but if a prospect doesn’t see your email, it will all be in vain. A complete waste of space.

Now, email deliverability is the ability of your emails to land at the top of the inbox where people can see them. Not spam or promotions, but straight in the primary tab.

One of the things you absolutely have to do to achieve high deliverability and avoid spam filters is to warm up your email domain.

Imagine you start working for a company that has 10 more people in the sales team. You get a brand email (a.k.a. not warmed up yet), while the rest of your team uses the same domain to send campaigns.

This can be devastating for your email reputation and deliverability, partially because you and other new people didn’t warm up new addresses. Something like this can happen to you…

 email deliverability fail stats

The worst part is that it only takes one person to damage the entire domain.

Worry not as there is a solution to this problem.

Similar to how athletes warm up before a game, your email has to accomplish the same before you start sending campaigns.

Thankfully, Lemwarm can complete this job for you automatically. In just a few weeks’ time, you’ll see a totally different picture whatsoever.

boost email deliverability

Another critical factor that boosts email deliverability is the proper tracking of your open and click rates. We all need to track this to know if we’re succeeding or not.

And the only way to make it happen without getting penalized by email providers is to set your custom tracking domain.

Don’t think about it, it’s not anything super geeky. In the words of Nike, just do it. You’ll be thankful later. Here’s one such lesson from Hans.

custom tracking domain

If you need a tutorial, I got one for you.

Ramping up conversions [32% reply rate email example]

Now that we have email deliverability set, our next mission is to skyrocket your reply rate. As previously stated, the idea is to always sell the next step and don’t be too pushy. People don’t like pushy salespeople.

There are two secret ingredients behind the perfect email. First, personalization. Making your email feel like a tailored suit or custom-made dress.

Being relevant is the second one. In other words, writing your words in a way that makes sense to that person, and not your revenue.

There is one tactic I wanted to show you that can be applied in this case study as well. This campaign works like crazy for us. Here’s the latest result I got with it.

how to send email that gets replies

To explain how the cold email template works, imagine for a second I’m selling Lemlist to you. Just for fun, you’re having a problem with low email deliverability and this is how I’m going to pitch you.

prevent emails from going spam

Time to break down this email and understand why it worked. I call this approach “Take this needle out of my back”.

Essentially, I’m using research to identify your pain and positioning my product as THE solution to your problem.

The beauty of this approach is that you can discover a prospect’s pain by doing research on LinkedIn or through relevant Facebook communities. Find key pains and prospects suffering from them. The more pains you identify, the more email lists you have. And I’m sure ContentStudio can help you in that process too. 🙂

So, how is this email structured?

  • Subject line attacks the pain directly

The objective of a subject line is to tease you and get you excited about opening your email. Set the expectation correctly and prepare to deliver.

  • Unique intro line for every prospect

Good outreach hackers send cool intro lines. Great ones send unique intro lines. In this particular case, I’m referencing my research instead of going in guns blazing.

How is this intro line unique? Because no prospect will have the same sentence.

The way I do this is, in my CSV file, I add a column called “Intro”. Then, for each prospect, I write a relevant intro line. Next, in Lemlist I just put the {{Intro}} tag and Lemlist will automatically add all sentences in the right place.

  • Unique pitch for every prospect

Same logic for the CSV file here. One column is called “Pitch”, and a simple {{Pitch}} tag in Lemlist.

From the strategic angle, in my pitch I’m showing empathy, leading by example, and connecting with you. It’s not Lemlist I’m selling, it’s how I used it to fix the problem that you’re experiencing at the moment.

  • Personalized video thumbnail as your call-to-action

This is the cherry on the top. It’s how you stand out in any inbox.

So far, I’ve addressed the pain and teased the solution while also building my credibility. In other words, I have your attention. At least I hope so. 😛

We call this image the personalized video thumbnail. Let me bring it one more time for you.

personalized video thumbnail

It’s not just any video. It’s a video made especially for you. The best part? The {{firstName}} tag is dynamically updated thanks to Lemlist.

And the video itself shows you how I did it, giving you value. It also positions Lemlist as the top solution to that pain. Whether you choose to use Lemlist, that’s up to you. But I will give you value regardless of your decision.

Now, if you think about it, this is what happened in the email setup.

how to send successful email

This is where research, personalization, and relevance all come together. And everything is in your CSV file. You just have to write their first name, intro line, and pitch, while Lemlist does the heavy lifting for you to prep every cold email.

Little bonus because you’re awesome

If you’ve read all the way through here, I want to salute your tenacity in reading the article from start to finish with a bonus tactic.

Going back to my template, the personalized video thumbnail will motivate you to click because you want to see that video that’s made especially for you.

Instead of redirecting you to an unlisted YouTube video and then going back to the email to reply if you’re interested, there’s a smarter way to play this out.


Because we want to reduce friction… the enemy we all share. Meaning, you want to make it silky smooth for prospects to book that demo.

Here’s how we do it.

dynamic landing page

It’s called a dynamic landing page, another cool feature of Lemlist. And obviously, this is an example from a different campaign with my colleague Simon. Shout out to the man… he’s an amazing Sales Rep.

Similar to how I used personalization in the email copy, Lemlist gives me the same superpower when creating the landing page.

Your prospect’s company logo, custom text, embedded video… it’s all there. But, above everything, embedded Calendly is included as well.

So in the last few seconds of the video, I’ll invite you to book a meeting with me to talk details, telling you that the calendar is below.

No back and forth emails, only a few clicks, and everything just click for both me and my prospect. And because you’ve watched the entire video, the chances are, you’re going to book that meeting and you’re highly interested.

Job. Well. Done. 🙂

Sincerely hope it inspires one of your next campaigns, as this tactic is off the hook. And should you need more inspiration, we have a bunch of cold email templates created by real people and with real results. They’re free, so go get them now.


For identifying our audience’s and prospects’ pain points and interests, we used the Discovery feature of the tool we mentioned earlier. The Discovery feature discloses various trending topics that might interest our audience. This helps us craft content for our cold email marketing campaigns and address the problems our audience faces. 

Those are the nuts and bolts of my content strategy.

Our Mystery Tool

I mentioned the content marketing tool in the beginning, which is ContentStudio, and it’s my favorite tool so far. It is a powerhouse of a tool that actually drove us toward success.

Apart from the massive growth on social media management tool has also streamlined our internal team’s processes and increased their efficiency and productivity. 

With ContentStudio the whole team could be easily brought up to speed on the exact condition of our social media engagement. The numbers detail post success, audience growth, social media reports, and which aspects of our marketing needed more attention. 

Maintaining engagement on every platform is a time-consuming task and so companies often neglect it, which is dangerous for the success of a business. ContentStudio made these marketing tasks far less burdensome, saving time and resources.” Of course, this is just one way of upgrading strategies to grow your business organically. There is a lot I learned throughout my journey. 

One thing is certain: there is no recipe for success but rather a variety of different viable options to organically grow your business on social media. Here are some more tips for growing your business that I have learned during my journey.

Grow Your Business by Hiring the Right People and Utilizing Effective Tools

There is no secret trick or sorcery behind creating a successful business. You may be led to believe that there is some hidden truth whereby certain companies dwindle and disappear while others come out on top.

That is not the case at all. You, too, can take your brand and business to new heights of organic growth by employing certain structural and strategic changes to your current way of doing things.  

Look for the Right Team 

A company relying on an underqualified, flimsy team is almost destined to fail. You can greatly improve the organic growth rate by building a team of highly qualified, innovative, and hardworking people. But how will you find these people?

Here is what you need to do. 

First, pinpoint exactly the type of skills you need to give your company a boost. Answer this question: What skills in this company would take my business to the next level? Make a list of these skills. Next, advertise job openings to a wider demographic. There is a lot of talent out there but you need to know what you are looking for.

A wide demographic includes as many candidates as you can reach, passive or active. This will help you sift through a greater number of resumes to find the perfect few that fit the bill. 

Be sure to look beyond the application and screen candidates to make sure your company culture will be a good match for them. It is very important to find candidates that are comfortable in the environment your company provides. 

Identify Obstacles and Work Around Them

The recent pandemic and rising dependency on technology have left the healthcare world more than slightly dazed. The challenges may seem overwhelming but your business will thrive if you can dedicate some time to overcome some of these obstacles.”

Let’s first take a look at the increased turnover in healthcare professionals. High amounts of stress combined with low support are causing mass burnout, especially among nurses, which is leading to early retirement and resignation. 

To prevent this turnover, consider addressing these concerns directly. You can reduce burnout and turnover by providing counseling and encouragement to keep morale high. 

One method of reducing turnover is actually by hiring more employees. Nurses especially tend to despair over 12-hour shifts. A larger staff can reduce the double-digit to 8-hours, and lowered stress will follow. 

Furthermore, a fool-proof method in gaining candidate attention is advertising your facility, its image, its goals, and even its environment. Create an environment you are proud of and then adopt complete transparency. 

Team Integration is Key

For a team to be truly successful at working at their full potential, they also have to work as a team. This is easier said than done but employees that have established complete transparency between tasks that need to be accomplished are better able to work at their full potential. 

A few ways you can create such an open and comfortable working environment is by

  1. Encouraging communication: urge all your employees to speak their thoughts without fear. 
  2. Providing feedback: help your employees come out of their shells and take on creative solutions to problems by providing consistent feedback on their performance. Praise the good, but don’t hesitate to stop the bad either. 
  3. Employing candidate onboarding: employees can only be comfortable when they completely understand their tasks and how they ought to be accomplished. So, take the time to explain your company’s traditions and processes as soon as new candidates are hired. 
  4. Investing in digital communication forums: since the pandemic, it is difficult to gather all employees under a single roof. This tampers communication significantly, so you will have to look for other ways to keep your team up-to-date. A good communication app or a connected google drive can eliminate this problem.

Never Stop Evaluating

Internal research to improve upon old practices is the golden method for gradual improvement in your business organic growth. Take it upon yourself to review key performance indicators (KPIs)to understand where your company is lacking. 

Does your marketing strategy need work?

Have you successfully garnered attention on social media channels or PPC advertising or do you need to invest more time and energy on this?

A Company is Only as Good as the Executives Who Run it

Running an organization is no walk in the park. Providing a service can be exceedingly difficult if you cannot contain internal disagreements and confusion and formulate a fully functioning process plan for everyone to follow. That’s why good, empathetic leaders and executives are a dire necessity.

There are two ways to approach this issue. You could go out looking for the right person for the job or train existing staff members to take on an executive’s role. Here’s how you can foster or find the right leaders for your organization. 

  1. Set up a mentorship program: a mentorship program can help you identify the candidates that have what it takes to be leaders in your company. These individuals show a willingness and desire to work toward the common good of the whole organization. 
  2. Start training: once you’ve identified the possible leaders and executives through a mentorship program, you can invest in setting up an effective training session to hone these individuals’ skills and give back added value to the company.
  3. Advertise executive openings: should you consider a less time-consuming route; you can just advertise an executive job opening as you would any other. Using creative, expressive, and high-quality content, you can make candidates with the required skill set approach you. 

Proactive Healthcare Recruiters is a leading Executive Search Firm

In present times, it is important to make your mark in the digital sphere of the internet.  A strong team can greatly improve the business organic growth rate, and the key to finding highly- skilled players is good recruitment. 

Proactive Healthcare Recruiters use SEO optimized content to attract candidates and put them through a series of trials and tests to determine if they are the best fit for a certain job.

Our thorough dedication to recruiting top-tier professionals has allowed us to prosper, and should you choose to accept our help, we can help you prosper too. 

Perhaps the most important aspect we take to heart is the work environment. We believe that a person can only flourish if they are allowed the room to do so.

Therefore, we prioritize understanding an individual entirely, their skills, goals, vision, and ideals before marking them as a potential employee for a certain facility. Not only that, we ensure minimum turnover by guiding recruits through the first phase of their employment.

We help them adjust to new environments, so they are comfortable enough to invest fully in their new role. This sets Proactive Healthcare Recruiters apart from other recruitment firms. 

Final Thoughts

Proactive Healthcare Recruiters was able to increase its organic growth and following significantly in just a year. The trick behind this impressive organic growth and reach was no more than focused, highly-optimized content marketing and recruiting strategies created to fit the firm’s brand and goals.

A successful recruiter needs a supply of talented potential candidates, where the candidate-recruiter relationship is built on trust and hard work. Proactive Healthcare Recruiters used strategies such as efficient content discovery, automated social media posting, and deep analytics to gain respect in the healthcare industry and build highly productive teams. You, too, can use our techniques and start getting massive organic growth!

Get started!  Evaluate your current marketing strategy and identify the gaps. Once you know your weaknesses, it will be all too easy to construct an effective content marketing strategy for organic growth!


Samana Batool

Samana, a Digital Marketer at ContentStudio, is your go-to social media and content marketing expert. With a talent for creating fun and user-friendly strategies, she helps brands stand out online. Beyond the digital realm, Samana loves exploring and savoring delicious food adventures!

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