10 Must-Have Content Curation Tools for Marketers

by Nawal Mansoor
13 minutes
Content Curation Tools for Marketers

Are you struggling to keep your audience interested in new, quality content? To build content that attracts your audience, you need better tools and methods. This is why content curation tools are a must-have.

In today’s world, when information is easy to find, choosing between content curation and content creation can be a big challenge and influence your brand’s visibility. Let’s step into the world of content curation and analyze the advantages, successful strategies, and best tools for improving your content skills and delivery. 

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Content curation VS content creation 

In the digital world, content is king. Whether you’re a marketer, blogger, or business owner, creating and sharing valuable content is essential for engaging your audience and driving results. However, in the pursuit of content excellence, two distinct strategies emerge: content curation and content creation. Let’s delve into the differences between the two and explore examples of each.

Content curation: 

Content curation is discovering, collecting, and sharing relevant and valuable content from other sources with your audience. Content curation can help you build trust, authority, and engagement with your followers and save time and resources. Content curation is not copying or plagiarizing other people’s work but adding your viewpoint, analysis, or context. 

How do you curate content effectively? 

To curate content effectively, you should adhere to a few best practices:

  • Choose appropriate and reputed sources that match your niche, audience, and tone.
  • Utilize tools and platforms to discover, filter, and organize content.
  • Provide your voice or opinion.
  • Measure and analyze your curated content’s performance.

Let’s consider a social media manager responsible for maintaining a company’s Twitter account. Instead of solely creating original tweets, they curate content from industry leaders, thought-provoking articles, and relevant news updates. By sharing curated content, they provide their followers with a well-rounded perspective on industry trends and topics, positioning the company as a knowledgeable and resourceful authority in their field.

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Content creation:

Content creation involves generating original material from scratch. It’s the process of brainstorming, researching, and crafting unique content tailored to your audience’s interests and needs.

Many content creators use their strategies, such as creativity and unique perspectives, to develop original ideas, insights, and entertainment. Through research and development, they generate content that is not previously available, which is a testament to their dedication and hard work. 

Benefits of content curation 

There are several benefits of content curation, but let’s discuss 5 of those here: 

1. SEO-boosting content curation

Content curation has a good influence on both SEO and exposure. The curation process necessitates extensive study on many websites and careful selection of the information. Furthermore, content curation tools typically include outbound links to reputable, authoritative websites and correct author and material references.

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It results in improved search ranking. Curating high-quality, relevant content can boost SEO efforts by providing a diverse range of keywords and topics.

Backlink opportunities are also being created. Sharing curated content can lead to backlinks from the original sources, further enhancing search engine visibility.

2. The relationship between your brand and customers

Brand loyalty, industry relations, and quality content can be enhanced by effective content curation services. By responding correctly, you can show the whole picture: the client’s demands and your capabilities. In addition, sharing others’ content fosters relationships with content creators, industry peers, and thought leaders. This shows your audience that you are focused on getting them the latest and most in-depth information through the updated knowledge base.

In conclusion, effective content curation can help you build a loyal fanbase for your brand and establish your company as an authority in the niche.

A technology company used content curation to establish its brand authority. By selecting and sharing industry insights and expert opinions and incorporating client feedback, they demonstrated a comprehensive understanding of the latest trends. This approach helped them provide valuable and up-to-date information, which in turn fostered brand loyalty and positioned them as a credible authority within their niche.

3. Developing better brand awareness 

Brand awareness is a hard job, and you need to put a lot of time and energy into it, just like writing valuable content. If you can use previous content, make use of it to alleviate the process. You can do this with content curation tools, which promote brand-related curated content. It is vital to spice it up by adding your touches and including captivating visuals to make it more informative and appealing. 

Using this approach, your content will be educational and useful for your audience and not just another piece of promotional content. It is as difficult to make your brand large and well-known as it is to create high-quality content. When there is content available that you can utilize, your task becomes way simpler.

4. Enhanced efficiency with content curation tools

Although using advanced content curation tools can make the process simpler and more efficient, content curation can still be a very challenging and time-consuming task. These tools are specifically designed to automate the process of filtering and sorting data, making it possible for you to quickly locate and organize the most important content.

Using a solid content curation strategy and the tools provided, you can make the most of your time and resources. Content filtering and categorization ensure that you only choose content that is pertinent and consistent with your brand’s goals and messaging, preventing the needless inclusion of false or irrelevant information. 

A marketing agency can use curation tools like ContentStudio to streamline its content creation process by aggregating industry news and competitor insights. This helps them stay informed and create timely and valuable content for their audience, ultimately boosting productivity.

5. Amplifying reach 

Content curation involves gathering, organizing, and presenting information so that your audience can enjoy the benefits. Broad access to relevant content from many sources is one of the benefits of content curation, which can help you boost brand visibility. Content curation tools allow you to find the trends and insights that are significant for your target audience. By removing extra information and finding the most important ones, these technologies will save you time and energy.

Content curation strategy

When it comes to positioning your business as an industry thought leader and innovator, content curation may be quite beneficial. Curating and sharing important insights, emerging trends, and interesting material helps you to apply your knowledge and forward-thinking mindset. This not only boosts your reputation and trust but also encourages a creative culture within your organization.

To fully stand out in your industry, include smart content discovery techniques in your content curation approach. This means staying current with industry trends and using modern content curation tools to gather the most relevant and effective material for your target audience.

To develop a strong thought leadership position and stay ahead of your competition, you need to continuously provide high-quality content that connects with your audience and maintains your brand’s position as a trusted expert. So, content curation is a tactic you can’t afford to overlook if you want to create a successful brand recognized for its creativity and competence.

How to choose the best content curation tool?

Content curation tools are essential for individuals and businesses aiming to streamline their content discovery, organization, and sharing processes. With a plethora of options available, selecting the right tool can be a daunting task. Here are key factors to consider when choosing the best content curation tool for your needs:

1. Define your goals and needs

Before diving into the array of available tools, it’s crucial to define your content goals and needs. Ask yourself:

  • What type of content do you want to curate? (Articles, videos, social media posts, etc.)
  • What is the purpose of your curated content? (Engagement, education, promotion, etc.)
  • Do you need advanced features like analytics, collaboration, or scheduling?

2. Content sources and integration

Consider where you typically find the content you want to curate. Look for a tool that supports integration with these sources. Whether it’s social media platforms, RSS feeds, specific websites, or your own content, seamless integration will simplify your curation process.

3. Ease of use and user interface

A user-friendly interface is crucial for efficient content curation. The tool should have an intuitive design that allows you to quickly discover, organize, and share content. Look for features like drag-and-drop functionality, customizable dashboards, and easy navigation.

4. Content organization and management

Efficient content organization is key to staying productive. Ensure the tool provides robust categorization options such as tags, folders, or playlists. This will help you easily locate and retrieve curated content when needed.

5. Content discovery and filtering

The best content curation tools offer powerful discovery and filtering capabilities. Look for tools that provide advanced search options, content recommendations based on your interests, and the ability to filter by keywords, topics, or sources.

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6. Collaboration and sharing features

If you work in a team or collaborate with others on content curation, opt for a tool with collaboration features. Look for tools that enable sharing of curated content within the platform, team collaboration on collections, and the ability to assign tasks or comments.

7. Analytics and reporting

Measuring the effectiveness of your curated content is crucial for refining your strategy. Choose a tool that provides detailed analytics, such as engagement metrics, click-through rates, and social shares. This data will help you understand what content resonates with your audience.

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8. Mobile accessibility

In today’s fast-paced world, the ability to curate content on-the-go is invaluable. Ensure the tool offers a mobile app or a responsive web design for easy access from your smartphone or tablet.

10. Cost and scalability

Finally, consider your budget and the scalability of the tool. Some tools offer free plans with basic features, while others have tiered pricing based on the level of functionality you need. Additionally, consider whether the tool can grow with your needs as your content curation efforts expand.

By carefully evaluating these factors, you’ll be able to choose the best content curation tool that aligns with your goals, enhances your workflow, and helps you deliver valuable content to your audience.

11. NLP-powered multilingual communication

When you’re targeting a diverse audience that speaks different languages, it’s important to ensure that your content is inclusive and relevant to everyone. That’s where natural language processing (NLP) comes in. With NLP capabilities, you can process and curate content in multiple languages, making it easier to connect with your audience. 

NLP-Powered Multilingual Communication

By leveraging NLP capabilities, you can create a curated feed that’s tailored to the interests and preferences of your entire audience, regardless of their language or cultural background. This will help you build a stronger connection with your audience while ensuring that you’re delivering a consistent and valuable experience to everyone.

10 Must have content curation tools for marketers 

Let’s discover the 10 best content curation tools:

1. ContentStudio


ContentStudio is the tool of choice for content curating. With ContentStudio, you can quickly accumulate interesting and engaging material. In addition to offering your audience unique and relevant content, ContentStudio makes it easier for you to distribute your content on social media and your blog, which will increase your reach and influence. ContentStudio offers the following options:

Discover and share popular content: Use the robust content discovery module to find popular content and maintain a continuous flow of well-selected content. It uses an advanced scoring algorithm to ensure the most relatable content is available.

Content ideas: To make your life easier, ContentStudio offers about 500 subjects covering nearly every sector and hobby. Every day, view stories that are relevant to themes you are interested in. You want to select the ones that most closely fit your company’s needs and have the potential to increase engagement.

Create focused custom topic feeds: To locate curated information, make a custom topic feed using ContentStudio’s Query Builder. Boolean AND, OR, and NOT operations can be used to generate a highly tailored bespoke topic feed. When building your unique themes, you can choose which domains and keywords to use.

Cover stories: ContentStudio makes it easier to share material on social media. For any topic you curate, Cover stories provide you with access to the top five trending stories. Instant access to viral content allows you to stay on top of your posting game.

Whether you are a content creator, a marketer, or a business owner, ContentStudio has everything you need to become effective in content curation and accomplish your marketing objectives.


ContentStudio has three pricing packages on its platform to address various user requirements:

  • Starter plan: $25 per month
  • Pro plan: $49 per month
  • Agency plan: $99 per month

2. Flipboard


Flipboard is like a magic book in which you create your magazines. It turns finding cool stuff into a fun experience. You pick topics you like, and Flipboard collects news and articles just for you. Imagine a social magazine that’s all about what you love! The layout is like a fancy magazine, and it’s super easy to share on social media. Plus, it suggests more things you might enjoy, making it a personalized reading adventure.


It is completely free with no price tag.

3. Feedly


Feedly is like a smart friend who gathers all your favorite news in one place. It’s a handy tool for staying relevant with the latest stuff from different websites. With Feedly, you can set your feeds into neat categories. This will make everything organized and easy to find. Sharing cool articles on social media is a breeze, and it plays well with other apps, too. It’s your go-to sidekick for staying in the loop with industry news and blog posts.


  • Pro Program: 6$/month
  • Pro + Program: 12$/month

4. ContentGems


ContentGems is like a smart detective for finding the best content online. If you’re a business wanting to discover cool stuff without spending hours searching, this tool is your perfect choice. You just have to explain what you need and what you are interested in, and it will dig up the article for you. You get to customize your search, making it super specific. It’s like having your personal content assistant, and it plays well with other platforms to make your content discovery process easy.


  • Pro Program:10@$/month
  • Premium Program: 99$/month
  • API Program:299$/month

5. Scoop it

Scoop it

Scoop is like your creative space on the internet, perfect for showcasing your expertise. With this tool, you can easily gather and share awesome content, creating your online magazines. It’s not just for individuals—businesses can use it, too! Sharing your curated content on social media is a breeze, and if you’re working with a team, Scoop makes collaboration smooth. It’s your go-to platform for building your brand and expertise in specific topics.


  • Pro Program: 14.99$/month
  • Plus Program: 67$/month

6. Curata


Curata is the best helper for a business that wants to lead in the creative content market. With the help of this tool, you can easily find, organize, and share the best content. What’s cool? It does some of the work for you with automated discovery. You get to create your content hub just the way you want, making it super unique. Plus, it’s not just about posting – Curata helps you see how well your content is doing with analytics. It’s your secret weapon for top-notch content marketing.


It is completely free with no price tag.

7. BuzzSumo


BuzzSumo is like a treasure map for content gold. If your field is related to marketing or SEO, this tool is your best choice. It helps you find what’s against you and who’s who in your favorite topics. Want to know what content is buzzing? BuzzSumo analyzes you. Need to connect with influencers? Type in your keywords, and you’ll uncover a world of popular content and influential people. It’s made for businesses that are content seekers and trend trackers.


  • Suite Program: 499$/month
  • Enterprise Program: 999$/month

8. Pearltrees


Pearltrees is like a magic map where you can organize and discover content in a cool way. Instead of lists, it’s like a mind map for your ideas. You can visually organize articles, videos, and more in your unique style. If you are working with a team, Pearltrees makes collaboration very easy. Plus, you can access your organized content from anywhere – it’s like having your own creative space that travels with you. It’s suitable if you want a visual approach to content curation.


It is completely free with no price tag.

9. Qu


Qu is like having an amiable content helper for your social media play. It provides you with well-chosen content suggestions, which means no more hours spent searching for the best posts to share. With Quuu, you can keep your social media solid and current. It’s pretty cool that it goes well with scheduling tools, which make it easy to post. It also learns your preferences and provides personalized recommendations, thereby keeping your feed interesting. It is the secret weapon for an amazing social media plan.


It is completely free with no price tag.

10. Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts is your podcast hub. It is a tool that helps to find, collect, and save your favorite episodes for later. You can enjoy podcasts offline, and it works smoothly on different devices. It’s perfect for discovering, curating, and listening to podcasts.


Plus Program: 39.99$/month

Patron Program: 99.99$/motn

Which content curation tool is right for you?

Before choosing the ideal tool for your company, it’s critical to comprehend the function content curation will perform in your marketing strategies and the size of your team.

For instance, the beginning and intermediate selections should be enough for a one-person marketing department. As your team and company expand, content curation can become more important and require more advanced software.

By then, some of the more complicated tools will ensure that everyone is in agreement and assist save time while curating. Content curation ought to be incorporated into your content marketing plan, regardless of the size of your team or company.

By distributing the material that their audiences are most interested in, great curators gain the trust of their audiences and develop into a vital resource.


What are good examples of content curation?

Social media shares, themed playlists, weekly roundups, infographics, and email newsletters.

  • How do I start content curation?

Define the audience, choose platforms, find sources, use curation tools, add perspective, be consistent, and measure performance.

How often should I post for my brand?

Share information frequently to match what your audience favors. It’s better to have a regular schedule, like every week or two. Ensure the quality is good and also assess how people interact with it. Find the right balance so you share the right amount and not overwhelm your audience.

May I re-share stuff from my competitors, or should I stick to the industry-related things?

You can share from both, but watch out for competitor stuff. Make sure it relates to your brand values. It’s good to have both industry insights and perspective sides to show you master the field.

How do I maintain my brand styling while sharing different content?

Keep the brand’s style while adding the ideas that you can develop in the content provided by others. Ascertain how your brand is being talked to and what it stands for. Tools that allow you to personalize or create your own voice. For instance, when you share others’ content, please make examples that fit your brand’s story.

Can content curation tools help improve my website’s SEO performance?

Yes, content curation tools can positively impact SEO. By carefully selecting and curating content, including authoritative sources and proper attributions, these tools contribute to improved visibility and credibility, enhancing your website’s search engine rankings.

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